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Kurt grumbled as the chorus of American Pie filtered through the haze of sleep and brought him abruptly into the conscious world. He scrabbled around his bedside table, reaching for the offending device before it woke up his roommate who was already groaning and tossing around on the other side of the room.

"What do you want, Pu-"
"Dude, This place is fucking huge," Puck cut him off.
Kurt closed his eyes tightly then opened them again to stare at his phone, "I'm sorry, what?"
"I drove around for like 15 minutes trying to find this building. And hell if visitor parking isn't like a six mile hike."
"Puck, what are you talking about?"
"C'mon Hummel, try to keep up. I'm talking about your school. A dude could get lost walking around this place. I would know. I did."

Kurt pulled the phone away from his ear and stared at it again. When had Puck ever been to Westerville let alone on Dalton's campus?

"Are you gonna come out here and let me in or am I just going to stand here all day looking like an idiot? I drove two hours and technically I shouldn't be driving. I could get in a shit ton of trouble if I get pulled over and-"
"-wait a minute. You're here as in you're in Westerville now? At Dalton?"
"I thought we established this already. Jeez, Hummel. Slow much?"
"Just… hold on a minute." Kurt breathed into the phone as he rooted around his admittedly neglected closet for something to throw on over his pajamas. Through all of the noise, Kurt's roommate looked up in just enough time to see him darting from the room in a blaze of navy blue pea coat and blue ("Robin's egg blue, Dylan." "Whatever") pajamas.

When Kurt pulled open the heavy wooden doors, boys squeezing past him as they came back from brunch, Puck was standing at the base of the stone steps leading up to the building with his hands jammed in his pockets. He was facing off in the opposite direction, so Kurt was sure the other boy hadn't been aware he was outside yet. Kurt took the opportunity to watch him, study the mohawked boy, try and figure out why he'd risked driving almost two hours when he surely didn't even have a license just to stand out in the freezing air to wait for Kurt to come out and meet him.

It was one of the boys coming out of the building and greeting Kurt that caused Puck to turn around. Kurt greeted him back with a light "good morning" before turning back to Puck who was already up the step and moving up beside him.

"Took you long enough," Puck said, but there was a grin in his voice, "freezing my balls off."
"How pleasant," Kurt rolled his eyes, "what are you doing here?"

Puck's answer was a one shouldered shrug, as his eyes followed two boys coming out of the building. They took one glance at Puck and turned away, the intimidation tactics had Kurt rolling his eyes again. He could already sense it was going to be a day of many eye rolls.

"Why didn't you call me to tell me you were coming?" Kurt asked, "or at least before you got here, then you would not have had to wait out in the cold."
"It wouldn't've been a surprise that way," said Puck.
"Well if that was what you were going for, congratulations, I'm certainly surprised. But really Puck, why are you here?"
"Do I need a reason?" The look Kurt gave him must have conveyed the need for a reason because Puck gave him a sigh before going on. "When I talked to you on the phone the other day you said you were home sick," when Puck paused Kurt looked up at him. It hadn't occurred to him how tall he was getting. Puck didn't tower over him nearly as much as he used too, or even really at all. "We're friend's right? I just thought it would be cool to come up and see you. You can't come back to Lima every weekend, not like you'd want to, so I just, you know…" He finished lamely.
"So you procured a car and drove all the way here to see me regardless of the trouble you could get into for doing it?" Kurt asked. The questioning in his voice must have been sincere because the way Puck smiled at him caused Kurt to turn his face away. It did not, however, stop Puck from responding with the usual.
"I'm a badass, dude. And anyway I brought you something,"
"Cookies," Puck grinned.
"I told you I did not want your illegal substance cookies!" Kurt whispered harshly, and when Puck followed up by explaining they were just regular cookies, Kurt was relieved Puck hadn't taken the accusation to heart. He looked rather amused honestly.
"I swear, completely legit. They won't be perfect because I've never made that kind before, but they're completely legal."

There was a twisting feeling in Kurt's stomach; it had been happening a lot recently. He'd felt it before, in the past, when Puck had done something unexpectedly nice for him, the first time being after he blew that note for the solo against Rachel, though he's pretty sure that moment wasn't a conscious effort on Puck's part. But the feeling had been more consistent over the last two weeks; a tingling that waned between the feelings of throwing up and awkward gas- as embarrassing a thought as that was.

"But you might want to change first," Puck's voice broke into his thoughts.
"Your clothes," Puck gestured down Kurt, causing Kurt to pull his coat more tightly around him. "I left the stuff in the car, so I don't have it here. If you wanna go get it you should probably put real clothes on."
"Oh, um. Right,"

Kurt bit his lip. It would take him a minute to find more suitable clothes and he couldn't leave Puck out here to wait. That meant he'd have to go to Kurt's room, and suddenly Kurt was feeling extremely self-conscious. He'd been so busy the last couple days that it certainly wasn't up to his standards of cleanliness. He couldn't let Puck see that, but he couldn't make him stay outside. Suddenly Kurt slapped himself mentally. What did it matter what his room looked like. This was Puck, right. It didn't matter because Puck wouldn't care. Besides, even without seeing it Kurt could guarantee Puck's room was probably a war zone of some kind.

"Right. Come on." Kurt moved back through the heavy wooden door, motioning for Puck to follow him. He briefly wondered if he should sign Puck in as a visitor but figured they wouldn't be in his room long.

"Fuck," Puck whistled as he followed behind Kurt. "This place is huge, like that mutant school."
"Excuse me?" Kurt looked over his shoulder at him.
"You know, X-Men, with the big mutant school. Are you seriously going to tell me you don't know what I'm talking about?"
"I know what you're talking about," Said Kurt, indignantly. "I've just never heard it referred to as that."
"Oh yeah?" Puck asked as he followed Kurt up a flight of stairs. "What do you normally get?"
"Hogwarts," Kurt murmured.
"I'm sorry, I didn't hear you," Kurt could hear the grin in Puck's voice, which meant he most certainly did hear him.
"Hogwarts, I said Hogwarts." Kurt spoke up. Puck snorted behind him.
"Oh, like you have room to talk," Kurt shot back. "You were the one who just referred to is as 'that mutant school'."
"You'd think I was a mutant the way these guys keep looking at me."

Kurt turned to see Puck catch eyes with a passing boy, Greg, who immediately ducked his head and moved on quickly down the hall.

"They're probably afraid you'll beat them up for their lunch money."
"Do they even carry lunch money around here? I bet it's like twenties or something in fancy little wallets. I should look into that."
"I was kidding."

Kurt stopped abruptly in front of his room. He'd almost walked right by. He turned to look at Puck as the taller boy almost ran into him.
"A little warning next time." Puck said

Kurt frowned and turned away quickly, shoving his key in the door and pushing it open.

"S'not all that impressive," Puck said, "I expected something bigger from the way you went on about this place."
"Please, will you be quiet?" Kurt pointed to his roommate, but Puck just went on.
"Seriously though, it just looks like a normal college dorm room. No personal space."
"I'm both curious and a little suspicious as to how you would even know what a college dorm looked like. I can't imagine too many reasons you'd have for knowing." Kurt said, head in his closet.
"Ouch, Hummel."
Kurt tensed, "No," he said pulling back from the closet, "I didn't mean it like-" but Puck was just grinning at him.
"It's cool. My feelings aren't hurt."

The tension left Kurt's shoulders as he went back to his closet in search of something more suitable to wear for whatever Puck had planned. Speaking of, what did he have planned?

"What exactly are we doing?"
"Does it matter?"
"Yes, it does. I need to know what I should wear, and-"
"I know it's a stretch but don't you have just a pair of jeans and a t-shirt? You don't need to be fancy today."

Puck's hand braced the door frame above Kurt's as he peered into the closet over Kurt's shoulder. Kurt felt the heat in his face and refused to look at Puck until it subsided. Instead, he reached for the first clean pair of jeans and shirt he could see, and after shucking his coat, got dressed.

In the end, he changed his shirt three times, much to the dismay of both Puck and eventually his roommate. The final result was a pair of black jeans that, according to his roommate, made it impossible to breathe, a plain, yet designer, t-shirt and a striped button down of several shades of blue.

"Is this simply enough for you?" Kurt glowered at Puck but there was no heat to his words.
"You look great, Kurt," Puck said with a shrug as he got to his feet, completely oblivious to the blushed creeping up Kurt's neck at the use of his given name. His roommate coughed to cover up a laugh, which only served to make the laughter worse, which earned him a glare from Kurt. "Let's go before I catch the crazy," Puck was looking at Kurt's roommate as he spoke.

Kurt didn't argue and seized the moment, and after lacing his boots and grabbing his coat, ushered Puck out into the hall slamming the door behind him.

Kurt was half tempted to agree with Puck's earlier complaint of the visitor's parking lot being a six mile hike; at least it felt as much while navigating through slippery walks and half shoveled piles of snow all the way across the campus. He grew skeptical when Puck walked up beside a car that must've been around since the age of the dinosaur. Kurt wasn't even sure what it was and he'd spent a great deal of his childhood around motor vehicles.

"Whose car is this?" Kurt asked with just a hint of distaste in his voice as Puck unlocked the door manually. Manually unlock the door. The car was so old Puck had to manually unlock the door with the car key. Kurt wasn't even aware people still drove cars like that, but then again not everyone could have a baby like his. He looked across the 8 million miles of parking lot and snow at his Navigator.
"It's my nana's," Puck said Puck, giving Kurt a frown.
"And she let you drive it?"
"I told her I was taking it to a car wash," said Puck. Kurt watched him shrug as he pulled the back door open and stepped aside fro Kurt to see.
"What is this?" Kurt asked, three Tupperware containers of varying sizes on the back said.
"Puck, there are enough cookies hear to feed everyone on my floor," Kurt said leaning into the car.
"Yeah, sorry, Sarah started helping and before I knew it…" Puck trailed off and Kurt bit his lip to keep from smiling, "so if you're going to start bitching about it going to your hips you can take it up with her."
Kurt laughed and when he looked up Puck was smiling, "Maybe I'll just thank her for all the amazing cookies she made for me."
"Figures," Puck said, stepping away from Kurt. "I do all the work and she get's all the credit."

Kurt looked up when the car jumped to life. Puck was leaning in through the driver side door.

"What are you doing?"
"Warming the car up."
"I figured since it was almost lunch time, and considering you were in your pajamas 15 minutes ago you probably haven't had food yet, so we could go get something to eat while I'm here. I'm starving. I had no idea it took so long to drive here or I would've had actual food this morning."

And Kurt just stared at him. What the actual fuck was going on? Three days ago they'd had the most awkward phone conversation Kurt's ever had, and now here Puck was having driven all the way to Westerville, and he wanted to what, drop off a bunch of cookies and have lunch with him? Like it was normal for Puck to hop in a car and drive an hour and forty nine minutes to see him. As if it were a weekly occurrence for them.

"If you don't want to that's fine," Puck's voice interrupted his thoughts after a moment, hesitant and uncertain.
"What?" Kurt flushed. Puck was staring at him over the top of the car.
"I said if you don't want to go-"
"Oh, no," Kurt put his hand up. "I do. I just- I'm sorry, I didn't sleep well." That was always a good excuse. Well, with the way Puck was looking at him, like he may actually be concerned, said otherwise. "It's just the beds," Kurt added quickly. "They're awful."
And the concerned look passed with an eye roll, "Considering your folks actually have to shell out cash for this place, you'd think they could give you a decent bed. Or maybe shoved the side walks off." With that Puck slid into the driver seat and Kurt waited half a second before following suit, climbing into the passenger seat of the cramped little car.

As it happened, Puck hadn't actually been to Westerville before –"I never even heard of it until you came here."- so Kurt ended up directing him to a diner that he and a few of the other Warblers went to after weekend rehearsals when they'd missed a meal. While the place didn't exactly reach Kurt's standards Puck didn't care, and had the waitress eating out of his hand in 10 seconds flat.

"That's got to be a record." Kurt said, wiping the table down in front of himself.
"Nah." Puck sat back in the booth, "We'll totally get free refills now. Maybe even dessert."
"Puck, it's lunch time. Are you going to need dessert?"
"Pie would be nice. Do you think they're serving waffles?"
Kurt had to cover his mouth to keep from laughing outright. "It's a diner Puck, I doubt they'll refuse to make you breakfast food for lunch."
"Awesome." Puck gave a toothy grin as he turned to his menu. Kurt watched him for moment, not even aware of the silly smile on his own face before looking down at his own menu.

Kurt pushed the door of his room open and held it as puck moved past him holding the Tupperware containers of cookies.

"I could've carried them myself, Puck," Kurt said as Puck set the containers on his desk.
"Yeah, and then dropped them, spilling all my hard work on the floor on your way up the stairs." Kurt rolled his eyes at Puck's back, but said nothing.

When Kurt turned from hanging his coat Puck was staring at him. Kurt felt his mouth go dry. It was weird, the look on Puck's face, and it made the twisting, knotted feeling return to Kurt's stomach with such force he almost had to sit down. It wasn't bad, the look, just really confusing and Kurt wasn't sure how to respond. The air in the room felt thick and the sudden silence was heavy.

Kurt was relieved when Puck finally spoke, he only wish it hadn't been to say, "I have to go."
"Yeah, I mean the ride back is like two hours if I'm lucky, and I eventually have to get my nana's car back. I know she's figured out I'm not actually getting it washed for her. I'm surprised she hasn't called. Or my mom," Puck explained.
"Right, no, of course. I completely forgot," Kurt said quickly. "Let me walk you out."

Kurt walked Puck all the way to his car in visitor parking, rubbing his arms to try and retain some warmth, crossing them over his chest, cursing himself the whole time for not grabbing his coat again. When they reached the car they stood awkwardly next to it. They faced each other while with out actually looking at each other while the car ran to warm up for the drive back.

"I don't know when I'll be able to come again," Puck started.
"I wish you wouldn't." Kurt interrupted Puck before realizing how horrible it sounded. Puck tensed. "No! What I mean is I wish you wouldn't take the risk," Kurt hurried to explain. "You're driving without a license. You could really get in trouble, not to mention you're on probation and you probably shouldn't even be leaving Lima."

Some of the tension eased out of Puck's shoulders and Kurt took a deep breath, letting it out slowly. Why was he getting so flustered? This was just Puck. Just Puck who was risking violating his probation by driving without a license to bring Kurt cookies, all because Kurt had said he was home sick when they spoke on the phone. Kurt's stomach rolled as he looked up at Puck.

"I'm glad you came to see me," Kurt said quietly. "It really does… mean a lot."
The smile on Puck's face was soft and just shy of a grin, "It's nothing, Kurt."
"No. It really is," Kurt insisted." But maybe next time I'll come to Lima so you won't have to potentially break laws."
Puck laughed in response. "Maybe this time you can make me something instead. Finn said you were pretty handy in the kitchen."
"Compared to Finn everyone is pretty handy in the kitchen," said Kurt dryly. "He makes grilled chees on a Foreman grill."
"Hey! Don't knock it until you've tried it." Puck defended, laughing at the disgusted face Kurt pulled.
"I think I'll pass, thank you." Kurt feigned gagging. Puck smiled good naturedly and Kurt felt his cheeks heat up in the cold air.
"Well, I'm gonna go."
"Right," Kurt nodded.

They stared at each other for a moment before Kurt found himself being pulled into the standard 'bro hug' that lingered just a moment too long to be normal. When he was let go, Puck avoided eye contact as he got in the car.

"Be careful driving back."
"Yeah. And get inside before you get sick or something," Puck said. "I'll talk to you later," he added, closing the car door.

Kurt stepped back as Puck shifted gears and backed out of the parking space. Kurt gave a wave of his fingers as Puck went past before heading back to his warm room. His phone buzzed in his pocket as he pushed the door open with a text from Puck. Kurt hoped he wasn't texting and driving. Sometimes simple common sense did tend to slip the mohawked teen's mind.

My fav cookie is pnut butter 4 the rcord :D

Kurt smiled down at the message.

Duly noted :)

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