A/N: Hey, everyone! This is Willow. I'm trying my hand at one of these, so it's really, really short. What'll happen is I'll post 10 rules per chapter, then you guys review telling me your favorites, then I'll pick the one that got the most votes and write an interlude (or whatever you call that kind of thing) about what happens if you break a rule. I will be mostly using canon characters as much as I can. However, Mello, Matt, Near and other people that come during the second 'season' will not necessarily make an appearance—I'll be focusing on the original cast of characters. I'll be posting 20 rules every chapter.

Disclaimer: If I owned Death Note, Misa would annoy Light (it's Light, not Raito) to writing his name in the Death Note, Misa would commit suicide to be with 'her Raito', Matsuda would constantly slip on a suspicious-looking banana peel, Watari would not die, and L would…well, let's stop there for now.

Now, on with the show!

100 Things you shouldn't do in Death Note (if you value your life)

1. Do not deprive Ryuk of apples for too long.

2. Do not steal L's sweets.

3. Do not steal L's cake.

4. Do not steal L's heavily oversugared coffee.

5. Do not steal any of L's food.

6. Do not steal anything from L, period.

7. When in doubt about what to steal from L, refer to Rule 6.

8. Do not write fake love notes from L to Light.

9. Do not write fake love notes from Light to L.

10. Do not show fake love notes (see 8 and 9) to Misa.

11. Do not show Light how smart you are by defusing his little trap in the drawer.

12. Do not go fangirl-crazy around Raito/Kira/Light when Misa is in the room.

13. Do not go fangirl-crazy around L under any condition.

14. Do not challenge L to a sugar-eating contest.

15. Do not stalk L.

16. Do not stalk Light.

17. Do not stalk Misa.

18. Do not stab Matsuda when he does something idiotic.

19. Do not hand Director Yagami a handkerchief when he starts breaking out in a sweat. He can very well go and wipe his own damp forehead.

20. Do not poke Aizewa's afro.

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