Chapter 1

"Hey, Soul, what's your opinion on angels?"

Soul tipped back in his chair, one arm casually behind his head as he paused to sip his Coke. "Explain."

Maka furrowed her brow and tapped his thigh, indicating for him to plant all four chair legs on the floor. "You know, what do you think about 'em? Like, do you even think they exist?"

Soul sighed and dropped back onto the floor fully with a thud and took another swig of Coke. He removed his arm from his head and dropped it onto the kitchen table and leaned on it. "If you're back on that whole 'I-wanna-be-an-angel' phase again, just drop the subject now."

Maka rolled her eyes and tugged on her yellow floral skirt. "No, stupid. I just want to know if you think angels exist or not. A simple question that deserves a simple answer." She picked up her own glass of iced tea and swirled it around. "So do they?"

Soul quirked a silvery eyebrow and stared at her with a questioning intensity, curious at the sudden choice in topic. "Honestly?" he asked before he downed the rest of his soda and crumpled the aluminum can in his hand. "Not at all."

A slight flicker was detected through their bond and Soul physically saw Maka's shoulders slump for a millisecond before she perked up and stared at him with a new expression. A fire larger and brighter than a forest fire shone behind her green eyes, making the once innocent eyes smolder with defiance. "Explain."

"It's pretty blunt, Maka. Angels don't exist. What else do you need?"

Another pang of hurt – or maybe it was disappointment? – could be felt in her soul before she leaned on her own elbows on the table. "Why don't you think they exist?" she pushed.

Soul shrugged and tossed his can in the trash can. It missed and bounced off of the rim before clanging to the floor and skidding across the tile until it was stopped by the way. Soul tapped the table in annoyance but leaned back and ignored his crinkled litter and leaned back into his chair, hands behind his head again. "No evidence."


"Why do you care so much?"

"Because I want to know. So tell me!" she commanded in a voice that sounded playful, but was accompanied by a no-nonsense slap on his arm. "What evidence is missing?"

"A lot," Soul answered automatically. When his meister continued to look at him expectantly, he paused and thought more deeply, but only because he wanted her off his back. It was just like her to trick him into actually thinking about stuff besides "wake up, eat, sleep" on a Saturday, but that was only a portion of her charm.

"For instance," he continued, looking at her once more. "No one's ever seen an actual angel. Don't you think we would've noticed someone with huge wings sticking out from their back?" He looked over at her, watching her fidget with her hands on her lap, avoiding his gaze.

"They probably hide them so you can't see them. Maybe they want to stay hidden," she muttered.

Soul shrugged leaned back in his chair again, feeling very spiteful once he glimpsed Maka's obvious annoyance written across her face. He rocked back and forth for good measure. "Yeah, I guess you have a point," he agreed. "But still, everything has some sort of logic behind it. Angels don't exist. No explanation needed."

Maka huffed and crossed her arms, frowning deeply in frustration. Soul could tell that he was playing on her last nerves now, but it was just too funny to see her in such a state of innocent anger to pass it up. It was worth a Maka-Chop or two.

"How can you be so sure of yourself, Soul? Haven't you ever heard of guardian angels or fallen angels? The old stories about the times before humans inhabited the earth where angels were the only living beings? Why are you so set on logic?" she questioned him and jumped out of her seat, slamming her hands on the table and glaring at him. "Haven't you ever read the legends and tales? Why is it that you of all people are so set on logic for this one topic?"

Soul looked at his irate meister out of the corner of his eye and took note on how serious she was taking all of this. The poor girl honestly believed in angels. Soul held back a chuckle at his meister's naiveness. It was actually kind of sad.

Perhaps, that was why she was so obsessed with being called an angel. . .

Never the one to back down from an argument, even to spare one's feelings, Soul straightened up his chair and stared directly into Maka's green eyes that now were burning with determination and fury, both directed towards him. But her eyes held no competition to the extremities that her soul contained. Over their link, Soul could feel his meister's soul beating erratically with defiance and loathing. It unnerved him, he would admit, but he reassured himself that she was just in one of those moods.

But that didn't stop him from saying what he did.

"Look, dumbass. There's no proof that the damned things exist so quit it; you're getting on my nerves. Angels are stupid little creatures manifested by idiotic parents to tell their children as bedtime stories to get them to shut the fuck up and get to sleep. God, Maka! I didn't know you were that stupid! I mean, angels? Give me a fucking break!" He stood up and walked over to his abandoned Coke can and bent down to pick it up. "So there's your answer. Now will you leave me alone?"

He finished his last question and picked up the can. He straightened up and turned to Maka who just stood there, all fire gone, replaced by a violent but cooling storm forming in her soul. Cold, hatred-filled eyes glared at him under ash blonde hair as tears began to well up in them, hazing them over with wetness, making them shine. Remorse came down on him in a tidal wave after finally seeing how much he had hurt her.

"Damn, Maka. I didn't mean it – look, I'm so-"

"Fuck off, Soul."

Soul was shocked into silence while he watched Maka turned on her heel and walk out of the kitchen. His eyes followed her as she raced to the front door and wrenched it open, her anger giving her muscles adrenaline they needed to work off. She stomped out of the apartment and slammed the door with a blatant BANG and just like that, she was gone.

Soul considered following her and forcing her to listen to his apology, but decided that it'd be better if she just worked off her steam without him to add any more fuel to the fire burning inside her soul again. If he left her alone long enough, she'd eventually come back, exhausted but calm and he would say his apologies, she'd vaguely accept them. Then everything would be fixed between them and they'd go back to being the good friends and partners they had always been. It wasn't anything major to worry about.

She'd come back. She always did. She always would.

He trusted her to come back.

Maka ran down the street, furiously rubbing the angry and sad tears from her eyes, irritating them but not really giving a damn at the moment. That Soul was such a fucking jerk! Why did he have to be so cruel about such a subject that she was so sensitive to? Besides, the baka didn't know what he was talking about. He didn't know the first goddamn thing about angels and it was infuriating to see him act like he did.

Maka slowed down as she reached the woods at the edge of the city and leaned against a tree, panting heavily. The moon shone above her, smiling down at her as if it were mocking her. Angels aren't real. Angels aren't real. Angels aren't real.

Yes they were! Angels were real and nobody could tell her otherwise! She knew what she knew. Those people (including Soul) were such ignorant and idiotic nimrods for thinking they were some walking encyclopedias on the fantasy and logic behind angels. Because they didn't know anything.

But she did. This she was positively sure of.

Maka looked back up at the moon again and it smiled down on her, but this time it tempted her. It urged her and she wanted so badly to comply. Do it. Do it. Go on, do it. It'll be fine. Just let go.

Maka sighed and pushed off of the tree. 'It wouldn't hurt if it was only for a few minutes. Besides, I'm pretty stressed, so that's a good excuse,' she thought to herself.

And stressed she was. With all of the extra missions that Soul pushed her to take on, she'd been exhausted lately. It was getting to the point where she hardly got up in the mornings to go to school. She was simply too tired to leave the comfort of her bed to do more work.

Not to mention, the fight between her and Soul that had taken place not even ten minutes ago. Maka scowled as his words played back in her head. Hell yeah angels existed!

"That bastard doesn't deserve a guardian angel. I'm not sure why I put up with him sometimes," she muttered as she unzipped her windbreaker and slid it off her shoulders to the ground, revealing the pale yellow camisole she was wearing underneath. She scanned the forest quickly with her eyes to ensure there weren't any intruders and relaxed when she saw none.


Maka closed her eyes and smiled and just let go. She rose her arms above her head, reaching towards the upper branches of the trees, aiming for the chuckling moon. She could feel the muscles in her upper back pull and stretch and she sighed from the release and relief it performed on her body. She bent over slowly, arms still outstretched as she now strained to touch her toes hips bent at a 90 degree angle and knees locked up to stretch out the backs of her thighs and calves. She cooed at the ease her body felt and eagerly stretched further, hoping to loosen up as much as she could.

After a few more seconds of stretching, Maka straightened up, satisfied and relaxed. She already felt tons better that it felt unnecessary to do it now. But she would, just to get it off her mind so that it wouldn't come back and bug her later tonight when she would be attempting to sleep. So with one more look around the forest, Maka began to stretch out her last set of appendages.

Her wings.

Steadily, white, feathered wings extruded from her back in the space right between her shoulder blades. They were small at first, but as she kept stretching they grew larger and larger, gradually reaching out on both sides of her until they finally reached their full thirteen feet wingspan. Maka stretched her arms above her head again before she flapped her wings, just for good measure. She giggled when the motion caused the air around her to shift and make the leaves danced frantically across the ground, making a soft skidding sound. She flapped them again, earning the same results and giggled again. She couldn't help it. Stretching out her wings made her feel light-hearted and giddy. All of her stress and worries disappeared.

She absent-mindedly stroked one of the white feathers on her right wing and sighed. "See Soul? We exist. You just don't know it." Her smiled faded and was replaced by a upset pout. "And we're not stupid! Just because we don't like to be seen, doesn't mean we're dumb or that we don't exist.

"If only you could see me right now, Soul," she whispered, twisting a single feather between her thumb and index finger.

"But I can."

Author's Note:

And now, like the cruel, cruel person I am, I will leave it lying here. :) Go on. Hate me.

Yeah, I actually had a completely different way of going about this in my original story, but you know what happens as you're actually writing it. Everything's edited or rearranged somehow. :/

But I still like it. Maybe not the beginning so much since it was a bit choppy, but yeah, it's not bad.

And the reason I really wanted to do a story like this was because as I was reading the manga (when Soul and Maka were learning how to fly) and when Maka was making a big deal out of being like an angel this idea was planted in my head. So I began to ask myself, "What if she were an angel? You know, because of her Grigori soul? And what if she was Soul's guardian angel? Now how would she react if she learned Soul didn't believe in angels?" And it goes on and on and on from there. But I'm afraid that if I list any of the other questions I asked myself, that I'd give something away that will be seen in later chapters. ;)

Also, yes, I know it was a bit OOC for Soul to snap like that, but hey! Everyone has their limits. Unfortunately for Maka, Soul had reached his.

Eh, if you don't think this is interesting, I promise you it will get better, but if you still don't believe me, oh well. Your loss.

I don't own Soul Eater. Otherwise there wouldn't be a single virgin in there. :3 And it'd be gory enough to surpass Elfen Lied's standards. :D

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