Note: This game… I'm like in love with it o_e Spent like 16 hours on it today and got no where xD lol…. Love that damn game xD It's so fun and interesting… FINNALY a game on face book that does not suck 8D everyone should look into it. It's a good game once you start. When I first started I was like 'WTF is this bull crap? D:' But I'm like…. In love with it know xD and with Nicholas and Drake 8D Nicholas…. You ass. So I'm using him lol. This is my first Destiny stone by the way… So I'm hoping to get everyone okay _ Enjoy! This may contain spoilers…. So you are warned D:

This damn woman drove me insane. Like literally, I wanted to kill the stupid little human at times, and yet… I wanted to protect the stupid human. She puffed her cheeks out at me, that made her look like an idiotic blow fish. She was not happy, and I couldn't help but laugh at her suffering.

She wanted to me to clean…. Me. The prince of she shadow realm, to clean. She must be an idiot or something, because I was damn royalty and I deserved to be treated so, but she didn't seem to think so.

"What do you want me to do about it?" I asked, chuckling. She rolled her brown hues.

"I don't know. Maybe you could be useful and help me out, you lazy bum."

"I am not a bum, human." I growled lightly. Someone of those comments she needed to watch… Or I would tear her into shreds. I rolled my eyes, and picked up a broom, helping her out.

Her name was Penelope, a human girl that was studying to be a… what was it? She talked about it all the time… a Jewel magician? Who knows, I didn't give a damn. I didn't quite understand why I stuck around her. She wasn't my type, but she had jewels… precious tasty jewels.

Penelope's teacher died, the woman she lived with, so she was all alone, and in all honesty… I may come for the Shadow Realm, but I wasn't always a freaking jerk like she thought I was. I wanted to protect the girl… Even though I had no damn reason too.

"I am a prince…. Me cleaning. Pfft. If anyone from the shadow realm say this, they would laugh at me." I spoke, rolling me ruby colored eyes, shoving the broom around the floor lazily.

"Everyone has to clean." said the small girl, moving things around.

"Not me." I growled. Penelope gasped, and my gaze turned to her, as she screamed like the girl she was. Until she jumped, almost knocking me over. I was of course strong and being the muscular as I was, I stood there, a faint heat crossing my face. I smirked.

"Well hello." I grinned. The girl rarely ever got to me… Which was weird since I was amazing. Who didn't like me?

"COCKROACH!" she screamed. I tensed. A what? Oh hell no! I did like how this was going, but, no…. just no!

"Get off me woman! This place is gross!" I hissed, trying to shake her off. I did not like bugs. Disgusting creatures! Why was this world so gross!

"It's so gross! Brown and… flat! AHHHH!" she screamed, cling to me. I of course, being the man, tried to keep myself calm… But I didn't like these bugs!

"Off me vile woman!" I hissed, darting to the door, as she clung to me. I shuddered lightly. "this is all your fault!" I hissed, pulling her off. "You filthy human."

"I didn't mean for it too get so gross in there!" she defended glaring.

"Well it's your problem. You clean that gross ass place up!" I hissed, looking back to her home. I shuddered. What a gross little place…

"Come on Nicholas! You need to help me!" she whined. My eye twitched as she pouted out her lip to me, her big brown eyes glowing…. Ugly woman.

"No. Way. In. Hell." I hissed I moved past her, and she sighed.

"How about for a ruby?" she asked. That caught my interest. Rubies… My favorite. I turned, licking my lips smirking. I may hate cockroaches… But for rubies I would do anything. I was quick and swift. I ran into the home like it was nothing, cleaning. She watched shocked, and I killed those little pests as well under my boot. I looked to her as I finished smirking.

"So where is my reward princess?" I asked, my ruby eyes making contact with hers as she sat down in a chair. She sighed rolling her eyes, as she dug into her hideous brown bag. She pulled out a red jewel, and I quickly snatched it from her, looking at the ruby. I grinned. "Marvelous." I purred.

"Thank you." that caught my attention, and I turned my head to her, surprised.

"W-What?" I asked. Did she just thank me? I rarely got those from anyone… Since well… Well I never helped people, so of course I never got them.

"I said thank you… For helping out you know." she smiled, shrugging her shoulders lightly.

I felt a faint heat cross my face, and I looked away, rolling my eyes. "Whatever. Your welcome I guess…." I snorted. I licked my lips lightly, and swallowed. It was weird… It was like I hated her and yet… I liked her. She was tolerable… At some times. I looked back to her, and she sat in her chair gazing out the window.

"You… look nice today." I said. I had to admit… She wasn't all that ugly… She looked to me surprised, as her face grew red.

"T-Thank you." she stuttered. I rolled my eyes smirking.

"It's nothing. Just remember, that may be the only compliment you ever get there, idiotic woman." I chuckled, as she groaned annoyed. I had to say… she wasn't that bad.