Note: Yes… I'm still writing this, kind of xD why not? Lol. As long as someone reads it, I'm good :3 I have played the game in awhile… it got super hard with those keys Dx ALSO THIS CONTAINS SPOILERS! D: Well enjoy!

I growled lightly, glaring at the blonde haired male. What was so special about this normal human? He bothered me deeply. I did not like him, that was known by everyone, and she knew as well. So why did she invite him, of all people? I glared at Penelope and William as they laughed happily. Ugh, they made me sick…

Be nice, be nice… that was all was going threw my head. I didn't want to make her angry at me… After all, she was angry at me all the time. But lately, I was just wanting to be… more kinder. Although I was the nicest guy in the damn world. (LIES)

I took in a deep breath, which caught Williams attention. "Are you okay?" asked the blonde haired boy. I frowned, my eyes turning hard.

"I'm…. awesome." I spoke. It must have sounded bad, since they both looked at me glaring. Why was she glaring? She had no right to glare… And neither did the other nitwits. I swear, the humans were nothing but idiots.

"Nicholas, what is your deal?" asked William, glaring his blue hues into me. If only he knew, it didn't bother me one bit.

"Why do you give a damn smelly human?" I asked, pursing my lips. William rolled his eyes annoyed, and Penelope sighed unhappily.

"Why must you be so angry all the time?" she asked, her brown hues making contact with mine. I just blinked mine, looking at her. Was I really that much of a bother? For some reason… it always bothered me, oddly. It was a feeling I had never felt before. It was weird, and I hated it.

"Because I'm an angry guy that's why." I barked, becoming very annoyed with these feelings.

"Why though? And why must you make everyone around you so miserable?" she hissed. I glared at her. Stupid girl.

"Fine than. Have fun without me." I growled, and with a leap I jumped onto a building, and I was off. I felt so angry, and this other emotion… what was it? I hated it so much. I had never felt all these emotions. They were weird. Like it was eating at the pit of my stomach. I stopped, jumping off the roof of a building, and looked to my stomach. I glared. "Stop being weird!" I demanded, which only gave me weird stares from people. I glared at an older woman and her child. "GO AWAY." the scurried off, frighten.

"Pathetic humans, and there stupid fears." I hissed under my breath. I walked along the streets, shoving my hands into the pocked of my black pants, glaring at the ground. Why was I so angry? Of course… that stupid priest kid said it was because I was from the shadow realm. But that was how everyone was there…. Maybe this world was just weird.

"Idiotic moronic place!" I barked. This caught a lot of people's attention. "WHAT?"

"Nicholas!" I turned, to see Penelope. I glared. What the hell did she want?

"Ugh. Go away, your stupid face is bothering me." I groaned.

"No I will not go away! You keep causing problems!" she said, puffing out her cheeks. If only she knew that didn't make her look attractive. In fact, it made her look like a complete idiot… A very… Ugh, I must be sick.

"Me? Causing problems? Please. These horrid people keep staring at me, so of course I'm going to say something…" I stated. It was true…. I noticed another watching, and I glared. "TAKE A PICTURE!" (pretty sure that didn't have pictures than…. And when I think about it… WHAT ERA IS THIS? XD)

"Oh, know, know! Don't be screaming at the ladies." Nicholas twitched. Why…. Why him of all people?


"Who did you think it was?" I asked. We looked over to see Drake, wearing his mask. He smiled, waving.

"Red wing!" others chirped. Of course… this people were morons to not notice we just said his name. Idiots, idiots, idiots.

"What do you want moron?" I asked. He glared, his eye twitching.

"That's not nice. Seems like you haven't changed a bit."

I listened closely, hearing others talk to one another. They seemed to be curious on what was going on. I than groaned hearing a familiar voice.

"There you guys are." William. "Seems like you found him." he grinned. What a stupid smile… UGH. The way he moved to Penelope, and just smiled like they were best friends… He pissed me off.

"Ooooh. Nicholas you seem heated. Jealous maybe?" asked Drake, smirking from his mask.

"WHAT?" I barked, glaring. "Please. That flat cheated, good for nothing woman…. Me jealous over that thing?"

"HEY!" she barked. "So Drake what are you doing here?" she asked. William seemed curious as well, I on the other hand, didn't give a damn, and yawned. Except that people were still watching, that just annoyed me. "GET LOST!" I screamed, and people ran. I felt my eye brow tugging, and I groaned. Annoying… All of them. (Such an angry fellow, no? _)

"I thought I'd join you guys again." said Drake. "After all… I know you guys still need the jewel guardians around, so I thought why not?" he shrugged.

"But you said you had more important matters." I stated. It was true. He said he had to help out with some people or something… I didn't remember what he said. But he took the kid with him too… What was his name? I couldn't remember it…. But he annoyed me. He nodded, his red hues glowing.

"Yeah. I took care of it, so it's all good know." he said, placing his hands on his hips, grinning.

"Were is Frederick?" asked William. Drake blinked his eyes a few times, and looked around.

"Wait… He isn't here?" asked Drake, laughing nervously. It was silent… than we heared crying.

"Help me!" I snorted, hearing the kid cry. We darted around the corner, and Drake covered his mouth.

"Oops.." he chuckled weakly. Frederick was surrounded by ladies, being pulled and tugged on. Tears was in the corner of the boys eyes, and his face was red.

"How could you let Frederick be taken so easily?" asked William.

"He is so… short… I can keep up with him." said Drake, laughing nervously.

"We need to save him!" said Penelope.

I groaned. "Can't we leave him? He is annoying." I sighed. She looked to me and glared. I snorted. "Oh scary." I felt a sharp pain in my knee, and I winced. "Ow, you bi-"

"Hey, not nice." stated Drake. I glared, and I saw him smirk from under the mask. I hated… him.

Penelope didn't say a word, but darted to Frederick. We all stared in shock. There was no way she could save him by herself…. And when it came to Frederick woman would kill.

"Penelope!" shouted Drake and William.

"Stupid girl!" I hissed, and we darted after her. Why was I going after her? After all… I hated her, didn't I? I watched as her and William broke threw, and Drake snatched the boy, running. I noticed Penelope wasn't a fast runner, and grasped her tightly, carrying her on my shoulder, as angry woman chased after us. Penelope was light, and I felt her squirm from my touch.

"What are you doing?"

"Save you, moron!"

"I don't need you to save me!"

"Seems like you do, since your slow as hell!" I barked.

"Put me down!"

"I will later. And who knows, for an extra I may throw you!" I hissed.

And this is how my days were on the human world….