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The Last Thing I Wanted

Bella's re-cap

Suddenly the switch flipped again, and he hovered over me, growling out his warning toward the incoming visitors.

"Edward, stand down. I have no intention of claiming her as my own. You know we do that only once in our lives, and I've claimed Alice. We'll work it out, but for now, get dressed before Tanya arrives and Bella has to kill her for wanting to take you." Jasper was right; I wouldn't be able to stop myself.

Cautiously, he brought us both to our feet while still keeping me hidden behind him. Not waiting for me, he shoved my clothes on first, then his own, and not a moment too soon. The rest of the family started converging upon us.

"Son, welcome back. I know you're not happy, but I couldn't lose you both. I had to save her which meant you in the process." Edward just nodded securing me around the waist, flush against his body.

"Edward, my dear, you look terrible. I've missed you. Let's head home and find you a good hot meal."

Chapter 5

Edward's POV

We split off from the rest of the family on the run home. We needed some alone time to discuss what was going to happen once we got back to the house. I knew what they were hoping for by their thoughts, but no one else did. That, of course, excluded Bella. I still couldn't hear her thoughts.

"Esme, I promise to see you soon. We need to sort this out." I knew from her thoughts, it disappointed her that we wouldn't be joining them, but she nodded and followed the group away.

When Bella found me, the confusion from going for so many months without blood made me nearly insane. The only thing that registered in my brain was her scent. In her transformation, she'd changed so much. She barely looked like the girl I remembered. Not that it mattered to me what she looked like, her scent made her my Bella, just less breakable.

Jasper unfortunately had to live with my guilt along with me. When I pinned Bella to the ground and claimed her, I thought she'd already been with Jasper and Alice. It cut me deeper when she admitted I was her first. It should have been a loving and gentle experience; however my inner animal needed to be satisfied, to claim and to have her declare that she was ours above all others first and foremost.

The beast tamed a bit thriving in the fact he or we'd been Bella's first, until Alice tackled Bella to the ground. The urge to rip her head off had me snarling and growling our displeasure of someone touching her. As I flinched a single muscle toward them, that's when Jasper leapt on my back pinning me to the ground.

Pulling my head back by my hair, he demanded my attention. "Just watch. They're not fighting."

I looked back, groaning at the sight set out before me. Alice had flipped Bella over. She lay nestled between Bella's legs palming her perfect, perky breasts. "Alice," in a whispered breath slipped from Bella's rosy pout as she raked her hands through Alice's hair, while pulling her flush against her creamy flesh.

My hips shifted under Jasper, grinding my rock hard rod against the ground. "That's a pretty sight, isn't it? I've been waiting for months to see them let go, but we had to wait until we were together. You had to take her first." His throbbing cock pressed against my ass. "We saved her for you. We would never deny you that right; you waited too long for your mate to come along."

"Thank you," I croaked, feeling his lust rolling off him.

"Do you think she likes the way Alice is sucking, licking, and nibbling on her nipple right now?" His whisper against my ear sent a shiver through my body.

I licked my lips wanting a taste of them, too. Alice growled enjoying her treat.

Jasper's POV

In a surprise move, he switched our positions, putting him on top of me. Shoving my shirt up, Edward mimicked Alice's attention to Bella on me. I hissed when he took one long lap across my nipple. At the same time, I arched my back and tugged his unruly hair pulling him closer. My nostrils flared at the sensuous scent of bear's blood in his hair.

I've waited fifty years for this moment. When Alice said she wanted to join us and bring in Bella, I admit, I wasn't sure how I'd feel about seeing her with Bella or Edward. Although, I got over it real quick the first time I saw them messing around with each other. Now I wanted to see it happen, the wait was killing me.

"Edward, please? I want to watch, too," I moaned, distracted for the moment by his tongue flickering my pebbled nipple.

A second later, he had me flipped onto my stomach with my pants at my knees. For a human it would have hurt the way I was roughly handled, but for me it was a fucking turn on. Damn, what a view! Alice had moved down Bella's body and had her face planted between those creamy thighs I've fantasized about. Soon I'd have my chance.

"Fuck!" I moaned when Edward's long, pretty finger pushed into my ass.

Nibbling on my neck, he panted, "No more waiting. I've claimed my mate, now I'm going to claim you, too." His hand never left me as he slid his jeans down.

"I think I can handle that," I breathed raspy at the sensation of his pumping me harder.

Another one of his fingers slipped into my depths, but I was distracted again by our ladies. "Oh, God, Alice!" Bella withered on the ground while Alice lapped up everything she gave her.

A whimper slipped out when Edward pulled his fingers away, only to be replaced with a purr when I felt his tip as he lined his steel shaft up with my entrance. Looking over my shoulder, his eyes were black as night and locked on Bella. Changing my view, I discovered Bella had her stare trained on us. Alice, too, watched us with bated breath.

They knew I'd been waiting for Edward to take me as his, too. Bella whined and whimpered. Alice had an arm wrapped around Bella's shoulder while cooing soothing words trying to calm the jealousy racing through her. We had time to adjust; Bella had just been claimed an hour ago so for her it was harder to see her mate taking another.

"Bella, you're still mine just as Alice is now yours, too," Edward's growl calmed her insecurities.

When Edward nudged in, their lusts amplified, sending mine through the roof. I snarled, but not from pain, from the feeling of him finally filling me with his cock.

"You feel so good inside me!" I gasped.

"Promise to never share this with anyone, but me!" his beast growled.

"Yes!" my animal responded, knowing I wouldn't.

"This was worth the wait. So tight…" He rocked his hips before pulling back slightly.

"Yes, Alice," he grunted to her unasked question.

She stroked Bella's cheek. "Come with me. Jasper and Edward want the four of us together."

Bella bit her lip, but followed Alice to our sides. I was hard and ready for whatever came next. Together they removed Alice's clothes. My hand moved to my throbbing erection.

Alice guided Bella to lie in front of me. Edward snarled, snapping at the air between us. The sight of his mate laid out for me had his dominance and jealousy flaring. She settled him down with four words.

"I love you, Edward."

"You're still mine! First! Never forget that!"

"I won't, never, but I love them, too," she purred.

"Me, too," he moaned, grabbing my hips harder.

That was the first time he admitted it, my heart swelled. I knew how he felt, but to have it fall from lips…wow.

"I love ya'll, too!" I panted, grabbing Bella and sliding her under me.

Edward pumped into me harder, then suddenly stopped while buried deep within my walls. Guiding my tip to her moist core, I waited for Edward's lead. The thrusting of his hips against me pushed my manhood into Bella.

Throwing my head back against Edward's chest, I grunted, "Oh God!"

The sensations of being connected to both of them at the same time nearly overwhelmed me. However, that paled in comparison to when Bella reached out for Alice to join her. Alice lowered herself onto Bella's awaiting mouth. Alice then began to play with her breasts, roughly palming and pulling on her nipples just as I would have.

It was hard to figure out where I should be concentrating. Each thrust from Edward pushed me closer to my climax as mine drove Bella wild. Alice rocked, moaning to Bella about how good it felt to be with us as one. There were no truer sentiments.

I shivered when Edward ran his nose up my throat. Pausing at the crook of my neck, he hissed and sunk his teeth in. That was the end of my control and I exploded deep into Bella's depths. Bella screamed out with her face still buried between Alice's thighs.

Releasing his bite, he growled, "Mine!" as he convulsed against me.

I reached up and gripped his hair in my fingers. "We're all yours." That squelched his beast's jealousy.

Alice withered and collapsed against me. When Edward pulled out I did the same taking Alice into my arms. Her feelings of acceptance and happiness settled my nerves, since I was worried that she might not like it once we tried it. Her love for me shined through. Grabbing her, I rolled out from between Bella and Edward leaving them to reconnect.

"Mine, mine, mine," Edward rambled, inserting his re-hardened erection into Bella.

Bella purred in delight to having him claiming her again. I didn't have to worry about how she felt about us. She loved us all. And, just as I loved Alice more than anyone, she loved Edward above us, too, as it should be. My savage beast would never tolerate Alice loving someone more than me and vice-versa.

I pulled Alice against my chest and lovingly kissed her on the lips, declaring, "I love you first, always."

"I love you too, you're mine first as I'm yours." The look in her eyes told me everything that I ever needed to know, she loved me beyond all reason.

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