Draco threw an arm over the slim waist beside him and drew the warm body in closer. He felt the other person cuddle deeper into his side and sighed. He enjoyed waking up to mornings like this.

Unfortunately Draco's bliss was interrupted by the sound of a door crashing open and angry footsteps in his room.

"Malfoy, how is it that every night Harry goes to sleep in my bed, but wakes up in yours?" Neville demanded.

"Well Longbottom, the answer is still the same, it hasn't changed in six years. Harry clearly prefers my bed." Draco opened his eyes to smirk at the other man. He loved riling up the other dominant. It was so easy.

"Would you just get your own sub and leave mine alone!" Neville glared at the blond.

Draco pulled Harry closer to him, and placed a kiss on the smaller man's neck, staring directly at Neville to see his reaction. He wasn't disappointed to see the indignant man puff up and colour.

He didn't need to wait long for the other man to stomp over and pull Harry from his arms. The action caused the smaller man to stir. The smallest man had grown accustomed to their morning fights and learned to sleep through the raised voices.

Raising one hand to lightly rub his sleepy eyes, Harry let out a small sigh and opened his eyes. He blinked a few times and looked around Draco's room before his eyes settled on the man who was clutching him to his chest.

"Neville? What are you doing?" Harry sleepily asked as he cuddled into the dom's chest.

Draco watched as Neville seemed to melt, and his eyes softened at the sub. Draco never really approved of Neville, but seeing this scene almost every morning almost made him accept the other man. After all, he couldn't be completely against a person who made Harry comfortable. He wasn't completely heartless.

"Just waking you up love. Did you sleep well?" Neville asked gently.

"Mmm... I dreamed that we had children. One had your hair, but my eyes, and there was even one with blond hair like Draco." Harry yawned at the end of his explanation, his eyes fluttered close so the missed the gentle looks on both men's faces.

Draco couldn't hold back the smirk that formed at Harry's words. Oh he couldn't wait to rub this in Neville's face later when Harry was out of earshot. He only got a glare in return.

"Love, we need to pick some thistle, the shop is running low again." Neville whispered to his sub, as he carried the smaller man from the room.

Once the door closed, Draco smiled. He had spent the last three years trying to find a way for Harry and Neville to have kids. He had finally made a successful potion last night before he stole Harry from bed and took him to his room. The missing ingredient had been thistle, and now all Harry and Neville needed to do was find a woman willing to carry the baby.

The potion required sperm from the potential parents, a woman, and a blank egg. He would combine the sperm with the potion, and use magic to inject it into the egg that he had charmed to erase the woman's DNA. The woman would get pregnant and carry the baby as if it was her own, except it wouldn't have any of her characteristics. Draco couldn't wait to tell Harry the news.

A stray thought entered Draco's mind. What if he used his sperm and Harry's first as a trial run? Oh Longbottom would be furious at the resulting kid... Draco smirked. He couldn't wait.

Quickly getting dressed, Draco left his room to steal Harry away and invoke his plan. He was sure if he asked nicely Harry would be willing to go along with him on this.

The End.