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"Kurt, when are we gonna meet these prep-school hotties?" Santana asked from the backseat. "The Asian one was rubbing all up on me in Breadstix, and he's kinda hot." Kurt rolled his eyes and turned into the Dalton parking lot.

"Settle down we're here. Let me call Blaine." Kurt pulled his iPhone out of his shoulder bag and pressed speed-dial three. Blaine answered at the fourth ring.

"Hey babe? You here?"

"Yeah, we're in the parking lot. Bring Wes, David, and a bunch of guy's clothes."

"Men's clothes?"

"I'll explain when you get here."

"Alright. Love you, bye."

"Love you too. Bye."

Kurt hung up the phone and set it on the dashboard. He turned around to look at the six girls packed into the back of his Navigator. The all smiled back sweetly.

"This'll be fun."


"Kurt, why am I staring at six girls from New Directions?" Blaine's eyebrows were basically at the top of his forehead.

"They wanted to see the school?" Kurt shrugged sheepishly. Brittany raised her hand before interrupting,

"I though we were having a girl's night." Mercedes rolled her eyes as Tina and Rachel tried to cover their giggles.

"SPIES!" David all but screamed. That got all of the girls (and Kurt) giggling, since that's totally something Rachel would say. And has said.

"No David. These are my friends. Mercedes, Rachel, Quinn, Tina, and Brittany." Kurt explained, gesturing to each respective girl.

"What about me Porcelain?" Santana demanded.

"And this bitch is Santana." Said girl smiled smugly.

"Kurt," Wes looked at Kurt, disappointed. "You know Dalton doesn't allow girls to stay in the dorms."

"Wes, Wes, Wes. That's what the men's clothes are for. We disguise them and no one will know they were even here! They'll just look like extremely petite boys. Like me." Blaine started laughing but stopped immediately as Wes glared at him. Santana took this as her cue.

"Hey. You're kinda… cute." She rubbed her hand through Wes' hair. He looked startled, and then he blushed furiously. He cleared his throat.

"Just so you know, I still don't approve."

"Sure you don't, Wessy." Santana seductively teased. He gulped. "Now can we go? It's fucking cold out here." Kurt nodded.

"You got the clothes?" Blaine nodded, holding up a Wal-Mart bag full of sweatpants and t-shirts. "Okay girls, grab some pants and a shirt and put them over your outfits." Each girl took an ensemble and began pulling it on over their various jeans and skirts. When each girl was dressed, Kurt opened the hatch of his car and let them grab their duffle bags.

"Alright, let's go." They began walking toward the dorm house Kurt lived in. They reached the door without meeting any fellow students, but when they began climbing the stairs, a boy stopped them.

"Hey guys!" He began.

"Hey Theo. Let's go talk over here." David led the junior over into a hall. Kurt looked around before motioning to start walking again. They were almost to Kurt's floor when Brittany tripped. She slid down the few stairs.

"Kurt! I'm gonna die!" She screamed. She was immediately shushed by Quinn and Blaine picked her up to carry her fireman-style. Kurt opened the door for them and they snuck down the hall.

They reached Kurt's door and he unlocked it. The girls went inside and the door was firmly shut behind them. As soon it did, they erupted into a fit of giggles. They began stripping out of their disguises as Blaine set Brittany down on Wes' bed. Santana had told Blaine not to set Brittany on Kurt's bed because she didn't want Brittany to be covered in boy make-out germs. Kurt had scoffed, but the pale boy's cheeks were bright red.

The rest of the female side of New Directions plopped down wherever they could find seats. Mercedes and Rachel sat on the floor, Tina in Kurt's fake director's chair in the corner, Quinn on Wes' bean-bag chair, and Santana in the chair in front of Wes' desk. Brittany sat up on the twin bed.

"Blaine, you saved my life." She stood and wrapped her arms around his neck, burying her face in his dark curls, seeing as he was so much shorter than she. She then proceeded to kiss him sloppily on the cheek. He smiled charmingly and kissed her hand.

"I couldn't let a fair maiden like thee suffer like that!" He declared, winking at the giggling blond. Santana raised an eyebrow.

"Kurt, are you sure he's gay?" Mercedes burst into laughter, Blaine grinned, and Kurt turned bright red yet again before glaring at Santana.

"Yes, Satan, I am." That got everyone laughing, even Wes, who was trying to pretend he wasn't amused. They laughed for a few minutes until David burst into the room.

"Oh my god. I didn't think I'd ever get rid of him!" He collapsed on to Kurt's bed dramatically. Rachel gave Kurt a look, and the boy mouthed 'He's always like this.' She nodded, grinning.

"So when's this party starting?" Blaine looked around expectantly.

"Oh, Blaine darling. It has already begun." Kurt said before holding up a make-up bag in one hand and the movie Mamma Mia in the other. Blaine stared back, eyes wide. What have I gotten myself into? He asked himself.


Two hours, seven facials, and one musical later, Blaine was ready to kill himself. Sure, he was gay, but Girl's Nights so weren't his taste. The only thing he enjoyed was when Kurt would hold his hand in between putting make-up on Tina or braiding Quinn's hair. He loved the feeling of another warm hand against his, even if it was only there for a few moments. He smiled when the movie finally finished. He could hear Wes and David sigh in relief. He wanted to too, but he knew his boyfriend wouldn't appreciate it. Kurt rolled his eyes before holding up RENT. The girls squealed, but Wes groaned while David buried his face into a pillow. Blaine, sensing his friends' distress (and possibly agreeing with it,) took Kurt's hand.

"Why don't we do something Wes and David will enjoy? They may lash out if they have to sit through another musical." Blaine offered helpfully. Wes shot him a 'you-rock-so-hard' look, while David made a little heart with his hands. Kurt sighed and then turned to Mercedes.

"Well, any ideas?" Mercedes shrugged. Santana got a devious look on her face.

"I don't suppose any of you preppies got a bottle?" She smirked. Wes jumped up.

"It just so happens I do." He pulled a green bottle out from under his bed and handed it to Santana.

"Wes. You've been holding out on me?" David cried. Wes winked at his friend before turning to Santana.

"So, Satan, what game are we playing?" Wes asked innocently. Kurt giggled, and Santana smirked while narrowing her dark eyes at the Warbler.

"Truth or Dare. Get in a circle, bitches." Blaine and Kurt moved from their spots on Kurt's bed to the floor, still hand-in-hand. Brittany immediately plopped down on Kurt's other side, linking pinkies with Santana. Wes sat next to Blaine, with Mercedes in between him and David. Finally, Quinn and Tina sat down in the middle of David and Santana.

"Who's going first?" Wes questioned. Kurt shrugged before grabbing the bottle and spinning it. It spun for a good twenty seconds before slowing to a stop in front of Tina.

"So, Tina, truth or dare?" The Asian pondered her choices for a few seconds before declaring,

"Truth." Kurt smiled.

"Do you love Mike?" Tina blushed and Santana made a gagging sound.

"Satan! Be nice!" Mercedes cried. Tina slowly nodded. Kurt smiled at her before nodding.

"Tina's turn!" Brittany cheerfully declared. Tina grabbed the green bottle and spun it a bit more slowly than Kurt had. It spun for a while before landing on Blaine.

"Dare." He said quickly. David jumped up and ran over to whisper something in Tina's ear. Her eyes widened and then she began laughing.

"Oh, that's perfect." She whispered back before turning to smile at Blaine sweetly.

"Blaine, go take Kurt into David's room for seven minutes. We will come get you when the seven minutes are up." Mercedes put a hand over her mouth, shocked. Kurt's face turned crimson, but Blaine smoothly grabbed his arm and hauled him out of the room. The catcalls were heard as they walked down the hall. They stopped in front of David's room and Kurt grabbed Blaine's arm.

"Are we really going to do this?" He asked. Blaine smiled charmingly.

"Nah. We're gonna screw with 'em." Kurt smiled devilishly before pulling Blaine into the dark dorm room.

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