The Other Demon Lizard

Being a new writer(at least to this site) I'm open to any critisicm, whether good or bad because honestly, I need the help from those of you who are more experienced, but other than that, I'll roll with the punches, as long as they are good ideas. Now, to the story...


No one knows who he is, but they soon will. It's rumored that he is a Thorny

Devil Lizard. There have been whispers of his bluish, patched and spiked appearance - of his piercing

metallic eyes. They don't know of his attraction to the only other Lizard amongst Boss Cass' frills,skinks

and assorted reptiles. Nor of his soft spoken side or his unimaginable power. All they know is his



And that's my start, hope you enjoyed, and there will be more. as long as I get what I want, as mentioned above.