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This pattern continued on for a couple months with each learning more and more about each

other, or at least what they could glean from the surface, but neither making any advances. They

talked, but only for short periods of time,like on a mission(or like in chapter 1) in which their exchanges

were brief. But that would soon change, when Fluffy's acts would come back to bite her in the butt.

But until that time, each lizard was blissfully unaware of the other's feelings and emotions toward one

another. The two still did not converse outside of the safe boundaries of: "Affirmative" or " Roger" or anything pertaining to the current mission. Even those responses varied from time to time, depending on the type of mission, and, depending on the status or progress of the mission, sometimes no talking. You might be wondering what kind of missions two lizards would need to do for an ego maniac cassowary. Well, being the best two henchman... and woman, the two did really anything and everything. This would include killing mammals, in varying ways, and general inward problem solving, usually done with a kangaroo court. The "couple" was extremely feared by everyone, not just mammals. This didn't keep the other lizards from talking about how the two were a "perfect match",or at least along those lines, behind their backs. A "match made in heaven" so to speak. Well, what the lizards didn't know was that both of them VERY much wanted to be a couple, though both were unwilling to take the first step...

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