Title: On a Train

Fandom: TDWP

Pairing: Miranda and Andy

Rating: NSFW/Mature/NC17

Summary: Miranda and Andy meet on a train a few years after Paris and work out some issues.

Words: 12000 +

Disclaimer: This is a work of fanfiction, which pretty well guarantees that " ownership, " of the characters belongs to others (Lauren Weisberger and 20th Century Fox) and that this work is entirely based on affection. This is not-for-profit, but for praise or at least enjoyment.

Beta Readers: Thank yous go to - Melanacious, LadyDragonstorm and Bonnie - my extraordinary friends.

Email: bearblue1yahoo.com

Website: http:/www.bearblue.com/library/index.htm

A/N - This is a one shot, "get 'em together," short story.

A/N - It ends well, has angst that comes from living life.

A/N - This fiction likely draws from several TDWP sources for inspiration - it mostly follows movie canon as a starting point, however.

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