The occupants of the ambulance were greeted by a few doctors and nurses and the tearful but smiling faces of JJ, Will, and Garcia.

Morgan handed an ecstatic Henry to his mother and father before hopping out of the ambulance himself so the medical personnel could extract Reid from the ambulance.

As the parents cuddled, hugged, and kissed their son, the doctors and nurses rushed Spencer Reid off into the hospital.

After a nurse lead the LaMontagne family to an exam room to check the child for injuries or illness.

Morgan and Garcia were shown to the waiting room by a volunteer. Morgan sat waiting for the rest of his team to get there, fidgeting the entire time while Garcia was calmer, a huge smile on her face and world in her eyes.

"Don't worry, Girl," Morgan assured the technical analyst, "Henry is fine and Reid will be too."

Half an hour later, Will came out and told them Henry was absolutely fine. There was a bruise from where someone had grabbed the toddler hard but other than that, he was unharmed. He said that the doctors were keeping him overnight for observation but that he could go home in the morning.

After another forty-five minutes, the rest of the team arrived. Morgan gave them the news about Henry and told them there still was no news on Reid.

Shortly after the team got there, a nurse came to the waiting room.

"Spencer Reid?" she called. The entire team stood up and the nurse looked slightly surprised.

"Are any of you relatives?" she asked.

"No, but I have medical power of attorney for him," Hotch informed the nurse.

"Well, I suppose it's alright," she muttered. Clearing her throat she said, "Follow me. The doctor has news about Spencer's condition but it is best if it's given in private."

The whole team started to follow her but she stopped them saying, "I can only give information to family members or those who have legal standing to hear such information."

"They are his family," Hotch told the woman. She opened her mouth to rebut the statement but when she saw the looks on their faces, she could tell that these people all loved the young man in her care.

The nurse led them to an empty waiting room. Hotch asked the nurse if she could find the mother of Henry LaMontagne, that she should be here too. The nurse obliged and soon a worried looking JJ entered the room, followed by a tall man in a white coat.

"You're Spencer Reid's family?" he said skeptically. Hotch gave him a hard look, nodding definitively. He sighed but gave them the rundown of their friend and colleague's condition.

"Your friend is very injured. He has cuts on his chest and abdomen as well as on the palms of his hands and the soles of his feet. One of his fingernails has been removed. He has three broken ribs, a broken nose, a broken forearm, and a broken shin. He has some deep bruises on his face and abdomen but thankfully no internal bleeding. Right now, he is in surgery, having the bones in his arm and leg set and pins placed."

"But he is going to be ok, right?" JJ asked softly.

"Yes," the doctor said hesitantly. "Physically, he will be fine."

"What do you mean, physically?" Morgan said in a low voice.

The doctor drew in a breath and braced himself for the reactions of the people before him.

"Spencer has been…raped," the doctor said softly. "There is rectal tearing and there was some fluid left behind. We took a swab of it for DNA."

"We already know who did it, but thank you," Hotch managed to say.

"If you don't have any questions…" the doctor trailed off. "I'll find you the moment he is out of surgery."

"Doctor," Hotch said, "Are any of those cuts going to scar?"

"They might," the ER doctor responded. "None of them are very deep and they were very clean cuts which lessens the likelihood of scarring but it is still possible."

"I want you to get the best plastic surgeon in the state to make sure there is not one single scar on him," Hotch demanded.

"Sir," the doctor said, "I know that you care about your friend but I can't just get the best plastic surgeon to come look at him because you asked."

"With all due respect," Hotch said harshly, "do you have any idea who he is, what he does, or what put him in this condition?"

The doctor shook his head so Hotch continued.

"His name is Dr. Spencer Reid. He is an FBI profiler. He has either helped find or found dozens upon dozens of serial rapists, killers, and kidnappers. He and his godson were kidnapped and he was tortured for five and a half days by a psychopathic sexual sadist. Three years ago, he was kidnapped and tortured by a serial killer for two days. He already has enough scars; he doesn't need any more."

The doctor gulped and nodded, saying he would call about it right away before quickly exiting the room.

Now that the team was alone and had had time to process what they had heard, they reacted.

Hotch looked angry and slightly sick at the thought of what his youngest agent had endured.

Garcia's knees had given out and she was sitting in a chair, sobbing into Emily's shoulder. Emily simply looked like she didn't believe any of this was happening.

Rossi's face was blank but you could see pain in his eyes at his colleague's suffering.

JJ was standing, mouth slightly agape, tears running unchecked down her checks.

The most violent reaction was, unsurprisingly, Morgan's. His face was blank with shock for a moment before rage overtook his expression. He turned and punched a wall, swearing loudly.

Garcia, Emily, and JJ jumped.

"Sorry," Morgan whispered, dropping into a chair and cradling his hand that was red and starting to swell.

"Let's go get someone to look at it," Hotch suggested in a tone that said Morgan had no choice.

Morgan silently followed his boss to the nurse's station. Neither man said a word to each other.

Once a nurse had led the two agents to a room and left to get a doctor, Hotch spoke.

"I know how much you care about Reid, Morgan," he began, "and I know how close to home this is hitting you. But Reid is going to need you. I can't have you doing any more crazy things like punching walls."

"I sold that sick son of a bitch the house, Hotch," Morgan said, guilt lacing his voice. "I sold him the place where he tortured and raped my best friend and held another friend's baby hostage. I showed him exactly where to keep Reid and Henry so no one would see or hear them."

"Listen to me, Derek," Hotch said in a firm voice. "None of this is your fault. You had no way of knowing who or what this man was. If you hadn't sold him a house, someone else would have."

"I should have called him," Morgan moaned. "I didn't call him once in four days. I was too caught up in seeing my mom and my sisters and I didn't call my best friend the one time he needed me more than ever."

"Neither did I!" Hotch exploded. "If Jack hadn't wanted to see Henry yesterday, I wouldn't have even thought to call him. Does that make it my fault too? What about Rossi, Prentiss, and Garcia? They never called. We all care about Reid but none of us called him when he need us. It's not our fault though, just like it isn't yours. It is Harold Michaels' fault. He is the one who attacked Reid and then kidnapped him and Henry. He is the one who tortured and raped Reid. He is the one who planned this all out. Not you or anyone else; him!"

"I-" Morgan started weakly, "I know that, in my head, but I still feel so guilty. I was off having a blast seeing my family while my best friend was being tortured."

"We all feel that way, Morgan," Hotch told the other man gently. "But we need to get over it because right now, Reid is going to need us."

At that moment, someone came to take Morgan for an x-ray of his hand and their conversation ended.

Hotch returned to the waiting room to see everyone sitting down. JJ was still there and just as Hotch walked in and sat down, she said something.

"I thought he was joking around with me," she whispered, pain clear in her voice. "I called him when Will and I got to Cancun and again the next morning. He didn't answer but I thought he was trying to be funny. Before we left, he told me that he didn't want me to call him because Will and I needed some alone time away from work and Henry after…everything that's happened. When he didn't pick up, I thought he was messing around with me."

A fresh wave of tears cascaded down her pale face and Hotch put a comforting hand on hers.

"I can't believe everything he went through, everything he suffered, just for my baby," she whispered, almost to herself. "I was on the beach while he and my son were in a torture chamber. If I hadn't been so stupid and realized he would never not answer my calls when he was watching Henry…" she broke off, a small sob escaping her lips.

"It's not your fault. You couldn't have known what was happening. Reid loves Henry, JJ," Rossi told the distraught blonde quietly. "He would do anything to protect him."

Morgan returned to the room a short while later with some tape around his knuckles and a subdued expression on his face.

No one said anything more until the doctor returned with the news that Reid was out of surgery and was in room 427.

They all immediately rushed to the fourth floor. When they reached the room, a nurse was waiting outside told them that they could go in but only one at a time. JJ stepped forward immediately and no one questioned it.

The young blonde mother opened the door and entered the room of the man who saved her son's life, nearly losing his in the process.