This is my first FanFic so I'm not sure how it'll go, would really appreciate comments, constructive critisism ect. :)

Sam's Story

"Come and get me coppers!"

Running, chasing

"You're nicked boy!"

Catching up


"Look out!"

Too late, Fwump


It all went so fast, one minute he was chasing a murder suspect and the next there was a splitting pain in his head and then blackness. "Owww, shit!" Sam groaned as he woke up, he struggled to sit up, then he looked around and saw a construction site. A pained smile came to his face, this wasn't the first time he had woken up in a construction site after an accident. He looked down and saw that he was wearing black tracksuit pants and a black hoodie, he was wearing a red shirt underneath and he was covered in filth. "What happened?" he asked himself as he stood up, nearly falling off the pile of rubble he found himself standing on.

The Master's Story

He was hungry

Hungrier then he'd been in his lives

He climbed up one of the piles of rubble


Pain throughout his body

Drums pounding

A final burst of pain, he fell


The Doctor was right and The Master hated him for it, he was dying, he could feel it as he fainted. When he came to he felt weak. "Sam?" he heard a female's voice say, his eyes shot open, he was surrounded by people in 70's clothing. "With us at last, Boss?" one asked, looking at him, he looked young, in his twenties? "Come on Dorothy, can't even catch a suspect now without falling on your arse?" said one, he was wearing a big camel colour coat, another one, who had a moustache, smirked. The Master sat up, rubbing his head "what happened?" he demanded scowling at the man in the coat. "A tile fell of that roof while you were chasing the suspect" the female answered, gesturing "you just dropped", she looked upset but The Master didn't care "who are you people?" he snapped. They exchanged glances, then turned back to him. "Sam? You okay?" the woman asked him worriedly. He just scowled at her, but then realised something, "th...the drums" he stuttered, they were gone. More worried looks, "we'll take you to hospital" the woman said kindly. The Master shook his head, then leapt to his feet "no, I'm fine, better then fine" he laughed manically, he thought the drums would never leave but here he was, free. "Come on" the man in the coat said "we'll get someone to have a look at you", he grabbed The Master and dragged him towards an old fashioned copper coloured car. The Master struggled against him but found he couldn't over power him, he growled in frustration as he was pushed into the car.

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