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Prairie Fire

Chapter Two: Two Quick Steps Back

There had been no rain all week and it was hot, too hot. The crops were ripening, but too quickly. Carlisle was worried. Harvest may come early this year. That was good and bad. Good because it meant getting the crop swathed before the early fall frost could come in and freeze the grain, and bad in that the less growing equalled to smaller lighter wheat. Lack of rain also meant the mustard and the canola couldn't be laid down. Swath it dry and it all shells out leaving money on the ground.

I grunted and strained helping Carlisle to manhandle the swather head into place. My sweat-soaked shirt stuck to my back. With the header pinned in place on our old John Deere 4450, it was time to hook up the hydraulics. Groaning, I shimmied under the huge machine to connect the hydraulic hoses that allowed us to control the swather mechanics from within the cab of the tractor.

We were working outside where the light of day allowed us to see what we were doing. Unfortunately, that meant the gravel and sharp stubble of the ground bit into my back through the thin cotton. The sensation made my skin itch all over.

"Motherfucker!" I cursed as the line I was connecting first sprayed me with hydraulic fluid, then pinched the pad of my thumb as it finally clicked into place. I swear, every fucking year the same hose gave me the same grief. It was our special relationship.

I could hear Carlisle chuckling as I pulled my sorry filthy ass up of the ground. "Same hose?" he asked grinning and remarkably clean. I scowled at him. "Yes, I'm replacing that fucking tip before we do this again next year."

Carlisle went to pat my back then thought better of it, "I think you said that last year."

I just glared at him while he laughed, shook his head, and climbed back up into the cab of the tractor to continue his calibrations.

With a groan of disgust, I pulled my t-shirt up over my head. After a good shake, to get the bits of chaff and rock off of it, I wiped the sweat off my chest, and gave a swipe to my underarms as well. I tossed my shirt on the now attached swather header so I could bend over and shake any bits and pieces out of my hair with my fingers.

Standing back up, I squinted at the sky, estimating by the placement of the sun that it wasn't even noon yet. Grabbing my shirt, I tucked part of it into my back pocket. I seriously did not want to put the filthy damp thing back on. I stepped up to the huge red tractor and hauled my self up the ladder stairs, holding onto the side bar, until I was leaning in through the open door.

"Everything checking out?" I asked my uncle. He had the key turned to run the electrical, but had not started the engine. Last year we had installed a second-hand GPS auto-steer system. I hoped that we had worked out all the bugs last year, but there was always a new Gremlin or two to be found.

"Far as I can tell its all fine. We won't really know until we get going," Carlisle answered, pushing his ball cap backwards to scratch at his ever-lightening hair. Carlisle resettled his hat and turned the key to off. "You still heading home today?" he asked me.

"Yeah, I have to meet with my advisor later this afternoon but the boys asked me to help them with something first," I replied.

"Well, you better get going then. Thanks for helping me out today, and I'll be in touch when it looks like we need to start turning wheels out there."

"Okay, sounds good. I'll head off then. Say good bye to Esme for me when she gets back from town," I said with a smile and hopped back down off the tractor.

Walking away, I entered the nearby shed where I had parked my truck. Opening the passenger door I reached in and opened the glove compartment. I fished around the maps and other junk until my fingers found what I sought and pulled out Bella's blue panties.

Smiling to myself, I fingered the soft material before stuffing them into my front pocket next to my stiffening dick. Those panties have been fuel to the fire of my rampant fantasies all week since my tryst with Bella in my truck.

She had left me that night with her scent on my skin, her phone number on my arm, and an insatiable need to see her again. Of course, she had to return my call first. I slammed the door, gritting my teeth in frustration, and adjusted myself, before stalking over to my Jetta.

Opening up the trunk I pulled out a less dirty shirt from my bag and pulled it on replacing it with the one that had been hanging from my back pocket. Esme always offered to do my laundry for me, but being that I was grown man that didn't sit well with me. She already took such good care of Carlisle and me.

Closing the trunk, I entered and started up my car and drove out of the shed and down the laneway. Before turning onto the gridroad, I slipped on my sunglasses and made sure that the vents were closed and off. It made for a fucking sweltering drive in this late summer heat, but I hated the dust that coated everything other wise. I worried less about my truck, but this Jetta was my baby. I tried to drive it a little as possible on the gravel roads, but I didn't have time to come back for my truck. I would have to make the forty-five minute journey to Saskatoon as soon as I was done helping out Jasper and Emmett.

I headed west first, and then turned north, driving by the ripening fields. Even with the windows and vents closed, I could smell the strong musty odour of the canola. The smell of money, my Uncle Carlisle called it. While the heat wave was unusual, it hasn't lasted long enough to start burning the wheat. The tips would first start turning white, and then by the time they change to deep gold you can smell the cooked grain in the air.

As I drove, my eye caught the faint remainder of the numbers Bella had written on my arm in marker. The sight brought back images from last week, which had me immediately shifting in my seat. My dick twitched to the right, homing in on the panty beacon housed in my pocket. Shit, how that woman has affected me.

I had actually called her the next day, worried about the ribbing she may or may not have endured when Alice and Rose took her home, but there was no answer. I called her again a few days later, and again, was forced to leave a voice mail. I chewed my lip, worried over whether the lack of response was due to embarrassment or rejection. I decided I would try to call her one more time and let the chips fall where they may. I have never been the random hook-up kind of guy, and I really hoped to see her again.

The air, this day, had been unusually still rather than the norm of near constant light to heavy winds. There was a dust trail that hung lazily for almost a mile back on the poker straight road, marking my trail to the McCarty yard. This was their work yard, which was once the original homestead. It was lined with rows of grain bins for storage, a large metal quonset, a newer construction workshop and buried and abandoned behind overgrown caragana hedges, the original small two-story house.

I pulled into the yard blowing dust over Jasper and Emmett, who were standing beside Emmett's beast of a truck. Jasper was on his phone, but both he and Emmett gave me a wave as I parked my car next to them.

"Hey," I greeted them as I exited my car. Pulling on a ball cap, I walked over and joined them by the truck. "So what did you guys need my help with?"

"Hey, Edward, the electric fence out by the old Brent's quarter is giving us trouble. I was hoping you could help us walk the line looking for breaks before heading home," Emmett explained.

"Emmett we have to stop and grab gramps on the way," Jasper said, pocketing his phone.

"Aw, really? Why?" Emmett whined.

"He said he wants to do a head count of the cattle," Jasper explained, patting his cousin on the back, "Look at it this way he can take the fourth side of the field and we will be done even faster."

"Yeah, but he will want to drive my truck," Emmett groused. Shaking his head, he motioned to me to get in the truck, "come on then, lets get this show on the road."

About a mile down the road was the two farm yards of the McCarty brothers, the houses facing each other on either side of the grid road with a small laneway leading to each. We turned in towards the house that Jasper grew up in. Old man McCarty was standing waiting as we pulled to a stop.

Smirking at me, Jasper hopped out of shotgun and opened up the door to climb into the back seat of the club cab with me, nodding his head to direct my attention to the exchange about to take place between Emmett and their grandfather.

Emmett rolled down his window. "Hey Grandpa, all set?" he queried. Grandpa McCarty, who had Emmett's build and once had his colouring simply stared him down, not saying a word.

Emmett let out a large sigh, opened his door, exited and walked around to the passenger side. Jasper couldn't contain his laughter and snorted back a chuckle as Emmett got into the passenger seat, shooting Jasper a glare over his shoulder.

The three mile drive out to the quarter was strange. Old man McCarty drove like a bat out hell, and Emmett spent the entire time holding onto the holy shit handle above the door like his life depended on it. Stranger still was Emmett shouting out "clear" the few times we had to cross an intersection in the grid roads.

Once at the quarter in question, Gramps dropped us each off at a corner so we could walk the line. The boys had cows with their calves grazing in this field with nothing but a three strand barb wire fence and a single line of electric.

Now, the electric line isn't designed to be cruel. It is a single line that runs alone with the barb wire fence and is tied into a battery. The charge isn't enough to harm, but enough to prevent the cows from running the fence. Were they to escape, they would be in danger of being hit by a car or getting lost.

The problem here is that somewhere, there was a break in the line, and the battery sent an alarm that conductivity connection was lost. So we walk the line. Sounds like a Johnny Cash song.

I had made it about halfway down my side of the field when my phone went off. It was Emmett calling to tell me that they had found the problem, and they would be by to pick me up.

We all piled into the truck and headed back. Emmett was red-faced and grumpy. Apparently, the problem was the battery itself, and on the drive back Emmett and Jasper got lectured by Gramps.

The drive back was just as fast, interspersed with Emmett again saying "clear" at every intersection, and Old Man McCarty bemoaning the future of the farm he build up in the hands of his two "Numb Nut" grandsons. Jasper rolled his eyes, Emmett gritted his teeth, and I pondered the wisdom of having not put on my seatbelt as we fishtailed slightly on a particularly loose deposit of gravel.

Finally, Gramps was dropped off and Emmett, Jasper, and I returned to the yard where my car was parked. Jasper fished a few cans of coke out of a cooler in the back of the truck and handed me one.

"So you're back in Saskatoon this weekend?" Jasper asked, cracking open his soda.

"Yeah, meet with my thesis advisor later today. We still going out tonight?" The soda felt good on my dry throat. The heat and lack of breeze was getting stifling, and I really was looking forward to hitting the highway and turning on the air in my car.

"Rose and Alice want to go to the Long Branch. Do you know if Tanya is working and can put a reserve on a table for us?" Emmett muttered around a soda belch.

"I don't think she is back in town yet," I said with a shrug.

"In that case, we better get there early then," replied Jasper, "I, for one, am really looking for one more weekend in the city before harvest gets going."

We all nodded and grunted in agreement before finalizing our Friday night plans. As I was opening my car door, a thought struck me.

"Hey, Emmett, why did you keep yelling 'clear' at your Gramps while he was driving?"

"It was to let him know that there were no cars coming. The old man can't see worth shit and refuses to wear he glasses. Why the hell do you think I don't want him driving my truck?" Emmett grumped in exasperation.

Oh dear Lord.


I walked through the front door of my small bungalow, stepping over the mail that had accumulated on the floor, dropped through the slot in the door. I dropped my rucksack on the couch, pulled off my boots, and stooped to collect the variety of envelopes and flyers.

Idly, I sorted through the mess as I made my way through the living room to the kitchen before dropping it all on the kitchen table with an exasperated sigh. It had already sat on my floor for the better part of two weeks, it wasn't going anywhere.

Scratching my stomach, I opened the fridge door and hunched down to take a look inside. It was pretty bare, and whatever was in there was starting to breed new life. Yep, a trip to the grocery store was also going to be in order.

Closing the fridge, I leaned back on my palms on the counter opposite from it. Rolling my head on my neck, I felt the vertebrae pop and groaned. It had been a long couple of weeks. I raised my arms above my head to stretch out the tight muscles of my back and was suddenly reminded that the fridge wasn't the only thing emitting a sour odour.

Reaching into my pockets, I pulled out my keys from one side, which joined the mail on the table, and found my prize in the other. Bella's panties were smooth and soft and were trimmed along the opening with a touch of matching coloured lace. Yeah, shower, right. With the way my dick was starting to respond to the visual of the panties and my memories of seeing them on Bella's body, a shower was starting to sound like a really good idea.

Stepping into the small bathroom, I started up the old plumbing and closed the clear plastic shower curtain to keep in the heat once the water warmed up. I stripped out of my grubby and sweat-crusted clothes and placed the tiny bit of blue cloth on the vanity.

Stepping into the bathtub, I moaned when the hot water of the shower hit my body. Turning my back to the spray, I leaned on my arms against the tiled wall. Hanging my head, I closed my eyes and breathed in the warm wet air.

The humidity reminded me of how warm it got in my truck that night with Bella and how wet her breath was when her mouth was close to mine. I groaned with the image of my first sight of those damn blue panties. Bella straddling my lap, her skirt pushed up on her hips, her panties blue, hot, and wet rubbing against me. Fuck! My now fully hardened cock twitched so hard that it smacked my stomach.

With a squirt of body wash to my palm, I took myself in hand. Gripping and stroking my dick, I lost my self in the memory of Bella's body. It had been a week since, but everything that transpired was still vivid and forefront in my mind. I rubbed myself harder remembering her voice, her sounds, her smell, her taste, and the hot, wet heat that was being inside of Bella. Bella had engulfed and consumed all my senses.

The memory of her breathy moans telling me she was coming pushed me over the precipice, and I came with a fierce shudder. My forehead thudded against the tiles as the arm holding me upright lost strength from the force of my climax.

Catching my breath, I quickly finished getting myself cleaned up and out of the shower. Once I was dressed in fresh jeans and a clean, pressed button-down, I shaved and jogged out of the house for my meeting with my graduate program advisor. I may or may not have placed Bella's panties back in my front pocket.


I was busy putting my groceries away when I could hear my phone ringing from somewhere else in the house. I patted my pockets then rolled my eyes, because obviously the ringing wasn't coming from anywhere on my body, so why would the phone be?

I followed the noise to the bathroom and found my phone, still in is holder attached to my belt, in my discarded jeans. I had missed the call, but the phone chirped in my hand indicating a text message from Tanya. Pressing the button on the touch screen I opened the message. It was Tanya telling me that she had lost her key and could I place my spare under the mat in font of the door. I shook my head with a smile. It wasn't the first time she had locked herself out; most likely the key was sitting inside.

I texted her back an affirmative and checked to see what else I had missed while I was out. Other than a text from Emmett, saying that he and Jasper were at Alice's place here in the city, there was nothing.

I was disappointed and felt slightly disheartened. I had left a message each time I had called Bella, but no response. With a muttered, "Shit on it," I found Bella in my list and pressed call.

The phone rang twice, then picked up. My heart raced then lurched when a gruff male voice responded.

"Hi, Eric, I'm afraid Bella isn't here," said the male voice that I suspected to be that of Constable Swan.

"Er, this is Edward calling," there was a pause. Clearing my throat, I continued, "So Bella isn't around?"

"No, she forgot her phone when she went to Saskatoon. I have been listening to the damn thing ring all week. I assumed it was her boyfriend."

Another, awkward, silence ensued before Constable Swan continued, his voice heavy with suspicion, "Edward? As in Edward Masen?"

"Um, yes, that's correct."

"So why would you be calling my daughter, son? How did you get this number?" Oh, yeah, Magnum did not sound happy.

"Um, well I met Bella last weekend, when she went out with Rose and Alice," I felt the need to clear my throat again, "and, well, she gave me her number. Bella, um, she forgot something, and I was just trying to get a hold of her, in case she wanted it back."

I deep chuckle came through, "Well that sounds like Bella, she leaves stuff everywhere, obviously, or I wouldn't be answering her phone." I gave a weak chuckle in response. "Well, I'll let her know you called, Edward," he said, and abruptly the line went dead.

I breathed a sigh of relief that he hadn't asked what it was that she had forgot. I didn't think I could have thought quickly enough on my feet to cover for that. I was relieved to know that Bella hadn't been dodging my calls; she just hadn't been getting them. This, of course, got me wondering when she would have it back in her possession. Hopefully, it would be soon, and she would call me.

I returned to the kitchen and proceeded to clean the expired and rotten foodstuff from my fridge. While I was at it I was forming the words for a text message to Bella in my mind. Maybe something that would lightly hint about her 'forgotten item' and express how much I enjoyed meeting her last weekend. It was then that the entirety of the conversation with Bella's dad hit home.

What the Fuck? Bella had a boyfriend? Who the fuck was Eric?


I picked up Alice, Rose, Emmett and Jasper at Alice's apartment building, and drove us across the city to the nightclub. It was a tight fit in my Jetta, but everyone was used to it. The two couples chatted excitedly and fortunately none noticed my reticence to join in the banter. I wasn't in the mood to talk about what was on my mind. If I wasn't the designated driver this night I probably would have stayed home. I wasn't really looking forward to this night out anymore.

I don't know why I felt so betrayed, why I cared so much, that she belonged to someone else. She had someone else who kissed those soft lips. Someone who knew the taste of her and the felt their name breathed on their skin. Someone named Eric.

My knuckles were white on the wheel as we pulled in to park at the popular Saskatoon country music nightclub. I eased my grip off the steering wheel as the others exited my vehicle. So what if it was just some one off? We both had a good time and we were both fairly drunk. Shit happens, I silently chastised myself, trying to shake off the angry resentment.

I got out and joined my friends entering the club. We were so early that there was no line yet and the bouncers, familiar with my group, waved us through without collecting a cover charge. The bar was fairly empty, with plenty of seating still available. The good thing about starting the evening early was that I could have a few beers before cutting myself off, allowing me time to be sober enough to drive everyone home. I really wanted a beer.

The five of us sat down in one of the few horseshoe-shaped bench seat tables. The girls loved this table, which is why we always have to get here so early. Alice was swivelling her head around, as she settled herself into the centre of the horseshoe, with Rose by her side. I was starting to expect her head to spin right around on the axis of her neck, the way she was gawking.

"Alice, what are you looking for?" I asked her, an unsettled suspicion rising in my belly. Alice looked at me with a put-on face of innocence and cupped her hand by her ear, to indicate that she didn't hear the question, even though the music in the bar wasn't all that loud yet.

I narrowed my eyes at her and then slowly gave the bar my own appraisal. The Long Branch consisted of a jumble of platforms and open spaces, centred around a dance floor, and there was a long bar off to one side. There weren't that many people, mostly just regulars who have a few drinks then head home when the place got busy.

My eyes stopped on the sight of long brown hair and a perky round ass standing next to the bar. Bella. She confirmed her identity when she turned around, her attention on a big burly blond guy wear a bouncer's shirt.

Fuck me. She was wearing a pair of Levi's, so tight that they should be illegal, and a fitted black t-shirt, with the bar name written across her tits in white letters. Her hair cascaded down her back from under a black cowboy hat. She looked liked sex in black cowboy boots and it pissed me right off.

Bella laughed, then reached back to the bar for her round drink tray. She held the tray up above her head, which caused her shirt to ride up, showing a sliver of skin and her belly button. Yep, and she had a piercing, something glittery, right there. Fuck my life.

Emmett jabbed his elbow into my side, "Ed, isn't that the girl from last week, Bella?"

"Yes," I growled my jaw tight. I narrowed my eyes, as she said something to the bouncer, and cocked her hip playfully. Bella turned then and caught my glare. Recognition flared and first she paled, and then blushed. She had the audacity to look hurt.

I took a deep breath and tried to calm myself as she came over to our table.

"Hey, guys, you made it!" Bella exclaimed with a wide smile.

"Yes we did missy. We didn't want to miss your first shift at this dive," Rose said. "Oh, and here is your cell phone, your Dad caught me at the shop and asked me to bring it in to you." Rose fished around in her purse before procuring a cell phone, which she then handed over to Bella.

"Oh my God, thank you so much! I have been lost without it this week. I need to wear it on a chain or something, I am constantly leaving it places," she gushed. "So, I only have another hour, and then I can join you guys. This is just a training shift, they aren't throwing me to the wolves until next week," Bella explained with a laugh. "So, what do you guys want to drink?"

Bella took our drink orders then sauntered back to the bar. Even in the mood I was in I couldn't help but stare at the sway of her hips encased in denim.

I slouched back on the bench and stuck my hands in my pockets. I fingered the slip of cloth there. "So you knew Bella would be here, eh, Alice?" I asked.

"Yep," she answered.

"How? She hasn't had her phone all week?"

"I live in this city, Ed," she said, which didn't answer my question at all. Before I could question Alice further, my attention was distracted by Bella, standing at the bar looking at her phone. She pressed some buttons then held it to her ear. Shit! The messages I left her. I felt like such a douche. Morose, I slumped lower in my seat.

Bella returned with our drinks and gave me a small, shy smile. When she put our change down on the table she leaned into me, "Hey, this beer is on me okay. I'm sorry I didn't have my phone," she said softly, just for me to hear.

I grunted in response. I couldn't meet her eye. She gave me curious look then went on to check on another table.

I manage to down three beers, and the others were on the dance floor, by the time Bella came to join our table. She had changed her clothes, no hat and a white shirt. She still looked hot as fuck. I almost groaned when she sat down across from me, as the dark bra she was wearing was visible through the material of her top. Did she do that shit on purpose?

"Is everything okay?" she asked, leaning slightly across the table. I narrowed my eyes at her, I knew I was being a sulky shit, and she had no idea why. I leaned across the table on my elbows, my arms crossed, until our faces were close.

"So who's Eric?"

She sucked in her breath so fast it sounded like a hiss. "What do you mean?" she asked, her face showing her shock at my abrupt question.

"I called you today. Your Dad answered, he thought I was Eric, your boyfriend."

Bella looked at me blankly, but before she could form any thoughts into words, everyone else returned to the table. Instead of us getting up, the girls pressed in on Bella's side and the guys on mine, until Bella and I were pressed together in the centre of the horseshoe.

Alice, Bella and Rose went about talking animatedly, excited to see each other. I sat there, stiffly, trying to ignore how the warmth of her body next mine made my skin hum. Damn, she smelled good. I pretended to engage in whatever the shit Emmett and Jasper were talking about while listening in on the answers Bella had for the twenty questions the girls were giving her.

I learned that Bella had left Saturday with Alice for Saskatoon, that she didn't have a car, and that she moved into her quad on campus on Monday. She talked about having spent her life travelling around with her Dad, from one town to the next, and, even though she didn't have to, she transferred from UBC to U of S when he was transferred to small town Saskatchewan. She explained that there was nothing to tie her to Vancouver, eyeing me sideways when saying that.

She told them about spending the summer in Toronto with her Mom and Step-Dad, who was an assistant coach for the Blue-Jays. Surprisingly, for all the places she had lived with Constable Swan, they had never been placed in Saskatchewan. She was curious to learn more about what it was like for us growing up on farms.

The music had increased in volume, as the crowd in the bar picked up, and it was getting harder to eavesdrop on the conversation between the three women. When the song 'Fishing in the Dark' began to play Alice squealed, "I love this song!" and began pushing Rose out of the seat. "Do you two-step Bella?" Alice asked, turning to Bella, as Emmett led Rose to the dance floor.

"Um, no," Bella answered.

"Well you're in luck because Edward is an excellent teacher," Alice looked at me pointedly, then pulled Jasper up and left to join the crowd on the dance floor.

Bella and I sat there, just looking at each other for a heartbeat or three, until I put out my hand. She put her hand in mine and wordlessly I led her down to the edge of the hard wood, away from the main group of dancing pairs.

Stepping in front of her, I pulled Bella's body flush to mine, with my right hand on her lower back and took her right hand in my left. She looked up at me and licked her lips nervously.

"Two-stepping is just that," I told her. "You do two quick steps back with your right foot then one long with your left. You go backwards and I go forwards, okay?" she nodded, mutely, looking closely at the feet of the other dancers. I put her left hand up on my shoulder then return my hand to her back.

"Now it's all in the leading," I leaned in closer so I was talking into her ear, "some like to lead with their hand on your hand, others, like me, lead with the hand on your back. So when there is no pressure just keep going backwards, when I press my hand against you like this," I gently pressed hand into her back, "it means you need to come towards me, and when I need you to go right or left, I will press either with my fingers or the heel of my hand," I said, demonstrating both motions. "Lastly, you need to shuffle your feet a bit, only the easterners hop around a dance floor, out here we only bounce through a polka. Ready to give it a go?"

"Yes, I think so," she answered. Her body was so close to mine but the only parts of her touching me were where our hands were. Her hand tensed on my shoulder when I went to move. "It's okay," I said, "just trust me and feel the music."

We made in through the remainder of the song, with me only bumping her feet a few times, before she started to get the hang of it. The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band trailed off and we continued on through the next song. Bella began to relax into the rhythm and her body started moving more easily with mine, her hips and shoulders swaying, as I guided her around and alongside the other dancers.

By the time the words to 'Unbelievable' by Diamond Rio began, Bella was smiling, and I felt confident enough to introduce a few spins and quick turns. I couldn't help but grin as she laughed after every spin, her joy was infectious, and she moved so easily with me. At the end of the song I dipped her and her flushed face looked so beautiful, it took everything in me not to kiss her.

Raising her back up, we both just stood there, winded slightly from three turns on the dance floor. Still holding her hand, I led her back to the table. When we got there everyone else was already sitting down with a fresh round.

The pull I felt for Bella was back, just as strong as it was the week prior, and I just wasn't sure how I felt about that. I dropped her hand and stuck mine in my pockets, rocking back on my heels slightly. The little memento in my front pocket burned like a silky blue Judas.

"You know what guys, I'm beat. Will you be okay taking a cab to Alice's?" I asked of the four at the table. They all nodded, with smiles and glazed eyes, moving to the music.

"Are you not feeling okay?" Asked Bella, her brow furrowed adorably.

"Like I said, I'm just beat. It has been a long week. I just want to head home and crash."

"You know, I'm pretty tired too. It has been a long day. Do you think you could drop me off on campus?" Bella asked

I eyed her warily, but good manners won out, and I nodded. Bella ran to get her coat and things and I met her at the door. We walked, side by side, out into the parking lot and, when I led us up to my dark blue Jetta, Bella looked at me in confusion.

"Um, it's my town car," I said with a shrug. Bella looked suspiciously crestfallen and under the weight of my gaze her cheeks first pinked then flamed. The light bulb went off. Without a thought to allow hesitation I caged Bella between my arms my fingertips on the top of my car. With my head lowered to meet her eyes, I cocked one eyebrow and smirked lopsidedly.

"Bella? Were you hoping to go for another ride in my truck?" I don't think the innuendo was lost as she gasped with indignation. For a moment we stood there, time suspended, the air charged. She narrowed her eyes then rolled them. "Jerk," she muttered pushing me away. The intensity broken, I laughed, running my hands through my hair, while Bella danced away and got in my car.

We drove in silence for a minute or two. I focused on our route and Bella looked out the window, rubbing her hands on her thighs. The sound of her skin rasping against the denim was as distracting to my mind as it was gaining the attention of my dick.

We were stopped at a red light, approaching the bridge that would take us over the South Saskatchewan River and onto campus, when Bella broke the silence.

"So, you know, last week…well I just wanted you to know that I don't normally do stuff like that," Bella said, her hands now still and her head low, her hair hanging and hiding her face from my view.

"What? Cheat?" I questioned harshly, responding without thinking first. I squeezed my eyes shut and inwardly groaned, mentally kicking my own ass.

Bella flipped her hair back, whipping her gaze to me and glared balefully. "No, I mean I don't make a habit of fucking random strangers, fuck you very much."

The light changed and we continued on in silence. The tall buildings of upper-level student housing came into view.

"Look, I'm sorry," I said with a long sigh, repented.

"No, I get it," Bella said softly, "it's just that I don't really consider Eric my boyfriend. I haven't seen him in over three months and I have barely even talked to him all summer."

"That may be, but does he know…that he isn't your boyfriend?"

Her silence answered that question.

"You are pretty pissed with me, huh?" she asked, looking out the window as I pulled into the large parking lot.

"I don't really know how I feel, Bella," I responded.

We didn't say anything else. Bella indicated which building was hers. I parked and got out when she did. I felt more comfortable if I was sure she got safely to her door. I kept my hands secure in my pockets as we walked up to the entrance of the building. Bella fished around in her bag for her keys.

"Well, thanks for the ride," Bella said when we stopped in the alcove of the entrance. "Maybe I will see you around campus after classes start."

I nodded dumbly, and then asked, "Many people moved in yet?" I didn't want to walk away.

"No, just a few. I imagine it will start filling up next week with classes starting after next weekend." She answered. Bella cocked her head and wetted her lips, looking up to meet my gaze with her bottomless, mahogany eyes.

"You know, for what it's worth, I don't regret anything," she said so very quietly.

One second I was just looking at her and the next my lips were on hers. Part of my mind heard her bag and keys hit the ground as she wrapped her arms around my neck. Our mouths moved feverishly, tongues and teeth, devouring. We must have moved because the rough brick scraped against the back of my hands where they pressed into Bell's body, holding her to me.

I crouched down slightly, wrapped my hands under her thighs and dragged her up the wall, pinning her there with my hips. Bella, whimpered slightly when my lips had left hers, then sighed softly, wrapping her legs around my waist as my lips and teeth attacked her neck.

Her body clung to mine and I fisted her hair and dragged my lips back up along her neck and jaw to her mouth. My erection strained in my pants and our hips began to buck together, by instinct, as we continued with our hot, wet kisses.

My mind finally registered where we were and what we were doing, as I felt the pressure in my cock nearing its breaking point. I broke my lips away with a groan and moved to rest my cheek against Bella's. I could hear her pants in my ear and I'm sure she could hear mine in hers. My chest was heaving and my heart pounded.

"Fuck, Bella, we have to stop. You have to go inside and I have to leave," I gasped breathlessly, my voice catching.

"What? Why?" Bella asked, moving head back with a jerk. Her flushed features a portrait of confusion.

Gently, I lowered her until her feet were again on the ground. I stepped back and my dick twitched, uncomfortable and annoyed to be taken from its warm nest between Bella's thighs.

"Bella, it's obvious we have chemistry and, shit, I really want to see where this takes us, but I'm not going to be your other guy, while you have a spare waiting on you somewhere else."

She opened her mouth and then closed it. The flush on her face morphed from one produced by passion to embarrassment. When I saw the hurt appear I quickly took her face in my hands and pressed another kiss, chastely, to her mouth. Fuck, I hope I wasn't screwing this up.

"Look, I'm not trying to be an ass," I said huskily, I tilted her head so I could rest my forehead against hers. I closed my eyes and breathed her in. "I just want to do this right."


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