Author's note: This fic is an experiment in nonlinear narrative. Thus chapters may be short flashbacks. We'll see if it works or not. I just felt like playing with styles again…

One hour and thirty-four minutes earlier...

"Stick with Becker," Abby whispered as she adeptly unpacked a tranq gun from the back of their SUV, and began loading it.

"Why?" Sarah whispered back.

"Danny's going to direct us to split up," She began to explain as she worked. "It makes sense with a pack of creatures this large."

"But why Becker?"

"Somebody's got to watch Connor's back and I know him best, the idiotic situations he's bound to get himself into..." An amused grin threatened her tough, business-like facade. "And while Danny is a good guy, he's got other concerns -strategies and the lives of everybody in the area- on his mind. Becker's primary concern is our safety. He'll have your back no matter what. Not that you're going to need it."

The petite blonde handed over a tranquilizer gun to Sarah, who gave her a slightly alarmed look.

"This is the exact unit we practiced with -you've got this, Sarah."

A/N: Haven't decided yet whether this will contain any shippiness...