Author's Note:

Ok, guys I have some sort of bad news. After due consideration, I am discontinuing this story.

Yeah I know, it was a good run, but in the end, I once again made the same mistake that I made on all of the other stories.

I went too fast.

Sure, many of you will disagree, but let's face it. I screwed up big time. However, I will not be rewriting this story. I will be considering this story ended. So, what I will be doing is summarizing the remainder of the story in this little author's note.

At the wedding reception, after purposely losing against Schneizel, Zero would be revealed as Euphemia, throwing everyone for a loop. The battle would happen with Lelouch unleashing complete hell upon the Chinese and Britannians while Suzaku and Amaya are beginning to question what they are fighting for. Lelouch then reveals himself and Jeremiah attacks him at Ashford. Shirley survives and Lelouch gets Amaya, Shirley, C.C., and Kallen for a harem.

After Marianne convinces Charles to stop and Lelouch kills V.V., the last enemy reveals himself at the battle of Tokyo. Madara Uchiha. This Madara would not be Obito, but the actual Madara. There would then be a big, massive, titanic clash between Lelouch and Madara. Lelouch then wins and Madara dies his last true death along with Naruto. Kurama sticks around while Emperor Lelouch has a nice lovely private time with his wives. Suzaku marries Euphemia and then it's a happy ever after.

Yeah, I know that this was one crappy summary, but I don't care. I will be working on something else entirely. Not sure what I am going to do, but it will not have the same mistakes. Please read Kamen Rider Fourze's The Six Paths of Rebellion. It is definitely a must read.

If anyone wants to try their hand at their own version of Lelouch of the Six Paths, please try it. Just site me.