Clare casually leaned against her sword and stared up at the sky. Her silver eyes shone in the moonlight of the clear night. She looked over at the fire not far away where her comrade Raki lay sleeping. Lost in thought, she barely noticed the approach of a familiar presence.

"Clare? Is that you?" a familiar, friendly voice called from the shadow. Clare recognized it instantly.

"Miria?" Clare replied looking over to where her friends voice was coming from. Phantom Miria emerged from the shadows. Her normally silver eyes were instead a light blue and Clare quickly realized that Miria was using a powerful medicine that disguised the color of her eyes, which should have been silver, just like Clare's.

"Phew, I was worried for a second there. This medicine works great for keeping my presence a secret, but it suppresses my ability to sense Yoki aura's. When I saw a Claymore camped here I thought I was in trouble. I'm glad to see it's you," Miria explained. Miria wasn't clad in the usual silver body suit, skirt, and cape of a Claymore as Clare still was. Instead she wore a beautiful black dress with knee high boots. Clare smiled.

"Your blending quite well into civilian life, aren't you," Clare declared, "it's a strange coincidence, running into you all the way out here."

"A bit to much of a coincidence if you ask me," Miria replied.

"What do you mean?" Clare asked.

"Wake Raki and come with me," Miria ordered. Noticing Clare's confusion she smiled. "There's something I need to show you," she revealed.


A short journey later, Clare, Raki, and Miria approached a cave in the side of a mountain. A light glow revealed that a fire was lit inside. A shadow moving against the wall told Clare that someone was inside. As Clare entered, she immediately recognized the two warriors sitting around the fire.

"Helen? Deneve?" she gasped in surprise.

"Huh," Helen gasped looking over her shoulder at Clare, "what are you doing here?"

"What do you mean?" Clare asked.

"What are any of us doing here?" Miria spoke up.

"What do you mean Miria?" Clare asked.

"I guess I should explain," Miria replied, "I came out here a few days ago because I felt like I should. No reason other then that. So imagine my surprise when I found Helen and Deneve camping out here."

"Yeah, and we were even more surprised when Miria came in out of nowhere," Helen replied, "we haven't seen each other in almost a year you guys, what are the odds?" she grinned widely as she said that.

"I'd have to say pretty slim," Deneve declared. Clare and Miria nodded in agreement.

At that point, Raki jumped in. "Ah come on, who cares about the chances right? I mean we're all here, and that's what's really important, right?"

"You're right, kid," Helen replied, "hey come on, we should celebrate. You're a cook right? So make us something to eat!"

"I swear," Deneve replied, "I'd just about give up one of my swords to meet someone who could out eat you Helen."

"Ahh, you're just saying that because you hardly ever eat anything. You know there's nothing wrong with just wanting to eat no and again. It helps you stay healthy and strong, Deneve," Helen replied smiling widely.

"I see those two haven't changed a bit," Raki declared sighing.

"You're surprised?" Miria asked, "So how about you two? Why are you out here, Clare?"

"Same as you, Miria," Clare replied, "I'm here because I felt like I should be."

"Oh is that so? Well what about you boy? Why are you out here?" Helen asked.

"Hey, don't look at me," Raki replied nervously, "I was just following Clare."

"Uh huh," Helen smirked.

Raki glanced around at the four ex-Claymores. Three sets of silver eyes and one pair of blue eyes that should have been silver. He wondered what another person might think if they were watching this reunion from outside. It seemed so strange. "Uh, hey, I'm gonna go out and find something to eat," Raki declared.

"There's a good boy," Helen replied, "I'll come along too."

"That's alright, I'll be fi…" Raki began.

"I insist. I could use the fresh air, and besides, I doubt you could bring back anything good all by yourself," Helen insisted. Raki didn't feel like arguing so he agreed and the two left the cave.


An hour later, the two triumphant hunters were walking through the forest heading back to the cave. Helen had a small deer slung over her shoulder and Raki was carrying several dead lizards in a case the two of them had constructed out of tree limbs.

"Yes," Helen shouted, "we are gonna eat like royalty tonight! Hey what's bugging you?" she asked turning to Raki.

"Everyone seems so tense. I can't help but feel that something's wrong," Raki replied.

"If you're talking about those three back in the cave, I wouldn't worry to much about it," Helen replied, "you know them. They're always like that. Although, I do have to admit that it's odd we all came here because we felt it should. I'm sure it's just coincidence though," she added quickly when she saw Raki's worried expression. It didn't help. "Uhh, hey look! A shooting star!" Helen shouted looking up at the sky. A red light was flashing towards the Earth. It crashed with a violent explosion at the edge of the forest, which was nearby.

"Whoa, did you see that?" Raki asked as the violent tremor just about knocked him off of his feet.

"Yeah, let's go check it out!" Helen ordered excitedly.

"Are you nuts! We don't even know what it was!" Raki replied.

"Come on, you're not chicken are ya?" Helen asked, "Clare would do it."

"Hey, that's not gonna work," Raki declared firmly, "it's not safe!"

"Ah, what's not safe about it?" Helen replied, "it's just a hunk of space rock. Fine, be that way. I'll just go take a look on my own." With that, Helen laid the deer down and took off towards the crash. "Oh yeah, keep an eye on that thing. Don't let any predators take it from you," Helen teased as she bounded away.

"Huh, this is exactly why I wanted to go alone!" Raki shouted at the departing Helen.


A couple of minutes later, Helen approached the crater where the object had crash landed. She peered in and saw what looked like a white ball with a door on the front.

"Whoa," she gasped, "hey kid!" she shouted back to Raki who had followed her, "get out here and take a look at this!"

Raki walked up to the craters edge and peered over. "Whoa! What is it!" he shouted as he saw the space craft.

"How would I know?" Helen replied, "one way to find out though." Helen slid down the crater to the object at the bottom.

"Hey! Are you crazy!" Raki protested, "get back up here! You have no idea what that thing is!"

"Oh relax," Helen ordered, "it can't be that dangerous. I'm a big girl, I can take care of myself." Suddenly, the door of the ship began to slowly rise. A woman with silver hair crawled out. She wore a thick silver jumpsuit under a suit of armor unlike any armor Helen had ever seen before. When their eyes met, Helen realized that the woman had the same shade of silver eyes as she did. "What the…" she stammered, "who are you? Are you with the organization?"

"Helen! Watch out!" a voice called from the top of the crater.

Helen looked up just as the silver haired woman grabbed her from behind. The woman leapt and pulled Helen out of the crater just as another object slammed into where they had just been standing. Helen looked back and saw a red crystal embedded in the ground where she had been standing!

"Oh man, that was to close," Helen declared, "thanks."

"You okay?" Deneve asked approaching her from behind.

"Huh, when did you guys get here?" Helen asked.

"Clare was outside the cave when the shooting star crashed and saw it. We all came here to check it out," Miria revealed.

"Raki are you alright?" Clare asked turning to Raki.

"I'm fine, but… what on Earth is that!" Raki replied.

The Claymores turned and saw a large red creature with large claws, a horn on the middle of it's forehead, and a pair of devilish looking wings appear out of the crystal.

"I… I have no idea," Clare stuttered in reply.

The silver haired woman turned and faced the monster that had just appeared.

"I will only warn you once," the woman declared, "leave this place now or you will not leave alive."

"You're quite the cocky one aren't you. By now your six sisters are undoubtedly dead. Why do you continue to defy me?" the monster roared in reply.

"What are they talking about?" Deneve whispered to Miria.

"I have no idea, but I don't like how this looks," Miria declared drawing her sword.

"Well, that woman saved my life," Helen declared drawing her sword as well, "so if that thing wants a fight, well it just got one."

Deneve, Clair, and Raki also drew their swords and faced the monster, waiting to see what would happen.

"Do you all intend to interfere?" the monster asked staring down on them.

"Don't think you can intimidate us. We've all seen things that are a lot scarier then you," Helen declared firmly.

"Last chance," the woman declared firmly, "please leave, now."

"Oh, please leave now," the monster mocked, "oh please, you really are pathetic."

"You leave me with no choice then," the woman declared.

"No, I guess I don't!" the monster shouted lunging at the woman. Clair instinctively sprang into action lashing out with her quick sword technique. The monster jumped back and away from the attack as she did managing to evade the bulk of the damage. Helen moved next, stretching her sword arm and flailing it at the monster. The monster leapt skyward as the sword buried itself in a tree behind him! Miria and Deneve leapt over the creature and slashed down at it. The creature lashed through Deneve and Miria cleaving Deneve's left arm from her body and sending her hurtling to the ground. Miria vanished as the claw passed through her and reappeared behind the monster, cutting it in the back. Deneve landed and quickly regenerated her left arm. Taking her second sword back up, Deneve leapt at the monster's head stabbing through its eyes!

"Ahhh!" the monster shouted, "you rats! Get out of my way!" He ordered forming a huge ball of energy in his hands. The ball grew until it was almost 10x the size of the ship the woman had come in. Then he threw it at the 4 Claymores.

"Watch out!" Clare shouted.

"There's no time! We can't dodge it!" Miria shouted.

"Darn it!" Deneve shouted bracing for the attack. Suddenly, the ball of energy changed course and flew skyward. The silver haired woman stood in front of them, her arm raised towards the sky.

"Hold on, did she just deflect that!" Helen exclaimed.

"Stand back. I thank you for your help, but I will finish it from here," the woman ordered as her as a burst of energy emitted from her. Her neatly combed hair became very spiky and unruly. There was a flash of yellow light and her silver hair turned blonde. She flew at her opponent with astonishing speed and slammed her fist into the creatures face. The monster began to fall backwards, but the woman disappeared, reappeared behind him, and knocked him into the sky. She pulled her arms back until they were even with her body and formed a silver ball of energy in each. "Silver Cannon!" she shouted firing a ray of silver energy at the monster. The blast cut through the monsters torso, leaving a gaping hole in its chest.

"Helen, now!" Clare ordered.

"Got it!" Helen replied extending her arm skyward and grabbing the monster by the foot. "Going down!" She shouted slamming the beast back into the turf. Miria, Deneve, and Clare quickly sprang into action, releasing their most devastating sword attacks. The beast was lost from view in a cloud of snow and smoke. When it cleared, only a few shards of a red crystal remained.