My Sleeves Are Stained Red

Author's Note: My sister and I actually came up with this story and we never intended to write it down, but I got the sudden urge to put it to paper and voila! This is born. I'm pretty sure I'll cover basic information within the story, but just to get everyone on the same page: Natalie is Draco's cousin, her parentage is unclear just know that they are dead and custody has fallen to Lucius; Natalie and Nicole have been friends with Fred and George since the girl's first year; both girls are in the same year as Harry….yeah, I think that gets you up to speed. ^^


Everyone has secrets. At least they like to think they do. There is always a small part of ourselves that we would like to believe no one else knows about and that we keep locked up for fear of what people will think of us. Like the secret that Ron keeps hidden under his mattress in the boys' dormitory, or the stash of kitty treats the Fred leaves open because he knows Scabbers will get into it and Crookshanks will discover a more tasty treat than stale cookies, or the crush Natalie has on Harry even though she's dating Fred. The truth is no one really has any secrets. There's always someone out there that knows that little juicy detail of your life that you'd rather keep hidden.

I think that fact is harder to swallow that any dirty little secret.

Especially when it comes to my secret. I didn't want anyone to know because I was sure that if they did know, even the people I called friends would turn their backs on me. For a long time, I got away with keeping my secret. I even thought I would take it to the grave with me, that is, until Harry returned from third and final task of the Triwizard Tournament with a dead Cedric Diggory and a declaration of the return of the Dark Lord. That summer the entire wizarding world changed. That summer my life changed…