by Mutabilis

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SUMMARY: Whistler tells Buffy about Angel's impending humanity and what she needs to do to make it reality.
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SPOILERS: Up to mid Season 6 BtVS (Hell's Bells') and Season 3 AtS (Sleep Tight')
PAIRING: B/A with some A/C and B/S
TIMELINE: Let's just say this is my personal version of season 7/4 with the following assumptions:
1) When Buffy broke up with Spike in As You Were,' they stayed broken up.
2) Connor died when Holtz took him over six months ago in Sleep Tight.' A/C happened not long after that.

AUTHOR'S NOTES: I've noticed that Whistler seems to appear at some very defining moments in the B/A love saga. It was him who brought Angel to see Buffy and it was him who helped Buffy during the Acathla debacle. I thought it would make sense that he would also be instrumental in bringing them back together, so this story came about.


Whistler had watched her most of the evening ever since she went on patrol. She was with Spike most of the night and between them they had managed to dust seven vampires without breaking a sweat. He had to admit that the blonde duo made an impressive team. Both skilled fighters, they were a force to be reckoned with. Buffy and Spike, fighting together, who would have thought?

But then he had to admit, no matter how impressive the blonde team seemed to be, it was nothing compared to the now defunct Buffy and Angel team. Now, that was a formidable team,' he thought remembering the times that he had spied the ex-lovers in action. Those two personified poetry in motion, as if they were actors in an exceptionally choreographed action movie. They moved as one, their movements always in perfect sync. Well, if the Powers were to be believed, it is now time that these two were brought together again.

He watched now as the slayer's big hazel eyes met with the blonde vampire's blue ones as they said their goodnights to wrap up tonight's slaying. As they parted, Whistler turned in the direction of the slayer and followed her. He was a demon on a mission and it is time that he fulfilled it. The slayer had almost reached her home on Revello Drive when she stopped.

she said, without turning around, you've been following me the whole night. Enough of the stalker act. Show yourself.

Impressive performance tonight, Slayer, really impressive, said Whistler as he left the shadows. Glad to see you alive again. He added with a chuckle.

That's old news, Whistler. Is that all you came here for, to congratulate me on my return to the land of the living cause that's been a year ago.

Tell me, Slayer, ignoring Buffy's comment, what is it with you and the vamp-guys of Aurelius? First it was Angelus, now you have William the Bloody covering your back?

What's it to you, Whistler? It's been a long time since you've been around. To what do I owe the pleasure of this visit? she asked not completely without sarcasm.

Just came by to deliver a message from the big guys, that's all

Mmmh-hmmm. Come to warn me of my next death?

Whistler can't help but chuckle at that which caused Buffy to get more annoyed at the demon if it was possible.

No, no, Slayer, none of that. In fact, this is about life, he paused. Then, Tell me, when was the last time you saw Angel?

Why all of these questions about Spike and Angel, Whistler? What's it to you? she asked again.

Quite a bit actually. Well, not so much about that bleached blonde you hang out with these days but more about his grand-sire.

Is he in trouble? she asked, worry suddenly apparent both in her green eyes and her voice.

Chill, Slayer. He should be all right, as far as I know. So, when did you last see him?

A look of relief washed over Buffy's face before an impassive look covered her face again. It didn't escape Whistler's watchful eyes though.

Okay, I don't know where you're going with this but if you must know, it's almost a year ago since I last saw him. Buffy revealed as she recalled their meeting after her resurrection. He never came to see her, never even called her after that. A look of pain flickered in her eyes before they were quickly gone again. Again, it didn't escape Whistler's notice.

Well, you will have to see him again. He declared.

And this is because, why exactly? Why don't you cut the cryptic and just tell me what you're here for.

No problem, Slayer. You have to see him because you are the key to his humanity. Whistler paused to see the slayer's reaction. He wasn't disappointed.

I am the key to his what? Buffy exclaimed with such an incredulous look in her eyes that for a moment Whistler saw a peek at the old fire that used to flicker in her eyes during her teenage years.

It has been prophesied that when the right time comes, Angel will be rewarded with humanity. The big guys, or the Powers That Be or whatever you may want to call them have decided that the time has come.

A look of utter shock and confusion took over Buffy's beautiful features as he took in the words that came out of the demon in front of her.

This better not be some kind of very bad joke Whistler cause if it is she broke off.

I swear it's no joke, Slayer, honest. The Powers sent me to tell you this.

And why are you telling me this? Why not tell him directly? Not that I'm not interested to learn about this but why me? Why not tell him? she rambled.

the badly dressed demon explained, I am telling you this because firstly, I am just following instructions here. The big guys tell me to tell you. I tell you. Secondly, you are instrumental in this, Slayer. This cannot happen without you.

does he know about this? she asked.

I haven't told him any of this if that is what you're asking but I believe he is in possession of the Scroll of Aberjian which contains what you may call the shanshu prophecy.' So it's safe to assume, I think, that he is aware of the possibility that he may someday become human.

And you say that this cannot happen without me?

Right, because you see, to put it simply, this happens only if you want it to happen. You must be willing to do this.

I don't understand. You need my permission to turn Angel human?

You, my dear Slayer. Not only your permission but you yourself and only you can give him this gift of life.

Still with the cryptic. Care to elaborate?

Whistler reaches into his coat pocket and pulls out a tiny scroll. He hands it over to Buffy.

he says. This will probably answer your questions. In there is the ritual, a sort of prescription if you must, for Angel's humanity. Go on, read. I was able to convince them to stop making things so darn complicated and just give it to you in English instead of some archaic language. There are a few words in Latin but they're easy enough to translate. Now, this is not just some prophecy, Slayer, this is as close to a direct order from the Powers as you can get. I just want you to know that.

Buffy unrolled the scroll and found two sheets of parchment. Her eyes grew wide as she read the words. When she reached a certain part of the ritual, she raised her eyes and looked at Whistler.

And where do I find this

Whistler didn't even let her finish her statement as he handed her a small bottle.

I believe you're asking about this? he said.

So this is it?

That's that, he replied as he pointed to the part of the words that referred to the contents of the bottle.

I think I understand what I have to do and I am quite honored I think. But you said that only I can do this, that only I can give this to him? I understand that it has to be a slayer but why only me?

Whistler said, using her name for the first time tonight, the two of you are a favorite of the big guys. Don't ask me why, I don't even try to understand all of their reasons for doing things. This was always meant to be this way.

Why do you think I had to literally pull him out of the dumps just so he could see you. And that's all it took, you know. He saw you one time and the rest is history. And why do you think he was able to come back from wherever hell dimension he was at after that Acathla debacle? Of course, he had to mess everything up by becoming all noble and leaving you. He was never meant to do that. Then you had to die. Why do you think your resurrection was successful? The truth is if your wicca best friend didn't bring you back Angel would never have become human.

"You two have some sort of weird connection. I mean, I've seen you guys fight together. You back each other up like it's the most natural thing to do. It's like you have this silent form of communication I think it's beyond just a simple connection even, it's some form of bond. You are wrong, you know. You don't have to be the slayer to give him this. Slayer's strength, that's just a warrior's bonus. But there is one very important reason why you are the only one who can grant him humanity. Think of what I just told you about that bond you share and think of what makes a person human. There you will find the answer to the question that you ask.

Buffy listened intently to whatever Whistler was saying, trying to take it all in. Then, she spoke.

"You mean if I die between now and before the whole thing is done then it's not going to happen?"

"You got it, Slayer First prize. Knew you were more than just a pretty face."

"Much more, Whistler, " she retorted, "and don't you forget it. But going back to topic, isn't that unfair to Angel?"

"Hey, I don't make the rules, missy. I'm just the messenger."

Fine. So, when do I, I mean, when do we, Angel and I, when do we do this?

Jeez, you make it sound like I'm asking you to sleep with the guy." He stopped when she saw her glare. "Okay, okay. Back to topic, got it. There is no expiration date on that bottle.

"Again, it's your decision but as I told you the Powers have indicated that the right time had come. So if you want my opinion, just do it and do it as soon as you can. Then he added, I think I've done what I came here to do, said what I came here to say and much more than that even. So if you don't mind, I'll take my leave now, Slayer. Goodnight.

With that, he turned around and walked away.


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