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Oh, Brother!

Chapter Six

Dinner that night was awkward, and it annoyed Kurt greatly.

Friday night dinners were supposed to be sacred. Yet Finn proceeded to ruin yet another one by talking non-stop about David Karofsky.

Usually Kurt just tuned him out, but this time it wasn't possible. His latest story was about how Dave was making friends with the Glee Club, Rachel in particular. Kurt couldn't help feeling a little betrayed by his friends. They didn't seem to miss him at all.

And for some reason his family was hanging on every word, laughing and joking. It was almost like being on a sitcom with a laugh track going. He knew he was supposed to laugh. He just wasn't sure why.

But he said nothing, instead focusing on Finn's eating habits. How could he even talk with the way he was shoveling down his food? Kurt wasn't sure which was worse… watching the food go in, or hearing the crap coming out.

He actually thought Finn might choke trying to do both at once. And at one point Kurt was hoping for it, just to get him to shut up for a minute.

"So then Dave was like…"

"Could we just give it a rest, Finn? Seriously."

Everyone turned to him in surprise. He expected to hear a recorded gasp in the background. Right on cue.

"Is everything okay, honey?"

"Fine, Carole," he said with a small smile, trying to ignore his increasingly insane thoughts. "I'd just like to have one Friday dinner without talking about David Karofsky. I don't think that's too much to ask."

"Kurt, we let you talk about things you want to talk about."

"He was my bully, Dad…" Really, was it so hard for them to understand?

"And that's why he's not allowed here. Not until you're okay with it. But I'm not going to tell Finn who he can be friends with." The look on his dad's face did its job. He felt bad, but he was also a little angry.

"Fine, I'm sorry," he mumbled not looking at the others, instead stabbing his food in frustration.

"It's okay, dude," Finn said. "You just don't know Dave like I do…"

Kurt had finally had enough. Everyone acted like this was normal dinner conversation, and maybe it was now. But that didn't mean it should be. "There's a reason for that, Finn, and it has something to do with the fact that he threatened to kill me. In fact he's the reason I'm at Dalton and away from my family, so excuse me if I'm not jumping up and down for joy at your new friendship."

He stood up. His appetite was gone, and he wanted nothing more than to go to his room.


He glared at his dad, challenging him to say something.

But his dad just sighed. "I'm sorry, kiddo. I know this must be strange. I'm not saying what Dave did to you was okay, because it wasn't. I really think he's changed though. He seems sincere."

"Dave? Really?" Was it only a few short months ago that his dad was strangling the large boy in the hallways of McKinley? Now they were besties? The picture of his dad and Karofsky watching Deadliest Catch together or cheering during Monday Night Football games popped into his head. It took him back to the early days of Barole. The way Finn and his dad just clicked.

Kurt was a guy,but not one of the guys.

Sometimes it really hurt.

His dad started to speak again, but he held up his hand. "I get it. Okay? Everyone loves Dave now. Just excuse me if it takes me a little longer to get used to the idea." He turned to his stepmother. "Dinner was wonderful, Carole."

"Thank you, sweetie," she said with a smile that he couldn't help but return. He really loved her. And he wasn't mad at her. She couldn't help it that her son was a complete idiot. His anger was directed at the other guys at the table.

"May I be excused? I promised Blaine I would call him."

His dad nodded sadly, and Kurt once again felt bad. Why was he the one to always feel bad?

Kurt escaped to his room and threw himself on the bed. This Dave thing wasn't new so he wasn't sure why he was so worked up about it. Maybe that was the problem. He had gotten used to Finn talking about the other boy to the point that it seemed normal.

Now Kurt was on edge, and it had nothing to do with his friends betraying him.

It was the thought of Finn and Dave together. Not like in a sexual way, because no matter what he told Blaine, he really didn't think Finn was gay. It was more likely a boy crush. Like when straight boys find someone they just loved hanging around. Although Karofsky hardly qualified as straight.

A bromance, that's what it was.

Sure it was fun to think of the guys on TV and movies as actually gay for each other. But in real life, not so much.

After all the crap that both of those guys gave him over the last two years. Finn using that word and then making him feel like a predator around Sam. Not to mention the fact that he'd freaked out by any attention Kurt gave him.

And Karofsky calling him names and ruining his clothes. Not to mention the body checks into the lockers. For them now to be best friends, embracing Dave's gayness, it just irked him. He wanted to grab them both by the hair and slam their heads together.

Unless Finn really was gay.

That was a different story.

That thought made it difficult to breathe. Maybe Finn treated him like that because he couldn't handle the thought of being gay. Kurt could accept that. He could even accept that Finn wasn't interested in him. But for him to be crushing on David Freaking Karofsky? Yeah, that he would have difficulty with.

Kurt finally called Blaine, just so he could stop thinking about it. They only talked for a few minutes. Blaine had a date with a guy who worked at Macy's. Probably still looking for that half off discount.

Even though he was over his crush on the Warbler, it still hurt. He felt so alone. Even Finn had someone. Kurt suddenly sat up from his bed. The thought that entered his head was impossible and yet…

He quickly texted his BFF.

Question: Who has Finn been hanging out with at school?

The response was quick as if Mercedes was just waiting for his message.

You'll never believe it. David Karofsky. I gave him hell for it-didn't stop him.

What if they weren't just friends? What if Finn and David were actually together? Somehow that thought made everything worse.

Shopping tomorrow?

Some time with his bff doing retail therapy was just what he needed.

Absolutely. Let's go early.

That being set, Kurt decided to distract himself by getting on his computer. He refused to wallow in self pity.

As he pulled up his Facebook page, he noticed a notification: Kurt Hummel tagged in a video by Rachel Berry. Intrigued, he pulled up the video. The fact that it was liked by 94 others caught his attention. What the hell? Since when did anyone like Rachel's videos?

There were several comments but the one that caught his attention was from Finn.

OMG! Thanks, Rach. I love it!

Okay, that was just plain weird. No one wanted to hear Rachel sing that badly, and he couldn't imagine her posting anything else.

And he was in it?

Curiosity got the best of him, and he clicked play. To say Kurt was unprepared for the contents of the video was an understatement. It was a clip of the championship game set to the Glee Club's mash up of "Heads will Roll" and "Thriller".

He watched images of the girls in their football uniforms playing the first part of the game… the halftime show in all its zombie glory… the football players dancing… and then winning the game and celebrating. All of this was mashed together, artfully. No way did Rachel do this. It just wasn't possible. It was too good.

The other thing that Kurt noticed was the amount of David Karofsky in the video. Dancing, playing, singing, laughing…

And there was Kurt sitting next to Blaine, his dad, and Carole, and they were all clapping wildly. The angles were all different as if several videos had been spliced together. How didRachel do this?

The thing that startled Kurt the most was that Karofsky seemed unaware that he was even being taped.

The football player was unguarded… vulnerable… unsure in the beginning and then smiling shyly, and then all out joy as he joined the dancers on the field. Kurt had missed most of that during the actual show. Instead, he had been wishing he was out there with his friends. He hadn't realized until later that Karofsky had even been out there.

As the video showed the win and the celebration after, Kurt couldn't look away. The smile on David Karofsky's face was the most amazing thing he had ever seen, eclipsing even the sight of his broad shoulders and incredible arms.

There was only thing Kurt could focus on as he watched the video over and over…

No wonder Finn was in love with him.

Kurt didn't sleep well. His dreams were haunted by images of Finn and Dave making fun of him and then making out. He alternated between being extremely sad and angry to being highly aroused. Waking up frustrated and hard, he decided a cold shower was in order.

It took care of his problem and cleared his head. Just because Finn asked Rachel to post a video that starred David Karofsky didn't mean he was in love with him. And just because at times said boy was extremely hot, didn't mean he wasn't still an ass. Those things sorted out, Kurt threw himself into looking good for his shopping trip.

Appearance was everything. If he didn't look good going in, then his confidence would be blown and nothing he tried on would satisfy him.

Still, he was ready earlier than he expected, and he decided to get gas before meeting Mercedes at the mall. He was excited about spending time with her. Not only because she was his best friend, but because she was the only friend he had at McKinley not currently enamored with David Karofsky.

He was glad the gas station was close to the mall. He could have waited until after, but he didn't want to. They would be too busy going back to Mercedes' house and staging a fashion show with all their new purchases.

As he pumped his gas, he glanced over at the car on the other side. It was oddly familiar looking, but he couldn't focus on it. Instead his eyes were drawn to its owner. The man pumping gas was turned away from him so Kurt couldn't see his face. But that wasn't what had his attention anyway. He was wearing dark jeans and a blue shirt that fit him perfectly. It seemed to be sculpted on his body, wrapped around his arms lovingly. Kurt couldn't help but admire the view. He wasn't usually one to ogle other guys. That could get him beat up. But there was something about this one. He had one hand on the pump and the other in his pocket. Confidence radiated off of him and like the car, he seemed familiar.

As the other guy finished and turned around, Kurt realized why. He couldn't see his eyes because of the mirrored sunglasses, but he still knew him. The broad shoulders. The arms. Even the smile.

Which suddenly wilted along with the confidence.

"Kurt… hey."

His mouth refused to work. He tried… he really did but the sight of David Karofsky looking so hot … he couldn't even breathe, let alone talk.

"Are you okay?"

"Fine," he finally managed to squeak out. Why was his mouth so dry? And why did his brain pick this moment to remember his dreams of last night. Definitely not the right time for that. He turned away, knowing his cheeks were stained red.

"I think you're done."

He looked up startled. "What?"

Dave nodded his head toward the pump, and Kurt realized his gas was finished.

"Oh, thanks." He tried to will the blush from his face, as he finished up.

"See you around," Dave said, grabbing his receipt from the pump.

Kurt just nodded as he watched the other boy get into his car and drive away.

Maybe his life was just a sit-com. And for some reason the jokes were always on him.

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