When bad shooting is

Sam hated bow practice and maybe with reason. Spoilers: None preseries

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"You're the one who needs shooting," muttered Sam once again trying aim the bow.

Sam was pissed. "Bad enough that I have to practice with this stupid bow, but you intentionally coughing almost every time I try to aim is just mean," muttered Sam under his breath throwing another glare in his brother's direction as his arrow once again went wide of the target.

"Damn it Dean, could you at least wait till I figure out how to sight this bow before harassing me with the distractions," whines Sam raking his fingers through his scraggly short hair. Yeah, he was still pissed at Dean over that stunt as well.

His hair, one more indignity to lay at Dean's feet not only had he pulled Sam out of soccer practice early but last month he'd filled Sam's shampoo with Nair then laughed when his hair fell out.

"Maybe I should just shoot myself." Sam was no longer bald but he still looked like he had a bad crew cut.

Dean had offered to trim it for him, but if Dean thought Sam was letting him anywhere near his head with a sharp implement then Dean was dumber than Sam thought.

Once again Sam sight the bow aiming at the distant target and once again Dean let out a fit of coughing.

"Yeooow, Oww, oww, damn it all, Dean!" screamed Sam looking down at his own leg.

"Sammy, are you alright?" asked Dean through either laughter or coughing Sam wasn't sure which, and didn't really care.

"No, I not alright I shot myself you jerk."

"What!" screeched Dean "where?"

"Leg" mumbles Sam, "I quit, take me back to the motel, now. I refuse to practice anymore today. Worse who knows how long till I'll be able to play soccer again, but that should make you and dad happy."

Sam remembers getting the car and wrapping a towel around his bleeding leg to keep Dean from bitching about the blood in his baby.

Next time Sam regains consciousness he is lying in a hospital bed, seeing Dad sitting in the chair next to the bed creates a sinking feeling. Uh oh things must have been worse than he thought if John was allowing them to stay in a hospital. "I'm sorry," mutters Sam, "I screwed up, again."

"Yeah, you did. But this time things turned out good."

"Huh," is all Sam can think in reply, "Where's Dean" and after another moment, "Good how?"

"In the bed beside you, apparently your brother had walking pneumonia and when he brought you in the attending physician recognized it,"

"Oh," says Sam suddenly realizing all the coughing hadn't been Dean being mean but Dean being sick and too stubborn to admit it, "Maybe next time I should watch out for him."

"Though likely next time it could get one of us killed, this time your bad aim may have saved your brothers life."


A/N What can happen when one gets snowed in. This was written for Enkidu who had wanted some sore throated Dean and wise Sam bullying. Sam didn't wise up but at least he sort of saved the day.