Animorphs 35 The Change (Marco)

Author James the Lesser

I do not own the characters, Applegate and her many Ghost Writers do! But I do hope any who read this will enjoy, even if I change things up!

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My name is Marco. Just Marco. For any one besides me who might be reading this all you need to know is my first name. Why? Well there are these aliens invading Earth called the Yeerks.

The Yeerks are slugs that crawl in to your brain through your ear canal. They take total control of you. They know every thing you know. You might think you know some one. Your best friend since you were diapers maybe. But a Yeerk knows more.

My mother is one. I didn't even want to be involved in all of this. But then I found out she was one of them. One of them, she is the one. Visser One. For now.

A few weeks ago we killed several members of the Council of Thirteen. Now there was a Civil War between the Yeerks for the open council seats. My mother being Visser One had a large fleet of ships. From what our allies told us she also had several Sub Visser fleets join her. Visser Two and Five had also joined forces to create a fleet almost as powerful as my mother's.

But the one I was worried about? Visser Three. The only Andalite host in the Yeerk Empire. He was leading the invasion of Earth. We hoped his power hungry ego would make him want to go for one of the seats. Instead he was being a good little Yeerk and keeping the invasion of Earth going strong.

My friends and I were all that stood in the way of the Yeerk invasion. We had allies in the Chee. A race of ancient androids who've been here since humans invented the wheel. But they were pacifists. Not sit in a circle until things got real pacifists but real pacifists. They had been programmed to be unable to commit violence.

Jake, my best friend, had called a meeting at the barn. Our friend Cassie was a natural with animals. Her and her father ran the barn for taking care of injured wild animals.

Jake's brother, Tom, had joined our group recently. We had finally freed him but we had to fake his death. He lives at the free Hork Bajir colony now with a few other former hosts we freed.

And then there is Xena. Rachel. One look at her might make you think uppity blonde but she was all warrior. In our little group I think we were the most alike. We both knew this was a war and would have to do things we normally wouldn't do.

But our little group had a few not so human members. Tobias was once human but now he was a red tail hawk. What do I mean? I mean we have a very powerful weapon. We can morph any animal we touch. But we have a two hour time limit. If you stay longer than two hours? You get trapped in that morph. Forever. Unless...

There is the Ellimist. And Crayak. Both are super powerful beings. How powerful? They wiped out entire star systems when they went to war. Now they use pawns. We have been pawns. We were rewarded by the Ellimist though. At least Tobias was. He can morph now and can stay in morph longer than two hours.

The other non human in our group is Ax. An Andalite. The so called good guys in this little war. Except if they decide we're too far gone they'll unleash a virus that will kill every human on Earth.

Jake was the unofficial official leader of the group. He just knew when to take charge. "We all know the alien energy detector is being built but right now it isn't on the planet. I don't want to give the Yeerks a breather and I think I found the next target."

"Not the Yeerk Pool." Gah, that would be even more of a suicidal mission now that they moved the Kandrona down there.

"No." Well there was a relief. "The Hork Bajir have found out that the Yeerks are building another pool only a couple hundred miles north of here."

"So it is a Yeerk Pool."

"Not yet Marco. One of the newly freed Hork Bajir was working on the construction of the pool. It is buried deep in to a mountain."

"So why not steal a Bug Fighter and blast it?" Ah Rachel if only it could be that easy.

"Too deep in to the mountain for that."

(So we are to sneak in to the area while it is being built and attack it while it does not have security Prince Jake?)

"Yes, and don't call me prince."

(Yes Prince Jake.)

"For what? How many are there? How many are human? How do we attack it if there is nothing there to attack?"

"We'll send Tobias and Ax ahead as scouts. Then when this school year is over we can go and attack."

(I don't know if it would be safe to be away from my meadow for that long. I had to chase away a squatter when we came back from China.)

"Don't worry Bird Boy if you need help I'm sure a certain Bald Eagle could help you out." Rachel just glares at me in response.

"It will be less than two weeks until school ends. We use goose morphs to get there and back and when we get there I think we should try Hork Bajir."

"Why not the Howler? So far several Yeerks have seen it. If it attacks again it will make them think it wasn't us."

"I don't want to use it any more Rachel." I saw her lips move but couldn't hear what she said from where I was standing.

"What was that Xena?"

"I called him a wuss. The Howler is the most powerful morph any of us have. He goes in, howls, and then grabs a Dracon beam and blasts the ceiling, and the whole thing caves in."

"And kills a bunch of humans." I saw Cassie grabs Jake's hand. "A lot of people who have friends and family."

Rachel glares at Cassie. "Better dead than a Controller."

"We made that choice they didn't."

"How do you know? What if they all volunteered? What if they have no one left who isn't a Controller? Or what if they are just waiting for the day a tiger or bear rips their throat our so they can finally be free?"

I knew the two would continue arguing and had to speak up. "They can't be working on it every hour of every day can they? Human hosts have jobs and need to sleep. I think if we attack at night there would be fewer people."

"There would still be Hork Bajir there like the one that was freed."

I may have sided with Cassie on human deaths but Hork Bajir... "Better dead than a Controller who can slice and dice us." I saw a quick smirk on Rachel's face before it disappeared.

(We will leave tomorrow.) I see Tobias fly up through the rafters of the barn. (It is too late to leave now even as geese. They don't fly well at night.)

"Then I need to get home and make dinner." My dad was going out on a date with his new girlfriend. If only I could tell him mom was alive. But I can't, not yet, at least.

But I had a date in a couple of days so he'd be stuck making his own dinner then. Ah, Melissa Chapman, if only you knew just how hard it was to find time in my busy schedule.


Melissa Chapman is the daughter of two Chee. Well, not really. We kidnapped her parents since they were Controller's and had two Chee replace them. Her parents now live in the Hork Bajir colony while she is oblivious to who her parents really were.

But right now we were in her room studying a couple days after the meeting. I had asked her to a dance and since then we've been dating. It was hard juggling her and the war with the Yeerks but she was really cute and that made it totally worth the hassle. "So Washington crosses the Delaware and attacks the British on Christmas? That doesn't sound very nice."

"He was fighting a war. He had to do what ever he could do to win it." Just like us. If we killed a few Hork Bajir? Oh well.

"But when the Viet Cong attacked on Christmas we said it was wrong."

"We were the good guys."

"So the bad guys do the exact same thing then they're the good guys? Or are the good guys the bad guys?"

"No, neither."

"We dropped nukes on two cities filled with regular people."

"It ended the war." What was Melissa doing? We had to finish homework for history class.

"What if they did it to us? What if they dropped two on our cities?"

"Well, that wouldn't be good." I take her homework sheet. "But we were the good guys. They attacked us and allied themselves with Hitler." I hold it up trying to keep it out of her reach but it doesn't work since some might call me a little... Not short just not tall.

"What does it take for the good guys to stop being the good guys?"

"Why are we talking about this?" I notice her look towards the door. "What?"

"My parents are acting weird."

"What do you mean weird?"

"For a long time they were, cold, distant, to me. But now they check on me and help me with my homework."

"Oh." And I knew the exact day they stopped being cold. Not that I could tell her. "So what do you think it is?"

"I don't know."

I had to think of some thing didn't I? "Maybe one of them had uh, cancer? And didn't want to worry you? Or they thought they had it but when they found out they didn't have it got that off their mind?" Not even the hint of a smile. "Or you know uh, like with Rachel's parents, but then they worked things out."

"I thought about that. But then why were they so cold to me?"

"Beats me." I knew exactly why but couldn't say any thing about it. "Ok so now that we know what Washington did on Christmas what did he do over summer vacation?" Now I got a smile.

As the suave, cute, Animorph it was my duty to make the ladies smile and laugh. And not just at me but with me. You make a girl smile and laugh and you are in.

When we finished the rest of our homework I tried to kiss her but Mrs. Chapman interrupted us. "It is time for dinner. Marco I made extra in case you wanted some."

"I do, thanks." What if she had been standing there the whole time? And used a hologram to cover herself so it looked like we were alone? How do we know she was outside the door knocking on it when she could be inside watching us? Maybe save the kissing for later.

We were almost finished with dinner when there was a knock on the door. "I'll get it." Melissa got up from the table and went to the door.

When I saw the two police officers I knew there was trouble. They were both Controllers. "Ma'am, Sir, we have reports of a disturbance near here and were wondering if you could come outside and talk." I saw the Chee nod.

"What's wrong?"

Mrs. Chapman smiled and patted Melissa on the shoulder. "Don't worry dear I'm sure it is nothing." She walks out with the officers and Mr. Chapman.

Melissa leaned over to me. "See? She called me dear."

"That's what you're worried about? The cops show up and that's what you got out of this?" What were the Yeerks planning? Mr. Chapman, the Yeerk in his head, held a high rank in the Yeerk empire. If he was needed and they couldn't just call him then there must be some thing major going on.

When the Chee came back in I wasn't surprised when I was told I had to go home. "What's going on Mom?"

'Don't worry honey. It wasn't you two since I know you were upstairs doing homework." Melissa had her back turned when a hologram message appeared in front of me.

Eric will contact you

"I need to grab my stuff."

"Already got it." When had Mr. Chapman gone upstairs? No, the Chee gone upstairs? They were fast but I didn't think they were that fast. Unless he left the hologram of himself down here while going up the stairs... Maybe that is what he did.

I wasn't even down the block when a car pulled up. Mr. King and Erik King were inside. I got in the backseat and they pulled away.

"So what's going on?"

"Tobias was captured."


"They captured a red tail hawk near a construction site north of here. We found your Andalite friend nearby and Tobias was missing."

"You guys have people up there?"

"Of course. We've been slowing down construction with unfortunate accidents. Why were your friends there?"

"A freed Hork Bajir told us about it and we sent Ax and Tobias up to scout it out and see when the best time for an attack would be."

"Before your friend was captured any time at night would have worked. During the day the sound of construction could be muffled out by other noise but at night it was too quiet."

"I'm guessing now they sent as much security as possible to guard the place from an attack?" Erik nodded. "Except now we need to go get Bird Boy so we can't not go."

"So far Tobias has not talked. They will wait two hours and then either kill him or wait for Visser Three to come and torture him and hope he will talk."

"So wait they might not really know it is him."

"They have seen a red tail hawk too many times."

"Exactly. If they see another then they might think he isn't an Andalite bandit and let him go."

"Or kill him on the spot." We turn off the main road.

"Where are we going?"

"The only way you and your friends will get there in time is if you take a Bug Fighter. One of our friends is piloting tonight and will be taking Mr. Chapman to the site."

"That's why they contacted him."

"Yes. Capturing an Andalite bandit will be a victory for the Yeerks. One that they need after what has happened lately."

Like getting their leaders killed. And having Kandronas blown up. And having a Yeerk pool elsewhere be attacked. All on us but we had to do it.

When the car stops I was a little confused. "I don't think a Bug Fighter will be landing here." We were too close to town still. Even with cloaking it couldn't be safe.

"I'm taking you the rest of the way. We were just going to take you earlier but the Controllers were still around. We couldn't risk them seeing you disappear in to thin air." Erik picks me up easily and starts running.

I may not be the tallest person in the world but I was still a pretty heavy person. For a Chee though? I was nothing. I could have been in my gorilla morph and he'd still whisk me away like a knight in shining armor.

SoonI see the others and the Chee that brought them. "So now what?"

"Now we wait for the Bug Fighter. It should be here in less than three minutes."

"Time for us to morph some thing small."

"Fly or flea?" Please not the flea. I hated being blind.

"Fly. We don't have time to try and jump on some one."

"Works for me." I started morphing.


I was on the Chee Chapman. With fly vision you could kind of see the outline of the hologram and the structure underneath. It was like having xray vision.

I couldn't see very far though so we had to rely on the Chee.

I only knew we had landed and were outside of the ship when I could feel a cool breeze. (We have more than ninety four of your minutes left.)

(Our minutes. Ax you are on Earth they are your minutes as much as they are ours. You don't here the Chee calling them our minutes or your minutes.) Ax staid silent. Maybe this time it would sink in.

It was dark now. (Ok every one we need to demorph.) Jake giving the orders again.

We were in a side section of the cave. "Now what? We go in guns blazing they might kill him before we can reach him."

"Howler. Jake howls and cripple every one."

"Including you."

Rachel was right but the Chee was wrong. "But not you. Do the hologram thing and go in to grab Tobias."

"I don't want to do that morph ever again."

"Well too bad Big Jake but we need it." I saw what he did when he used it last. On the Pool Ship and he killed every one. But we needed it. The Ellimist played Crayak and got us that morph so we could use it. Or do you think he gave all the goodies to Tobias?"

"I can use it but I won't do any thing else." I saw his skin start to turn red. His eyes became blue.

When he was ready we started morphing in to Hork Bajir. Just in case. I wouldn't mind getting the blades dirty but we had dozens of Hork Bajir inside and probably even more Taxxon.

When Jake howled it hurt. Even as far away as we were it hurt inside of the brain. The brain doesn't have nerve endings so why did it hurt? Or was that some thing else? I'm pretty sure the teacher said the brain didn't have nerves in it. The pain was hurting my memory.

I didn't see it I only felt the breeze. "Go! I got him!" We start running for the exit.

An alarm blares. Even more Hork Bajir and Taxxon pour out from side entrances.

I saw Cassie look around. (A Howler is strong but one Dracon Beam on full energy will kill him!)

Rachel starts slowing down. (Then we need to help him.)

(Just go! I can howl again if I need to.)

(You heard the man.) We kept running.

When we ran in to a large group of Hork Bajir Tom did the talking. He knew the weird language Yeerks spoke. Ax told me what it was called but I can't remember any thing right now. (What did you tell them?)

(Large red creature with blue eyes appeared and killed the Andalite bandit and then ran for the exit. We are chasing after it what ever it was.)

We kept running until we were out of the cave. I saw Mr. Chapman waving to us and we ran to him. "Where's Jake?"

(We don't know.) Great. We get one out and leave another behind.

(Where's Tobias?) He drops the hologram and the Hork Bajir that was Rachel runs to him picking him up gently. (He's alive right?)

"Yes. He has been drugged with some thing to keep him passive." I saw Tobias move in Rachel's hands.

(Hello? Am I still dreaming?)

(No Tobias we got you but we need to get Jake out.)

"I can help with that. Stay hidden." Mr. Chapman was a blur as he ran back in to the cave.

We heard screams. Some human and some not. I felt the ground shake. (What are they doing in there?)

(We should have gone and helped him!)

(Calm down Cassie. If we go back in there we could be the ones who need rescuing.) Come on Mr. Chapman. Wow am I really rooting for him? No, the Chee playing him. So weird to think I hated Mr. Chapman even before I knew he was a Controller and now I was rooting him on.

The ground shook again. (Guys I think it is an earthquake.) The ground started shaking even more and I had a hard time keeping my balance.

(Jake!) Cassie's shout got my attention.

I could see the cave start to collapse. The ground shook harder and harder and I could hear rocks tumbling down the mountain side. (Run!) I saw a landslide coming our way.

I saw Rachel hold Tobias closer as we started running. (Tobias can you fly?)


(I'll protect you.)

We ran as fast as our large dinosaur like feet could go. We made it to the trees and I hoped they would slow the rock slide down. But the rock slide was catching us in less than a minute. We couldn't demorph and remorph in to birds fast enough.

"Up here!" A Bug Fighter drops the cloaking device and we can see it. We just had to reach it.

Hork Bajir may look like monsters from your worst nightmare but they are actually gentle giants. They eat bark and are amazing tree climbers.

I leapt up the first tree that looked strong enough to hold my weight. I saw the others do the same. Rachel had a hard time with Tobias cradled in one arm but she made it up her own tree.

I jumped as hard as I could and grasped the edge of the open door. A Chee leaned down and pulled me up like I was a piece of paper.

We hovered over the mountain for a few minutes. We had demorphed and Cassie was crying. I wanted to help her but what could I do? "Maybe he morphed in to a cockroach before it collapsed. Nothing can kill a cockroach."

(With the amount of rock between the the cave and outside I do not believe Prince Jake could climb out in under two hours.)

"Not helping Ax." Too many Yeerks were down there. A bunch had been swept away by the rock slide but there were still so many left. We couldn't help could we? "What if we tried using the Bug Fighter to blast through the rock?"

"And risk frying any survivors like your friend? I can't do that."

"He's right." Rachel strokes Tobias's feathers as she holds him. "We could take over so you don't have to do the actual shooting but we'd end up frying Jake if we tried."

We were lost. Big Jake, Prince Jake, my best friend, was trapped. We had to hope that maybe the Yeerks would find him.

It had been an hour since the collapse. The Yeerks were making quick work of the clean up but nothing from Jake.

We were nearing the two hour mark. Cassie stopped crying and simply rocked back and forth hugging her knees.

We had passed the two hour mark. Even if Jake had some how morphed some thing that could have lived through the collapse he would be trapped. (What do we do with out Prince Jake?)

Tom, I had almost forgotten he was here. He had been so quiet during all of this. "We go home and keep fighting. We wrecked this pool for the time being it should take them several more months to get back to where they were let alone have the thing built."

What else could we do? "Man, I'm so sorry." Tom ignored me.

I check on Cassie and she had stopped rocking back and forth. She was motionless now.

My heart felt like it had stopped.

Rachel hugged Tobias tighter to her chest. I could see tears in her eyes. Jake was her cousin. Even if she acted like a violent psycho some times she was still human.

Ax... I swear he was crying. I didn't know Andalite's could cry.

It was a quick trip home. I wanted to go home but Cassie wouldn't move. Rachel walked off the Bug Fighter with out a single word. She simply stroked Tobias's feathers.

Ax walked off after her and sprinted quickly in to the woods.

The Chee who was piloting the Bug Fighter was quiet as well. "You have lost your friend but we appear to have lost ours as well."


"The Chee playing Mr. Chapman has not contacted us. His ability to contact us may be blocked by the metal and stone makeup of the mountain. If the Yeerk forces weren't there we could have dug through in minutes."

"You could have found and saved my brother." Tom walks off of the Bug Fighter.

I helped Cassie up off the floor. "I'll take you home." She doesn't respond but lets me lead her off of the Bug Fighter.


The Chee playing Jake fooled every one. He took Jake's exams and made sure he passed but not by too much.

His parents had no idea he was gone. They got to live thinking one son at least was still alive. If only they knew which one was alive.

But we knew Jake was gone. Had Crayak finally gotten his wish? Did he cause the earthquake? It was too much of a coincidence.

I couldn't focus. I thought about going to Melissa's but the Chee were there. They had replaced her father again. I didn't want any Chee around or my friends. I just wanted to be alone.

I spent my first day of summer vacation flying over the mountains. High above the ground it felt like every thing else was gone. Could I just go? What if I did? Just flew off in to the sky and never came back?

I couldn't though. The others needed me. The Earth needed me. My mom needed me.

I had to do it. With out Jake some one had to take control. He once designated me the backup leader so I took charge. "The Yeerks are stuck rebuilding the other Yeerk Pool." I had to think of some thing. If we stood around and did nothing we would only keep grieving. "But there is the one under our city."

Cassie immediately shouted. "We can't go down there."

"We won't. We know where the Hork Bajir and Bug Fighters go in and out of."

(Which is guarded just like the other entrances.)

"Yes Tobias but not as well." Time to reveal my plan. "We steal a truck, fill it with explosives, and drive it to the entrance."

"Who would drive?"

I was going to volunteer myself but Tom spoke up first. "I will." He stepped forward. "I can drive and I'm already dead. If I die then I die."

"No one has to die." I wasn't sure where we would get explosives but I bet we could find out where we could get some.

"Ax Man get on you computer and find a construction or demolition company near here. We'll take what ever they have and fill a truck up."

"Stealing stuff? We don't steal we pay for stuff we use."

"I'm sure what ever they use costs a ton and we don't have that kind of cash. Sorry Cassie but we don't have time for that."

"But, but, just because," She went silent as she walked over to a stall where an injured deer was. She worked on the bandage that had started to fall off. I guess she would do this instead of just trying to tell me off.

An hour later I landed at Ax's scoop. (Did you find any thing useful?)

(Yes Marco. One company is planning on demolishing an old warehouse and have brought in an explosive called C4.)

I've heard of that before. (Good job Ax. That should be more than enough. Find out where exactly and what kind of security there is.)


(Start tomorrow I'll be out here tomorrow night.)

(Yes Marco.) I almost expected a Prince Marco. I wasn't ready to be Prince yet.

That night I flew back to Ax's scoop. He was watching Cartoon Network. (I didn't know you liked cartoons.)

(The way the images move on the screen is different from real life. We don't have these kinds of images on my home world.)

(Do they have C4 on your home world?)

(No our explosives are far more powerful.)

(Our explosives will still get the job done.)

(Yes they will.) He told me about what he saw at the warehouse while we watched Powerpuff Girls.

The warehouse demolition was being done by humans. No Hork Bajir, no Dravon Beams, no hunter robots, just humans. And at night? No one was there. I almost felt like I wanted a Taxxon to jump out of a dark corner.

They had all of the stuff sitting on a truck. "Well that was easy." I rode in the truck with Tom while the others followed as birds.

"This is the first time I've driven as a human." Tom looked like he was about to cry. "I was a Controller when I got my license. I had two birthdays as a Controller. I was seeing a great girl when I was taken. I broke up with her and never saw her again until they made her a Controller."

"That sucks dude."

"They stole my life. I live with a bunch of Hork Bajir and former Controllers. The only time I leave is for meetings and missions." He slows down as we come to the road we needed. "And why is that? Because every one thinks I am dead."

"After the war you can go back."

"To what? The only way I can go back is if every one knows we're being invaded. If we some how defeat the Yeerks or the Andalite fleet finally shows up and blows them out of the sky with out us silly humans finding out about it I can't go back."

He was starting to worry me. "Yes you can. Maybe not your here with your family but some where else. The Chee could set you up some where."

"I'll never see mom and dad again." He was crying now. "Or gramps and his cottage on the lake. I loved going there but couldn't with the slug in my head. I'd be too far away from the Yeerk Pool."

I reach over and pat him on the back. "You'll go back Tom I swear. We'll slow the Yeerks down until the Andalite fleet comes and destroys them."

"What if they lose again? Or they decide we're too far gone? I know what a Quantum Virus does to a body. His last host was a Hork Bajir. It had been infected and the Yeerk got out minutes before the virus finally killed his host. I saw his memories. I could feel the pain he felt."

"That won't happen. Ax is the brother of a former Prince. He can tell them not to use it."

I was surprised when he laughed. "I'm the brother of a former Prince."

"Yeah, I guess you are." Now I felt like I had some thing in my eye. "Just get us near the Hork Bajir entrance."

"And then what?"

"I haven't thought that far ahead yet."


Crap. The entrance was deep in the forest. There were trees in the forest. A truck was not meant to be driven through a forest.

The others landed and demorphed. "We need a smaller boat." No one laughed. I don't get it that was a great joke.

Cassie must have read my mind. "We are not stealing another person's car."

"Why not take one no one owns then? We passed half a dozen car dealerships just on the way here."

"Can you hotwire the car?"

"No." Crap. "I could morph in to a gorilla and steal the keys."

"How long would it take to figure out which car the key belonged to?"

(Why not just jam a screwdriver in to the ignition?)

"I don't think that would work Bird Boy."

(It does. Saw it on Monster Garage. The host talked about how he never could figure out how to hotwire a car when he was stealing them. So he just jammed a screwdriver in there and it worked.)

"I'll be back as soon as I can." I started morphing in to an owl and as soon as I could I took off for the nearest car lot.

Another human business and another easy getaway. Were people around here just too trustworthy or was I really wanting a new nasty morph from Visser Three to chew my gorilla arm off? I should be happy there was nothing but an alarm guarding the lot.

I should have let Tom drive. I could drive really I could but there were a few mailboxes missing by the time I made it back to the others. "I made sure it had all wheel drive."

"That is a fifty five thousand dollar Volvo." Tom put his hand on the hood. "And we're destroying it."

"I know we get to have all of the fun." We start loading explosives in to the car.

It was a little past one in the morning when we had the car loaded. "Ok every one from what Ax told me C4 is really stable. It takes a special charge to set it off."

(The detonator was in the truck so I was able to set it so that it would set off the charge when it was hit with a enough force to break the two capsules between the cases.)

"Thank you Ax Man. So every one up high and Tom get ready."

"I am ready."

Cassie walked over to him and put a hand on his arm. "Just focus on the cockroach. Open the door, focus, and jump before you go over the edge."

"I can do it. I may not be as experienced as all of you but I can do it." He got in the car and slammed the door shut. He turned the radio on and Final Countdown was playing.

(Just make sure you get out in time. I lost one friend this month I won't lose another.) I took off in to the sky as an owl once again.

We guided him through the trees as best we could. We were getting close to the edge of the entrance. (We shouldn't be doing this.)

(Why now Cassie?) Even I was shocked by the anger in Rachel's voice.

(There could be people down there.)

(Not that many. This late at night the Controllers are at home and in bed.) So I hoped. The entrance that the Bug Fighters used to get in and out wasn't directly over the Yeerk Pool. It was off to the side so hopefully there wouldn't be to many people there.

This attack was about annoying the Yeerks. I'd love to get the car floating in the Yeerk Pool but that wasn't going to happen. We might damage a few things, maybe even a Bug Fighter, but for the most part I knew this would just annoy the Yeerks.

I could hear Tom rev the engine as he broke through the tree line. For about the length of a football field there was nothing but grass. (Come on Tom start morphing!)

"I can get closer!" The hearing of an owl was the only reason I could hear his response.

(Do it now!)


(If you die then your parents will have lost both sons!) I finally saw hims start to change.

He was less than ten yards before the first Dracon beam was fired. It blasted through the windshield but Tom, half cockroach already, was leaning out the open door.

He rolled out just before the car made it to the dirt edge around the entrance.

The car barreled through two Hork Bajir who tried to stop it and flew in to the open space on the entrance.

For a few seconds I thought it hadn't worked. Then the ground shook and I could feel the force of the blast come through the entrance.

I gained a hundred feet just by spreading my wings. The explosive blast carried me higher and higher.

I saw the entrance start to crumble. A part of it collapsed. (I think we destroyed a support or two.)

(I think you're right Tobias.) We watched more and more of the entrance collapse on the north side. Right where the car would have been closest.

We staid in the air for a couple more minutes. Cassie flew down and found the cockroach that was Tom and took off with him. She didn't say any thing she just flew away.

The entrance had collapsed about forty feet north from the starting point. I don't know how much damage it did but it was more than I expected. (Good job every one. We should go home now.) I thought of Tom going to the Hork Bajir colony. Tobias going to a tree. Ax going to his scoop. (What ever home it might be.)

As I got home I snuck in through my window that the Chee copy had left open for me. "Thanks man."

"No problem Marco. It is always an honor to help you and your friends." I turned the light on and saw my computer had been moved.

"What did you do?"

"I was bored and tried playing a game but your computer was slow."


"I took some things out and put other things in so it is faster and more powerful."

"Uh, thanks."

"No need I get bored."


"Of course. Don't you?"

"Well, yeah, but, I guess I didn't think you would."

"Because I am a machine?"


"Then why?"

"Because you're a Chee. Don't you guys like store books and stuff in your head? Why did you even need my computer to play a game?"

"My creator loved technology but he loved being able to touch it. You could watch a movie but he'd rather be the one creating it. You could sit back and watch a hologram of a video from a newly discovered world but he wanted to be the one filming it."

"So you like to use your hands to play games instead of just doing it in your head."

"Yes." For a several hundred pound machine he moved quieter than a mouse as he left my room.

I sat down at my computer. "Well it isn't like I have school tomorrow." I turned it on and was amazed by how quickly it booted up. "I bet I can play the newest Dungeon Siege on the highest graphics and not slow it down." I start the game and lose myself in it. One had to find an escape from the nightmares. Cassie had her animals and I had my games.

A/N So it has been a long time since I last updated. Why now? I reread my Animorphs and wanted to know what happened next. So now I know. Will I write and update again? Maybe. If I have the time off from work and stuff. I want to know what happens next and I hope you do as well!