The steady beep of a machine echoed in my ears. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Continuous, an almost ringing within my already sore head.

"Ugh. Where am I?" I was surprised by own voice, raspy and unused.

A warm hand grabbed my own, a tight, confident grip.

"Kate? Are you awake?"

Oh no. Not Castle.

"No. I wish I was asleep."

His familiar chuckle.

"Don't we all. You're going to be alright, Kate."

I opened my eyes briefly, almost instantly closing them against the bright lights that lit the room. From what I saw, the room was white. Thus, hospital. Bright lights, various machines, cards on the wall and a vase of flowers in a far corner.

"What's happened to me?" I felt like a mess, my arms felt heavy and sank towards the mattress, which was surprisingly comfortable.

"You were shot."

The words echoed in my head, bringing flashbacks with them. The dark hallway, light from under the bathroom door. The sound of running water splashing and the familiar click of a gun revolver. The voice. The gunshot.

"God no," I murmured, trying to shake off the memories.

"You're going to be fine," he reassured me, although I could hear the waver of worry behind his warm tones.

"Why do you keep saying that? Obviously I'm not alright at the moment if I'm going to be fine," my voice sounded tired and lifeless.

Castle almost chuckled again. Only he could find humour in a situation like this.

"Still your normal self, I see. Well," he stammered.


"Well. You were shot just beneath the heart – the surgeons couldn't believe how lucky you were. You broke a rib, you've had surgery, but other than that, you're alright."

"Doesn't sound too bad," relief flooded my heart. Nothing majorly serious, I could pull through this one alright.

"That's the spirit," he said, rubbing my hand. Slowly, darkness took over and I drifted back to sleep.