Bad taste of love

Disclaimer: I do not own Hien and Hiryu. They belong to Moto Kikaku

Rating: K+ (slight language)

Pairing: One sided OC/Hiryu

Author notes: I know Hiryu is not perfect it's just Hien's mind. And by the way Senpai refers to Hiryu


I don't know why. I really don't know why oh why my sister Ayame is in love with Senpai. I mean what does she see in him? Good looks and that's it?

She wasn't even interested in boys back then but when she sees him she goes all gaga for this one guy.

Urrg I'm just disturbed to see her stalking him all over the place trying to visit him everyday, give him presents and ask him on dates. I bet he doesn't care about her. He's way too perfect for her (and pretty much any girl.)

Urrg him he's so perfect. I can't stand it... What's so appealing about a guy who's literally perfect? And why do girls always want men that are so goddamn perfect? It just drives me nuts. This guy is tall, dark, handsome and silent. Practically everything that a girl desires in a boy.

That stoic face just drives me nuts? Who can go on day after day with that blank expression? He's worse than a cardboard in that aspect. Who can keep calm forever? I just want to explode from this...

Senpai you are so goddamn perfect... That short dark hair, bright green eyes and a fit build unlike my own more feminine build. I can't stand it.

And Soji supports the idea too, I can't stand him for that and neither does Kai. I feel so wet in here maybe I should stop sweating my self out of rage and go inside to cool myself.

Senpai Hiryu you just wait someday I'm gonna be better than you and show Sis that I'm not a pure loser and maybe she will respect my idea and take my advice. Find a boyfriend for what he is, not his looks.

The end