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Pein, leader of Ame, and the figure head leader of Akatasuki was meditating when a figured walked into the room wearing a spiral mask and said "Zetsu has returned from his fact finding mission. Assemble the others so he may update everyone on the Jinchuuriki."

Pein nods and Konan walked over to him and said "Are you ready Nagato."

Pein closed his eyes and said "Konan...if you had a choice to make between me and Akatasuki, which would you chose."

Konan looked at Pein and said "I am with you, always Nagato."

Pein nods and said "Good, lets go." as they both used the projection jutsu to appear in a cave with the other members of Akatasuki.

As the last members appeared Deidra said "Why are we here again."

Pein said "Zetsu is here to update everyone on thier targets. Zetsu proceed."

Zetsu said "The Ichibi is still as the last time I reported. The Nibi and Hachibi are both in Kumo training together but thier exact location is unknown. Sanbi Jinchuuriki has died and the Sanbi has esaped into the sea and it's current location is unknown. The Yonbi and Gobi are both in Iwa living living as hermits while reporting to the Tsuchikage every 6 months. Where they stay usually is still unknown. The Rokubi is still in the land of Water. The Nanabi status is unknown. I have already informed you of the Hachibi so that leaves the Kyuubi."

Pein eyes narrowed slightly as Zetsu said "The Kyuubi has failed graduating early a second time."

Pein said "There are still to many unknowns to begin moving right now. Zetsu, continue tracking the Jinchuuriki starting with those in Iwa, the rest of you continue your fund gathering missions. Dismissed."

After the jutsu ended Konan and Pein were back in thier hide out in Ame and Nagato said "Konan...please put up a privacy jutsu."

Konan blinked and looked at Nagato a moment before putting one up and said "What's wrong."

Pein looked at her and said "Konan...remember earlier when I asked you if you had a choice between me and Akatasuki...the reason is...I have to betray Akatasuki."

Konans eyes widen and said in an unsure voice "What do you mean."

Pein said "My mother...my mother was Umi Uzumaki of the Uzumaki clan of Whirlpool village before it was destroyed by Iwa nins...Umi Uzumaki was the elder sister of Kushina Uzumaki...mother of Naruto Uzumaki, Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi no Kitsune."

Konan gasped and said "He's your cousin." in a soft voice.

Pein said "Yes...I had sent preta path back to where my home was and began to look around and discovered a chest my mother had hid under one of the boards in the bedroom. If preta path had not stepped through the board on accident then I would not have discovered it. I found letters between mother and Kushina...Kushina was Kyuubi 2nd Jinchuuriki...after I learned the truth about Kyuubi and the history of it's Jinchuuriki I learned the truth...Madara doesn't care about us. He only wants revenge against Konoha...and the Uzumaki clan...as far as I know Naruto is the only family I have left...I can't let him die."

Konan said "What is it you plan to do Nagato."

Pein said "I plan to stall Akatasuki movement to get him while also secretly helping him to get strong enough to defeat the others...I need you to deliver this to Konoha to Naruto himself." as he pulled out a scroll from his cloak.

Konan said "What is it."

Pein said "Everything he will need to become strong enough to face what is to come to survive."

Konan nods and said "I'll leave immediately."

Pein said "Konan...thank you."

Konan who had started toward the door said "I would do anything for you Nagato. I'll return quickly." as she burst into a shower of paper and disappeared.

1 week later Naruto Uzumaki sighed as he walked into his apartment and reached for a the light switch after closing the door when a hand covered his mouth and he felt a kunai at his neck and a female voice said "Are you Naruto Uzumaki, shake your head yes or no."

Naruto who was scared shook his head yes and the female said "Sorry for attacking you. I had to make sure that you were who I was searching for. I have something for you that I was asked to deliver to you. There is a scroll on your table I have left for you. When you wake up read it." before he felt a pressure in his neck and fell to the ground as a piece of paper folded like a senbon needle floated out of his neck.

The next morning when Naruto awoke he found himself in his bed and he blinked and thought "What the hell...what happened." as he looked around and thought "I guess it was a dream." as he got out of bed and left his bedroom to head to the bathroom when he froze as he saw his table had been cleaned off and there was a scroll by itself on his table and Naruto thought "Maybe it wasn't a dream."

Naruto walked over and picked up the scroll and opened and began to read

Hello Naruto Uzumaki,

I would like to tell you who I am but I can't give you my name because you are in extreme danger and finding out my name will put you in even more danger. I can tell you this though, I am your cousin. My mother was the elder sister to your mother Kushina Uzumaki.

Naruto eyes widen and thought "My mothers name was Kushina Uzumaki and I have a cousin."

Now I never actually met your mother and only actually know her about her from letters she wrote to my mother when they were younger...I would have asked my mother about her...but my mother and father were murdered by Konoha ninja right in front of me during the 2nd great war.

Naruto eyes widen again and he frowned and thought "Why did they murder them."

Your probably wondering why they killed them, it is because the strong prey on the weak. The world is consumed by the desire for revenge, greed, and power. People can not understand each other until they understand pain. Only through pain can the world truly come to understand peace.

Now your are most likely confused by this because you do not understand true pain yet...that is until I tell you everything including what the people of Konoha have hidden from you.

Naruto thought "What did he mean by that."

I will tell you what I believe is true from what I have been able to discover from my mothers letters as well as hiring some others to find out info for me.

Mito Uzumaki Senju, wife of the Shodaime Hokage was originally sent to Konoha as part of a political marriage between the land of Whirlpool, the original homeland of the Uzumaki clan and Konoha. The Uzumaki clan was known as the best seal masters in the world as well as having a bloodline that was called special chakra. Our bloodline makes it where our chakra is stronger then other peoples chakra. You have failed the Gennin exam twice from what I have discovered because you couldn't do the bunshin no jutu. The reason you couldn't was because your chakra is to strong for it right now because of your bloodline. The Sandaime Hokage knows this but has hidden this from you along with other things.

She was sent to Konoha but was then betrayed by Konoha who had forced her to use her clan sealing knowledge to seal the Kyuubi in herself making her a Jinchuuriki or a human sacrifice.

Naruto eyes widen as he read this

Now I can't be sure about her being forced to part...but I do know that she did have the Kyuubi sealed into her. I also know that your mother, Kushina Uzumaki was brought to Konoha and made the 2nd Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi when she was a little girl because she was a prodigy in our clan. My mothers diary she had with the letters I read said she wonder what happened to her little sister after she disappeared. My mother did not know what happened to your mother so I believe that it was not the clans choice to send your mother to Konoha...I think she was kidnapped and forced to goto Konoha.

Naruto thought "No...it can't be."

I know you probably are thinking this can't be true and I could be wrong, I admit that, but I want to be honest with you so you can understand where I am coming from. I told you how Mito Uzumaki was sent as part of a political marriage to show they were allies...but it was not even 2 years after your mother disappeared from Whirlpool that Whirlpool was attacked by Iwa and Konoha never came to help them...the people of Whirlpool and the Uzumaki clan were spread out into the world not knowing who lived and who died...if they were our ally as they were suppose to be...why didn't they help our people...why is it your mom was the only survivor of Whirlpool in Konoha.

Naruto who was confused thought "Why is that..."

Now I am going to tell you about why I don't trust Konoha...several years ago, after my parents were killed, my 2 best friends and I tried to bring peace to our country and we had agreed to meet with the leader of our country as well as a group of Konoha ninja who claimed they would help us to bring peace to our country...it was a trap...A Konoha ninja by the name of Danzo runs a secret army called ROOT. They dress like ANBU but have the Kanji for NE on white mask. They kidnapped one of my friends and used her as a hostage...the same one who brought you this scroll...My best friend was killed that day because of the ROOT and the man who was the leader of my country...after that day I found out that Danzo found out I was an Uzumaki and because of the number of his ROOT ninja I had to kill in order to save my other friends life he had his ROOT ninja begin hunting down and killing every Uzumaki he could. That is why I believe that you and me are the last 2 Uzumaki in the world and I only recently learned about you.

Naruto fist were clenched in anger and thought "Those BASTARDS."

Now I think I should explain to you how I found out about you and your mother...your not going to like it though and you may hate me and if you do I'm sorry.

Naruto thought "I can't hate you..."

After that day I had to kill those ROOT ninja and the ninja the leader of my country brought with him...I created an army and killed the leader of my country...I was then made the new leader of my country...Ame country.

Naruto thought "He's the leader of Ame...COOL."

Ame country was in bad shape. Because Ame is a small country the larger nations like the Fire nation and Konoha would use the smaller nations as their battle fields to wage war on each other and then once thier war was over they would go back to thier normal lives and leave us with the death, pain, and destruction...that is why when a man appeared and offered me a chance to help protect my country and it's people from becoming casualties of the larger nations battles when they got angry at each other again and went to war I was willing to do it to save my peoples lives...the man told me about Jinchuuriki and the demons they had sealed inside them.

Naruto thought "Like mom and that Mito lady."

He claimed that if we gathered all the Bijuu we could use them as a weapon to scare the other nations into leaving us alone when they fought thier wars...and I agreed...but that was before I found out about you...you see...in order for the plan to work I had to help create a group called Akatasuki...it is a group consisting of S-rank missing ninja...the other members of Akatasuki believe that I am the leader of Akatasuki...but I am not, the man who came to me and told me about the Bijuu is and he is stronger then me...Akatasuki job is to capture the Jinchuuriki of all 9 Bijuu and then we would seal the Bijuu away into a special statue the man I told you about has that can hold them...but in order to seal away the Bijuu, the Jinchuuriki will have the Bijuu extracted from thier bodies and they will die.

Naruto eyes widen

I didn't know about Mito or your mom then or about you...and I can't stop Akatasuki, the real leader will kill me and the woman who brought you this scroll...If I known about you and your mothers connection to the Kyuubi I never would have agreed and now it's to late...all I can do is stall them...your probably wondering why my note sounds so frantic...the reason is because I don't want you to get hurt or die...the only reason I found out about you or your mother is because you are the 3rd Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi.

The scroll fell from Naruto hands as his mind went into shock.

After half an hour he slowly picked up the scroll and continued reading

Naruto, there is so much I don't know. My anger over my parents death at the hands of Konoha ninja as well as my friends death at the hands of ROOT has caused me to make the biggest mistake of my life. The only thing I can do is give you time, help you get stronger and try to protect you...I am hoping that you can find it in your heart to forgive me...At the bottom of this scroll is a seal. You just have to put some chakra in the seal and a scroll will pop out of it. It contains a jutsu for you to learn. Once you learn the jutsu then there is another seal at the bottom of that scroll with another scroll in it. This process will repeat over and over. There are over 200 scrolls total and I want you to learn them as quickly as possible in the order I gave them to you because they will make you very strong quickly. I don't want you to just learn them, I want you to master them all. You must hurry and get strong as fast as possible. Once you unseal the scroll from the bottom of this scroll this scroll will destroy itself. If you see someone wearing a black cloak with red clouds on it, run. Run as fast and as hard as you can to get away. That is what Akatasuki wear.

Forgive me my cousin...Live a long life and restore our clan. Find hapiness and hopefully peace...Don't tell anyone what you know about Akatasuki, ROOT, your status as a Jinchuuriki, your family, or me. If anyone ask where you got the scroll or the items sealed in it say a postal nin gave it to you. When Akatasuki spies find out that you have graduated from the ninja accademy I will place you in the bingo book to show you that I am proud of you and I will also put down who your mother was, our clan, our bloodline, and if I found out between now who he is or was I will also put down your father and I will make sure that you get a copy of it...Goodbye.

Naruto let a tear fall and thought "I forgive you Itoko(cousin)"

Naruto then unsealed the scroll from the bottom of the scroll and a few moments later the first scroll burst into flames for a moment before it was destroyed.

Naruto smiled softly and thought "I'll make you proud...all of you." as he opened the scroll and read

Kagebunshin no jutsu.

The Kagebunshin no Jutsu is a Jounin level kenjutsu that was originally created by the Uzumaki clan to deal with thier bloodline. It divides the chakra of the user evenly between it and the original when the jutsu is used. It is a Kenjutsu because of the large chakra requirement that comes with making it. The chakra requirement could kill the user if they are not careful or over use it. This however is not true to the extent of others for the Uzumaki clan. The Uzumaki clan bloodline makes it where thier chakra is 10x more potent then anyone else's chakra.

Because of this instead of dividing the chakra evenly between the user and the Kagebunshin, an Uzumaki chakra is only divided a fraction of this...also a special note about the Kagebunshin no jutsu is that when it dispels all the knowledge the kagebunshin learned is transfered back to the original which explains why the Uzumaki clan would use them to work on thier chakra control and also seals so that they could learn to control thier bloodline better as well as learn the correct and incorrect ways to do seals without blowing themselves up. It is noted when first learning to use the Kagebunshin no jutsu an Uzumaki should get away from others in either the woods, or a training ground so that if they mess up others wouldn't be hurt as well as reduce the property damage. The seals for the Kagebunshin are..."

Naruto smiled and thought "That's cool. Well I guess I can begin to train."

Just then his stomach growled and Naruto thought "Well...maybe after getting some ramen."

7 hours later Naruto was in the woods panting and thought "One more time." as he put his hands together and said "Kagebunshin no jutsu."and 12 Kagebunshin appeared and Naruto laughed and said "I got it." before passing out.

The next day when Naruto awoke he found himself still in the clearing he was at the day before and he blinked a moment before the memories of the previous day hit him and quickly got to his feet and put his hands together and said "Kagebunshin no jutsu."

20 Kagebunshin appeared and Naruto said "Yes, I did it."

He then reached into his weapon pouch and pulled out the scroll and unsealed the next scroll and read

Congradulations on completing your first step in the right direction. Now as stated before the Kagebunshin no jutsu is a jutsu that allows you learn quicker but it does not make you physically stronger. That is why you should work on training your body while your kagebunshin work on training your mind and chakra. However there is a secret training method to the Kagebunshin that is speed training greatly. Since a Kagebunshin knows everything you know when it is created and also gets the memories of the other kagebunshin when they dispel. Now the secret training is every 5 minutes one kagebunshin dispels itself to give the original and the other kagebunshin it's knowledge so they don't make the same mistakes he did and can learn to do something quicker.

At the bottom of this scroll are 4 seals with the kanji 1, 2, 3, and 4 above them. Number 1 is a training schedule for physical training to help you improve your body, number 2 is 5 books to help you improve your mind, number 3 is a chakra control excercise called Tree walking and number 4 is the next scroll in the series but should not be opened until you have completed everything in the first 3 seals because the next series are built on knowledge gained from the current task.

Naruto said "Well I guess we better see what we got." as he unsealed the 3 scrolls and opened the physical training and read

At the bottom of this scroll are sealed a set of 5 lb arm and leg weights. You must wear them at all time unless you are taking a bath or sleeping. There is also a stone that is solid black with seals on it. The seal is a summoning seal and what you must do is bit your finger and put your blood on the seal and send chakra into the seal. Send chakra into it until the seal glows blue. Once it does then take off running as fast as you can. The seal is preset to summon you after 4 minutes. If you are able to run 5 miles away in 5 minutes then your speed will be at the right level to to proceed and the seal will not summon you. You will have to put your blood on the seal and send chakra into it each time you are summoned until it glows blue then take off running again..

There are also a pair of gloves that have seals on them to teach proper handsigns. You are to make the 12 handsigns in the following order, Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Ram, Monkey, Bird, Inu, and Boar. If you mess up then your hands will get a small shock and will be numb until you are summoned back to the stone. If you can make all 12 handsigns correctly then the finger on one of the gloves will change from black to white. Each time you make all 12 in a row correctly another finger will turn white. If you mess up then all the fingers will be reset back to black. If you are summoned back to the stone then all the fingers will turn back black. If you can do all 12 handsigns 10 times in a row and not get summoned then your handseal speed is good enough to pass.

There is a metal rod with a small hook on one side and big hook on the other and a small punching bag and a huge puching bag in a seal at the bottom of this scroll. What you will do is hang the small bag up on the small hook and send chakra into the seal on it until it glows blue. Once you do then you start puching right then left then right then left. Keep punching switching hands. If you can punch the bag small bag 200 times total in 5 minutes then the bag will get heavier and go from weighing 5 lb to 10 lbs. If you don't make it then the bag will remain red. If you do then it will change color. There are 5 colors, red, blue, green, black, and white. The bag turns white then your punching speed is pass for this level. After 5 minutes you will have to send chakra into the seal again and start punching again in an attempt to get your punching speed up to level. The big punching bag goes on the big hook and is basically the same as the small bag but it starts out at 10lbs and goes up to 20 lbs with the same 5 colors.

What you should do is try to do the running first, then punching and then kicking and then take a 10 minute rest before starting over again. This way your physical training is balanced.

Naruto thought "Cool." as he unsealed the next scroll and read the titles

Now I know your thinking books are boring but there is no such thing as useless knowledge. You never know when you could save the life of a friend or family by knowing the human body, you never know when knowing the different ways to use chakra could come in handy, you never know if your facing an enemy who uses water jutsu what element you can use to stop them, and you never know when the seal at the bottom of a scroll could be a trap and instead of a storage seal it is an exploding tag. You would never know if the plant you found in the forest could be ate or if it was a poison or medicine. With the knowledge from the books below you would know...but remember the secret training that was meantioned above. Now this works on books as well. Here is how you do it.

Have a kagebunshin read the first page. Then have it create a kagebunshin and have the 2nd kagebunshin read back the page from memory. If it misses one word then the original kagebunshin must start over and read the page again before creating a 2nd kagebunshin again who will read what it remembers. If it remembers every word on that page then fold the corner of that page slightly to show it is done and move to the next page and repeat the process until it runs out of chakra for the day. The next day have a kagebunshin start from page one and have it create a second kagebunshin who will read back what it remember from the day before until it gets to a page it doesn't know or messes up on and start the process over again from that page.

The human body for beginners

Chakra for beginners

Chakra elements for beginners

Seals for beginners

Plants and herbs for beginners.

Naruto frowned and thought "Alright, maybe books are useful and using that training method will help...lets see what the last scroll is."

Tree walking is one of the most common chakra control excercise in the world. It can be used on almost any solid surface. What you must do is send chakra to your feet and use it to stick to a tree. To much and you blow off, not enough and you won't stick.

You can never become to good for chakra control practice. The more chakra you have the longer you need to practice. The Uzumaki clan would have Kagebunshin practice this excercise every day. To pass this level you must be able to run up and down a tree 100 times each without stopping or without touching the ground. When you do you are ready for the next level.

Naruto thought "This won't take long."