It had been 4 days before Naruto opened his eyes and blnked as he found himself in a room he did not recognise. Looking around Naruto saw Konan asleep in the corner closest to the bed.

Naruto sat up and looked around before seeing his cloths on the dresser. Moving over to them and quickly getting dressed while using as much stealth as possible he finally moved to beside Konan and placed his hand over her mouth while tapping her shoulder.

Konan startled awake quickly and started to reach for a kunai before she saw it was Naruto who awoke her and saw him use his free hand to motion to his mouth in a sign to be quite. Konan nods and Naruto moves his hands back and Konan looked around motioned with her hand out the window.

Naruto nods and a few moments later both were gone, her in a swirl of paper and he in a swirl of water.

Appearing in the woods Naruto looked around and said "I don't sense anyone."

Konan said "I don't either."

Naruto said "Where are we and how long was I out. What happened after I passed out."

Konan glared at Naruto and said "You wouldn't of passed out if you had listened to my warning about Samehada and it's ability to eat chakra."

Naruto sighed and said "I know. I know. I was an idiot."

Konan said "I'm glad we agree...anyways we can discuss the finer points of your idiocy later. Right now we need to figure out what to do. It's been 4 days...There was a ROOT member on that team with the pink haired girl and the Uchiha. He sent word back to Danzo and tried to kill me with his ink drawings. He's now locked up down in the basement and Jiraiya-sensei is trying to break the seal on his tongue while Tsunade make sure he lives and doesn't kill himself. They want answers. In order to let Tsunade check you over to make sure you were alright I had to tell her you dust was iron dust. I think she encountered the Sandaime Kazekage iron sand before because as soon as I said that she immediately removed the iron dust from you and Jiraiya-sensei has it sealed away into a scroll."

Naruto frowned and said "I see...anything else."

Konan said "The Uchiha and the pink hair girl both are idiots and Tsunade and Jiraiya threatened to interrigate or kill me until I asked them if they were willing to risk someone life who might be carrying thier unborn great grandchild. After that they have decided to sit back and wait on you to..." as she trailed off and began to look around.

Naruto narrowed his eyes and said "I sense them also."

A few moments later both Jiraiya and Tsunade appeared in a swirl of leaves across from Naruto and Konan and Tsunade said "You shouldn't be running around Naruto. Your body is still recovering from your injuries and chakra exhaustion." as she started to walk over toward him.

Naruto stepped back and said "My dust." as he held out his hand while keeping his distance.

Both Jiraiya and Tsunade forwned seeing this but Jiraiya pulled out a scroll and unsealed a big ball of dust.

Naruto made a handseal and the dust began to move before flying into the air and covering Naruto body before taking on the look of Naruto normal cloths. Once it had Naruto took a deep breath and said "What is it you both want with me."

Tsunade took a step forward and said "We didn't know that your father was our child until it was listed in the bingo book. Jiraiya came tracking me down because the only time we were together I had lied the next day since I was gone when he woke up and he believed it had been just a dream and I had been injured and placed in the hospital in a coma without knowing I was pregnant."

Naruto said "I was already aware of that. I know you didn't know about me but Jiraiya knew he was my godfather but not that he was my grandfather. What I want to know is why you are both looking for me now and you keep your mouth shut Jiraiya. Anything you would say would most likely make me want to hurt you."

Tsunade bit her lip to keep from laughing and after calming down she said "I'm trying to find answers about why our son was taken from me and try to get a chance to know and be in the life of my grandson."

Naruto snorts and said "The Sandaime. He was the mastermind behind it though he's able to shift the blame about it onto others to make it look like he was only barely involved. He might try and say your grandmother was involved as part of some secret alliance between Whirlpool and Konoha due to the Kyuubi since she was the Jinchuuriki for it or maybe to protect the child from your enemies or a hundred different things. You most likely will never know the entire true answer but the Sandaime was the main power behind it because my information said he had his wife deliver dad like she was there the day I was born to help deliver me. If you want revenge then wait because as much as I hate to admit it, even at his age, he's still a powerful fighter and could help with the master mind behind the both know about them right."

Tsunade said "Yes. Bii gave us a copy of the book Konan here gave him. We also have the info from the bingo books on them."

Naruto said "Good. I'd hate to have to explain everything about them when I've got better things to do like take care of our little spy."

An eep was heard from the side where a second Naruto came walking out of the woods with a girl in a flower pattern dress and Naruto said "Hello Hunter-nin or should I say fake hunter-nin. I wouldn't try it. My clone's slipped a chakra disruption seal on you. You try and use your chakra and it will knock you out."

The girl frowned and said "I don't know what your talking about. I'm just trying to gather some herbs to make some medicine."

Naruto said "I've been training with a bunch of different people in different lands girl. I know how to detect someone who actively uses chakra as well as chakra signatures and primary elements. To me your going off like an exploding tag right now since I'm detecting some of Zabuza chakra on you meaning you've been close to him for an extended period of time. Since you've been in his presence enough to be covered in his run off signature that can only mean your not a real hunter nin since your chakra signature is the same I detected when I fought Kisame and Itachi. Your either Zabuza partner or apprentice. Now what are you doing here and what is your name."

The girl frowned and said "My name is Haku and that is all I'll say. I won't betray Zabuza-sama."

Naruto said "Fair enough...Gato dead so you don't have to go after Tazuna anymore. Tell Zabuza I'm interested in making a deal with him. I've got all Gato money and records and I would be willing to pay for information he has about the walking can of tuna. Tomorrow at noon where he was fighting Kakashi. Got it."

Haku said "How do I know this isn't a trap."

Naruto said "I figure you might have read the bingo book lately. The names Naruto Uzumaki. Heard of me."

Haku eyes widen and she took a step back and Naruto said "Ah good, I see that my reputation proceeds me. If this was some kind of trap with my reputation don't you think it would be easy for me to seduce you into betraying Zabuza. Now be a good girl and deliver the message for me and if Zabuza agrees to meet I might be willing to give you a massage to help you relax some. It has to be very stressful for a beautiful young woman like yourself to be hanging around with a missing nin. Always watching over your shoulder and watching his back. Always on the move. Very little personal time for yourself and your own no, don't deny it. I can see how frustrated you are. Your body muscles are just screaming for either a nice soak in a hot bubble bath or a hotspring or a massage. You feel it, the muscle cramps your legs are giving you right now...your need to relax, read a good book or a nice meal sometime. Even if you refuse my offer think about your self and your own desires just an hour. Don't you deserve it." in a soft kind voice.

Haku looked nervous and Naruto said "Come on, just say it here. Zabuza won't hear you. Just admit to yourself, don't you deserve just one hour of time for yourself. If not for yourself then do it for Zabuza. I mean, you refer to him as sama so that means you see him as your boss. If you and your body are so stressed out that it twitches at the wrong time it could cause others you might be meeting with to think your trying to attack and they attack Zabuza and you and possibly hurt him and you or worst, kill you both. How would you feel if because of your body being too ready for combat because of stress that you cause the death of your master...Just think about it. Even if you don't trust me because of my reputation just think about it for yourself."

Haku swallowed hard and looked from Naruto to the other 3 who hadn't moved and Naruto said "They won't move. I've placed a seal on them to lock them in place until your gone. I don't care if they see you as an enemy. You haven't attacked me and aren't my enemy. I just don't like being spied on. You can go now." as the clone behind her fell apart into dust.

Haku eyes widen and she said "That's it...your not going to try and follow me to Zabuza or attack me when my backs turned."

Naruto said "Nope. Shushin away like you did the other day, lead your shushin on a wild goose chase around the island. Zabuza might have info I could use to kill Kisame but even without him I still have other ways to get it. Not everything in a fight of life and death." as he walked over to a tree and knelt down beside it picking up a lily and said "Sometime you have to just stop." as he put the lily to his nose and smelled it before he walked over to Haku and slipped it behind her ear and said "Have a good day Haku-chan." as he turned and started to walk away.

Haku bit her lip as she blushed slightly and said " about a deal."

Naruto looked back at her and said "Like."

Haku said "I'll meet you there tomorrow alone with all the information Zabuza is willing to sell on Kisame. In exchange you pay me $2 million for it."

Naruto said "You could just tell me that Kisame is a kenjutsu and suiton user and walk away with that deal. I'll counter offer you. $5000 for showing up and another $5000 before you leave. I'll give you an additional $1000 for every minute we are talking about Kisame between those 2 times. If Zabuza shows up I'll double those amounts. Deal."

Haku said "Deal."

Naruto said "Good, then it's a date Haku-chan. Hope to see you soon."

Haku blushed and shushined away and Naruto turned back to the other 3 before dust began to leave thier bodies and each slumped forward a little before catching themselves.

Tsunade growled and said "What the hell was that."

Naruto said "Negotiations."

Tsunade glared and said "What the hell gave you the right to seal us like that. What if she would have attacked you."

Naruto said "The exploding tag seal I placed on her would have actived and killed her. I've learned to use my iron dust to create seals at a distance on people and objects. The ones I used on you 3 are used to immobilize prisoners."

Jiraiya said "Not a bad idea but the problem is that an enemy ninja won't just sit there and let you work on making a seal with your dust on them all the time."

Naruto said "I have other skills besides my Iron Dust Release. I'm not a one trick poney. What have you done about the ROOT."

Tsunade said "He's currently under Kakashi watch. As soon as we detected you and Konan disappearing we began to track you after having Kakashi watch him."

Naruto said "Have you found any information about Akatasuki besides what has been listed in the bingo books or in the book we gave Bii."

Jiraiya said "Just confirming a few of the things in that book. The Raikage told us we either find you and arrange a meeting with you and Konan here at the Chunnin Exams where Bii's team was going to be participating at or else. He said his people were going to capture every Ame ninja to find out if Hanzo is still in charge or if Akatasuki are based there. If they are then he's going to declare war on Ame."

Naruto frowned and glanced at Konan who face was neutral and Naruto said "When are the Chunnin Exams and where are they being held at."

Jiraiya said "In Konoha in less then 3 months. The first day of Summer. Is Hanzo dead. Is Akatasuki in Ame."

Naruto face went neutral and said "The larger nations do battle in the smaller nations and then return to thier own country leaving the smaller nations to deal with the death, destruction, and devastation...It doesn't matter if Hanzo dead or not or if Akatasuki are in Ame or not. The problem is dealing with the members themselves. Most are missing ninja who originally belong to larger nations who have done a piss poor job of cleaning up thier messes. I'll agree to meet with the Raikage then but that's all I'll agree to."

Both Tsunade and Jiraiya eyes widen slightly and Tsunade asked "What are your plans now that Gato dead."

Naruto looked at the sky and said "Right now we have been working on trying to lure the Akatasuki out of hidding by hurting them where it counts. Thier wallets. Over the last month, Konan and I have been taking out the financial backers of the Akatasuki which is why Itachi and Kisame were guarding Gato. With the loss of Gato and the others we have taken out Akatasuki are going to have to come out in the open to gather resources. This will give me more of a chance to get stronger. Itachi and Kisame have seen some of my skills and have most likely reported it."

Tsunade said "That move you used to at high speeds still needs a lot of work. It did a lot of damage to your body."

Naruto frowned and said "It's not the actual Thunderstep that needs the work. The problem is when I first appear I have after using it I have to turn my body quickly to use the sudden appearance to my advantage against my enemies. My natural reaction speed isn't able to move that quickly so I have to enhance it with lightning chakra which cause the muscles to tear and streign."

Jiraiya said "You know Tsunade and I are both willing to help you train. We are Sannin's after all."

Naruto looked bored at him and said "You think I should respect you because an old man felt you sucked so bad he had to give you a new name to be recognised by for people to remember your level of suckiness."

Jiraiya eyebrow twitched and started to open his mouth and Tsunade said "ENOUGH...Naruto. I know you are pissed at Jiraiya for abandoning his duty to you as your godfather and I am also...but the pervert does make a good suggestion. Itachi and Kisame have information on your skills and level now which means the other members of Akatasuki most likely do also now. You said you would meet the Raikage at the Chunnin exams in 3 months so why not at least let us help you train for that long and go from there...Please."

Naruto frowned and looked at Konan and said "Fine...I'll give you a chance...ONE chance...but not here. I don't trust ROOT or Konoha...But know this. If you betray my trust or hurt anyone under my protection I'll make you pay. Even if it kills me."

The clearing was covered in silence for several minutes before Konan said "So then where are we going to train at."