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Summary: Bellatrix had a child that no one besides Rabastan and Rodolphus knew about, but because of some desperate move to get away from aurors they had to leave their child in the care of muggles. Now eleven years later we follow the life of Lacerta Black and her journey at discovering friends, enemies and most of all the love of her parents.

The Child of Which No One Knew: Part II

Chapter 1 – Year two, Year three and Chambers

Lucy, Hermione, Octavia and Dorea were all sitting around a table in the far corner of the Leaky Cauldron drinking butter beers while talking about what the new year would have in store for them.

"I think father has a secret lady in his life but, he won't let on." Octavia said after taking a sip of her drink. They all chatted away and finally after an hour they got up and went looking for Dorea's and Octavia's books.

"We need to buy you some new robes, Dorea. You look like a mudblood dressed that way." Octavia said. After getting Dorea's and Octavia's new school robes, they went in search of new potions equipment for the two new arrivals.

"I can not believe this, our new D.A.D.A teacher wants books all on himself for this year." Lucy turned her nose up in a perfect impression of Narcissa.

"Right we best hurry then." They got everything they needed, they left to go home through the Leaky Cauldrons fire place.

They arrived in the study at Malfoy Manor and to their surprise Lucius was sitting at his desk.

"Father, we have gotten Dorea and Octavia's new school stuff." Lucius nodded and greeted their new quests and after the pleasantries he went back to his work. They left the study and went up the stairs to deposit their new parcels.

"What would you like to do now?" Lucy asked. Before any of them could reply Narcissa called them down for lunch. They walked down the stairs and into the dinning hall. They had a lovely lunch, chatting with Narcissa and when lunch was cleared they all moved out onto the terrace where they continued to talk. At tea time they each had a cup of tea and when Lucius came out to join them he had a glass of firewhiskey in hand.

"How were your holidays so far, Miss Meliflua?" He asked Octavia. She looked up at him and placed her cup of tea onto the table.

"Well, I suspect that my father has a lady friend in his life, though I don't know if I'm dreaming but, I think he's going out with her. I might be assuming things but, he's never been this happy since he met my mum." Octavia said. Lucius nodded and his traveled to Dorea.

"How about you Miss Potter, how were your holidays?" She to put her cup on the table and answered his question.

"I have now decided to disassociate myself from Potter completely and I am trying to get on good terms with my muggle relatives in order to get them to sign emancipation forms. I have been doing some research and I thought that if I get myself emancipated from them I'd be free of their abuse and Potter, it's more like killing two birds with one stone, if you know what I mean." To this both Narcissa and Lucius nodded their heads in understanding.

"I've told them of my distant relatives and how we are all related somehow. I found out that my grandmother was Dorea Black and that I was named after her. I also know that I am a second distant cousin to you Mrs. Malfoy and I'm Draco and Lucy's third cousin. I was wondering if maybe when I get the form for emancipation then maybe you could become my legal guardians until of course I become of age, though I understand that you may not want to because of my blood status but, it would really help me in the end." Lucius was already smiling as was Narcissa.

"We would be happy to accept you into our home and technically speaking you are our family." Lucius said. The six of them all chatted away the afternoon until Draco came out onto the terrace complaining about dinner not been ready.

"Draco I haven't even told the house elves to prepare food. Now stop complaining your sounding like a muggle." Lucius said after giving the boy a warning look. They all gathered in the dinning hall and had a fun filled dinner. The girls were chatting away amicably with each other. Octavia and Narcissa were conversing silently, while Draco and Lucius spoke about going to the Alley tomorrow to get his school stuff. They finished dinner and moved into the parlor for a long time, finally at ten thirty that night, they went to bed with full stomachs.

The morning after, Draco and Lucius left for the alley leaving the girls with most of the morning to themselves. Lucy and Hermione were talking quietly while eating breakfast, Dorea was sitting silently eating her own breakfast occasionally answering a question that either Lucy or Hermione asked. Octavia on the other hand was still upstairs but she was neither asleep or in her room, in fact she was in Narcissa drawing room talking privately with her.

"I don't know what to do, Cissa. My father thinks I'm becoming a problem with me refusing all the proposal letters but, he'd never understand that I'm just not ready yet maybe next year or when I'm in fifth year but not right now." Narcissa laid her hand on Octavia's back.

"Just tell him that you don't think your ready yet, you never know he might accept that you aren't ready yet." Octavia nodded and hugged Narcissa before getting up and leaving the drawing room. Narcissa left soon after and headed toward the dinning hall for breakfast. After breakfast the girl's went outside for some sunshine and they landed up chasing each other around the backyard for nearly hour.

Octavia and Hermione were chasing each other through the forest and stopped near the gates and waited for Lucy and Dorea to catch up. When the other two caught up to them they started racing each other back up to the house playing dirty tricks on each other along the way. The four girl's collapsed onto the soft green grass after having been running around all morning, they found a rabbit and had been trying to catch the poor creature for two hours.

"Girls come inside please, it's time for dinner." Narcissa called from the second floor balcony that stood outside the dinning hall. They all walked into the manor and trudged up the stairs and into the dinning hall where they found Lucius, Narcissa and Draco waiting for them.

September 1st came round the corner faster than, the girls would have liked but nevertheless they strode down the stairs their trunks already at the door along with their owls and all were waiting for Draco. He came jogging down the stairs not a moment later looking a little flustered.

"Sorry 'bout that. The idiot elf forgot to pack my school books." He said righting his robes and hair. Lucius made sure everyone was ready and he and Narcissa took turns to apparate the children to the platform. The house elves had sent the trunks and owls to the platform shortly after Lucius had taken Draco.

They Malfoy's said good bye to all the children telling them to behave and get good grades. They all boarded the express and found their compartments. Draco went to sit with his group of friends leaving the four girls alone.

The train ride was long and tiring, there were only some many things one could do along the way and playing games was getting irritating to the four friends. They had bought Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans and had nearly finished them when Lucy spluttered and coughed choking on a bean. She managed to swallow it and after her little episode she pulled a disgusted face.

"That was disgusting, vomit flavored." The others scrunched up their faces in disgust.

"I heard that someone got a bean that tasted like grass, though I haven't a clue how they knew what grass tasted like." Octavia said in a thoughtful tone.

"I swear, some of the people try and out do each other, it's ridiculous. Grass flavored, yeah right and my shoe tastes like mint." Lucy said. Hermione picked up a green one thinking it was mint but was sorely mistaken. She screwed up her face and gagged spitting the bean out onto the floor.

"Yuck, rotten egg." She felt ill after that and refused to eat anymore she instead ate two pumpkin pasties in order to get rid of the taste. After another hour or so the train slowed to a stop and everyone climbed out and onto the platform. The four girls walked to the carriages and found one and climbed into it. Along the way saw, Dorea and Hermione in a heavy discussion about the rotten egg flavored bean that Hermione had eaten and Octavia and Lucy were going off about one bean in particular that they swear was a bogey flavored one. Once they arrived at the castle they walked up the stairs and into the Great Hall where they waited for the first years to be sorted.

"Look at all of them, I can't believe we were like that two years ago." Lucy said with a giggle. Draco was looking at all the new first years when his eyes landed on a girl with fiery red hair standing near the back.

"Would you look at that, another Weasley." He sneered. Lucy looked through the crowd and she to spotted the girl near the back.

"It's a girl? I thought the Weasels had boys only, poor girl must be so un-lady like." Octavia said nudging Dorea and pointing out the girl. They were all talking about the new students and they all missed most of the sorting.

"I wonder where Potter and Weasel are." Hermione said looking at the Gryffindor table.

"Who cares, hopefully they were expelled and we'll never have to see them again." Draco said with a smirk.

"Weasley Ginerva" The five of them looked up and watched as the girl walked up to the stool and thus the sorting hat.

"Gryffindor" the hat shouted and the Gryffindor table shouted and cheered. Draco and Hermione sneered at them all, Octavia and Dorea rolled their eyes and Lucy sniffed indignantly. The Hall went silent as Albus once again reminded them not to go into the Forbidden Forest or to do magic in the hallways between and after classes. After his announcements he clapped his hands and the tables were filled with food of all sorts.

Everyone ate their food and deserts and talked all along and in the dungeons below two Gryffindor boys were been punished for arriving at the school in a flying muggle car.