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Lithuania was walking in the cool morning air. The sun was just about to start rising. Going out at this time of day was a treat she liked to give herself. The trees were so still that she almost thought that they were made of stone. Her heavy leather boots caused the twigs beneath her feet to crack and shatter the silence. It was not winter just yet, but she could feel it coming.

The sound of whimpering came to her ears. There was no wind, so it could not be that. She thought it must have just been some animal. Maybe a deer or a bird had been injured and was crying out for help? No, that was not it. She pursued her lips in concern and turned her feet to go in the direction of the noise.

There was something struggling in the branches of a bush. It was a little girl. Her beautiful, pale hair was tangled up with the griping claws of the bush. She was crying and looked scared. Her fear was causing her to try and pull herself free which was just causing her more pain. Big tears were rolling down the girl's face.

"Shhh, calm down. I'll help you," Lithuania said with a gentle smile on her face.

The little girl with eyes like crystals looked up at her. Lithuania moved closer. She could almost hear the clatter of the child's teeth. With the gentleness of artisan she reached out her hands. Lithuania worked slowly so that the girl would not be hurt. She hummed a song that the women in her lands would sing to children. The girl was staring tentatively at Lithuania. Branch by branch she freed the delicate hair.

"There, you're all free now. What is your name sweetheart?"


"Where are your parents, Belarus?"

"I'm looking for papa." Belarus sniffled. "He disappeared and left me all alone."

"What is his name? I can help you find him."


Lithuania's green eyes widened. She wrapped her arms around smaller body and pulled her close in a hug. The body in her arms was stiff for a moment, but then relaxed into the embrace. The brunette could feel her heart ache for this little country.

"I-I'm Lithuania. How about you stay with me until we find Polotsk?"

Belarus played with the hem of her crude, dirty dress as she considered the offer. She had been looking for her father for awhile. By now she was cold, hungry and dirty all the time. This woman gave off a feeling like her father did. Belarus graced Lithuania with a smile when she nodded.

Lithuania lifted up Belarus in her arms. "I'll take you to my home. I can get you a new dress and will brush the tangles out of your hair.

Author's Note: Polotsk was a country located in what is now modern day northern Belarus. It is not known exactly when it was formed.