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Mid Childan Callendar, Year 65, an incident happened within magical ruins in the far, far away world called Mid Childa, world of treasure and magic.
Ancient Artifact, called Jewel SEED, released accidentally as the seal broken during the incident and sent into a small, still-developing and machinery reliant planet called EARTH, registered as Non-administrated world #97.
In pursuit of the Jewel seed is a young Archaeologist Yuuno Scrya, somehow, his trip ended unsuccessfully…

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Lyrical Nanoha A's


Chapter 09: First Contact Part 2

Instinctively, Alph and Nanoha took a battle stance, Nanoha looks wary and concerned, while Alp was…pissed (somewhat).

"Put ya guns down, Nanoha, Alph" Chrono muttered coldly "If any of you so much as scratch her, I'll stamp your cheek with the law of magic misuse and harassing important witness"

"It's okay, Nanoha, and…Arif, if I'm not wrong"

"It's Alph, thank you" Alph put down her fist, so did Nanoha. They however, did not drop their suspicion, even a little.

"Mother…is that…is that you…" Alicia asked tearfully "Is that REALLY you?"

"Alicia…yes Alicia it's me…" Presea smirked "Is that Valkyrie in your feet? You have rebuilt it already? Thank god! You're MY Alicia!"


Alicia does not hesitantly use her -Blitz Action- to approach her mother, without using her Device even, stopping only in mid air, and instantly hugged her beloved mother, crying on her chest. Presea certainly hold her own tears, and she's just sitting there, patting her daughter's head.

"I missed you dearly, Mother…" Alicia sobbed "It's been months...since that day"

"Oh believe me, it's more hellish than I'm facing hundreds of Al Hazred Robots" Precia forced herself to smile, partly to ease Alicia, partly because she was happy they could be reunited.

Presea's eyes stumbled on Fate, "Is that…Fate?"

"Yup, she's Fate" Lindy nodded cheerfully "Why don't you come here and greet your mother properly, Fate?"

"Lindy-san! I-I don't understand…why…" Nanoha looks confused; her two friends are FAR more confused than her and just shut themselves.

"She's a different person, Nanoha" Amy replied "I mean, LITERALLY. She's Presea Tesstarossa from different universe and timeline; didn't you notice she's far younger?"

Nanoha squinted her eyes, yes, Presea was young, she CAN'T be much older than her mom (and that alone said something, her mother are well in her late thirties and LOOKS 25).

Not to mention, as her father always said, a person's eyes cannot lie, and Presea doesn't look like she's hiding any motive…or something.

Fate gulped and slowly, very slowly walking toward Fate and Alicia.

She recalled again her past experience as HERSELF, sweet or bitter. Remember the people she ever meet and separated with.

Alisa, Suzuka, Amy, Linith, Lindy, Chrono, Alph, Alicia…


In an instant, she was already two steps from Alicia and Presea. Her face looks afraid, but anyone can see beneath that expression.

Fate wanted to hug her mother, who despite always neglecting and abusing her, always held by Fate in a high place in her heart.

Presea smirked gently and slowly offer her hand.

Fate replied, first by touching Presea's palms, and then put her palm on Presea's…

It's warm…and comfortable…The hand of a loving and caring mother…it's like Lindy's but they're even more…soothing.

"Can I…" Fate bit her lips, holding back not to cry "Can I…touch you more closely?"

"That's…supposed to be my question" Presea shook her head slowly "Can I hug you?"

"Fate-chan" Nanoha stepped in, but Chrono is blocking her path…HOW IN THE HEAVEN he did that? He doesn't even use Blitz Action or other type of acceleration spell as far as Nanoha knew, Nanoha could sense a spike of Mana emission from him, but that should not enough to made him WARP 50 meters like that.

"I always…I always wanted to hug you…" Fate nodded "I want to hug you, but I'm too afraid…"

"My, my…Fate…" Presea put her hand on Fate's shoulder, smoothly pulled Fate into a warm and gentle hug "Since today, I promise never let both of you go…"

"I always, always made you disappointed" Fate whisper between sob, "I know…you're not my real mother…"

"No, I AM your mother…Alicia IS your sister…no matter if we came from different worlds…were still a family"

Fate could feel warm and moist fell on her back…and heard a soft whisper…

"I'm really sorry…Fate…I'm sorry…I'm sorry the other me doing such damned and stupid things"

Nanoha could help but smile, she still not quite understands, but at least Alicia and Fate looks very happy (crying happily in fact).

"Now, Nanoha…I'm really confused…isn't Fate's mother killed in that incident she told me?" Alisa sweatdropped.

"There's always possibility of her reaching Al Hazred" Nanoha shook her head.

"And recently, as this ferret brat (Yuuno) told me what I told you more than a month ago, there's that crazy theory about different timeline…and thus different universe in a single time sphere of unlimited possibilities" Chrono added, much to Yuuno's chagrin "Unless someone brainwashed her and somehow rejuvenating her collapsing body, she's different Presea from different timeline"

Suzuka looked at her tome and Alisa's magic broom "So, there's also a possibility that our device also came from different timeline or universe?"

"TO put it simply, yes" Amy nodded "There's always that possibility, neither Hexenjaeger nor Grimoire had their records intact besides their basic operating system"

Alph still stay silent, though one can see she's not concerned anymore, just felt…awkward after the confrontation Alph put on her.

"Anyway, Sir Chrono…Sir Yuuno…thank you very much"

"It's my duty, besides, I saw Alicia and Fate like my own sister" Chrono nods, hence why he ALSO protective of Presea, though not showing it much.

"It's okay; I believe this is not a coincidence either" Yuuno nods "Those chains of events, it might be fate…err…should I rephrase it?" he sweatdropped.

Not even Chrono could hold his snickers anymore, at least he's trying.

"You're making fool of yourself, sensei" Alisa deadpanned.

"Damn...ow..." Yuuno flinched.

"Bannings, get him to the infirmary ASAP" Chrono commanded quickly, with no change of expression whatsoever.

"Why me?" Alisa frowned in response.

"Because I knew you're worried about him and wanted to be with him alone" Chrono beamed mentally, his facial expression still hard-ass as ever, but his soul is giggling manically.

Alisa's face flushed heavily in process, and in response quickly pulled Yuuno's hand gently.

"Aww, Alisa-chan being dere-dere, isn't it cute?" Suzuka squeed, then look at her friends for approval.

Nanoha, Fate, and Alicia looked at each other, then tilted their head to the right side simultaneously, popped three imaginary question marks, Suzuka popped veins in response.

"I...Chrono-senpai, could you supervise my training please?" she mutters, growling.

"Of course" Chrono smirked, Suzuka followed him into the midst of buildings. Five minutes later, some building froze and another explode spectacularly.

"Umm, something is wrong with her?" Fate mumbles.

"Suzuka is scary" Alicia nodded and trembling.

"Maybe she eat something that she shouldn't" Nanoha pointed, confused herself.

Arthra's infirmary.

"The result are out" the doctor start to explain Yuuno's symptom "The worst of it is muscular fatigue and ligament damage caused by over usage of Body Reinforcement Technique. The scan didn't report internal damage caused by impact force however"

"So it's all my fault huh? How stupid" Yuuno sighed.

"I certain you're a healer type?" the doctor asked again, Yuuno nodded. While anyone could learn healing magic, some people are BORN with them, sort of like Elemental Affinity.

"Good thing, because you're heal twice as fast as average mage do. If you want, I can prescribe the usage of compression capsule, to boost it further."

"Compression capsule?" Alisa mumbles "Could you please explain to me?"

"A treatment capsule where the air inside has high concentration of oxygen and mana" he explained "It has been proven that such treatment could boost your healing rate"

"I see, kind of like Beckham Capsule* ain't it..." Alisa clapped her hands "Except that they don't include mana in it, just highly pressurized oxygen"

"There's...something like that?" Yuuno gasped.

"Well, what kind of world did you came from? Even in Mid childa, the trend alone just started recently..." the doctor nodded and smile.

So, recently huh? Had he knew there's something like this capsule, Yuuno didn't need to bring Hayate to his planet and causing nerve damage because of the battle they fought...


"Well, I'd have it, but first I shall contact my family too" Yuuno mumbles "Also, I might need an additional one".


"You see, there's a sister of mine-"

Yuuno explained the situation clearly, and the Doctor nodded in response. "You could ask Officer Chrono, but he'll respond the same" Yuuno concluded "My sister might need one too".

"I see, then I'll prepare two portable model"

Alisa blinked "By Sister, you mean the one you're currently live with?"

"Well yeah, I'm kind of freeloader there, so at least I'd (ab)use what connection I had to help her" He smirked in response.

"I want to meet her" she laughed also, from what Yuuno told him that day, this Yagami family wasn't that bad.

"You should meet Vita, you and her are creepily similar" Yuuno suddenly turned silent, and somehow crying.

"Why are you-" Alisa gasped in response, don't understand what the heck hit him.

"Hard working as always, they are" Lindy commented from different tables, she's sat with Fate, Nanoha, and Presea.

"I see that Alicia is much more improved than when we're separated" Presea bowed slightly "She's a bit clumsy, and not talented at all"

"That's not true...mother" Fate awkwardly refuted, "In fact, she's very talented..."

Well, Fate, being Alicia's 'enhanced' clone (except for natural flexibility and Fate being right-handed) just being honest in general sense. Fate has Alicia's potential tweaked since her creation after all.

"All she lacked is raw power to back her skill..." Lindy nodded "That could be achieved given some years of training"

"By the way, Fate...could you introduce me to your friends here?" Presea smiled at nanoha, who then blushed in response.

"Oh...umm, she's Nanoha Takamachi, from Uminari City, Japan, Non-Administrated World #97 called 'Earth'"

"Nice to meet you" said brunette bowed in response.

"I think, of all people, the one that having the biggest role in saving Fate is her" Lindy added.

"That's...not true" Nanoha's face even redder than before "I was...I just wanted to be Fate-chan's friends, nothing special..."

"And beating the crap out of each other in process..." Chrono mentally beamed, Nanoha gasped and looking around if he was there, he isn't...or he's using that stealth technique again and eavesdropping somewhere in the cafeteria.

"I just wanted to know her we're competing for the possession of jewel first glance, I already knew that Fate is not a bad person" Nanoha smirked "Then I learned more and more...I...I want to help her..."

"Thank you...Miss Takamachi" Presea put her hands on her shoulder, the warmness of her hand easing the doubt one Nanoha's part. She's really a decent mother!

"Sir Chrono already explained to me the detailed case...I...I was horrified...with my own self...I have such destructive potential that one wrong step and I could screw up so much...People said with great power comes great responsibility...and I betrayed that responsibility"

"I do expect that reaction" Lindy nodded "The real Problem is my superiors"

"Even though she's explicitly 'different' person, she, from law's point of view, is Presea Testarossa...I'm afraid some of them...pulled certain string to put her in a blame"

"Why is that?" Nanoha's eyes widened "TSAB is a law enforcement agency right?"

"It's not that simple..." Presea shook her head "They do have certain shades...that you wouldn't expect..."

Somewhere in the part of time space, a lone kid standing above a building, covered in shroud, and wielding a rifle almost as long as he's tall. About a hundred meter from his place, a man is bleeding from, his arms and legs.

"Target captured properly, severe injuries, death from blood loss is certain by 16 minutes, send medical assistance ASAP"


Meanwhile, a lab somewhere in Mid Childa...

"So, those are your latest invention?"

"More like my newly born daughters...GYAHAHAHAHAHA"

"This is...For Mid Childa"

"The accident that killed Alicia in this time line is because we rushed the development of New type of reactor...and caused a catastrophic failure...they put a blame on Mrs. Presea, but all the evidence supports her behalf so the case was purged from report...I had to DIG the darkest part of TSAB information network to obtain this info" Lindy explained.

"The same thing happened in my timeline...though both of us survive...and from what I've learned, I was lucky compared to my counterpart here..." Presea nodded, her counterpart in this world is dying slowly and painfully due to her being exposed directly to the radiation. Alicia did not survive at all.

In her timeline, both she and Alicia survived the accident, though Alicia was put into coma for about two months and both of them had to undergo three years medical treatment in order to recover their health to 100% condition.

"I...I can't believe it" Nanoha bit her lips, Fate is similarly hurt but don't say anything.

"We're not a saint Nanoha, and not all of us have the kind of idealism you and I hold" Lindy nodded "All of us wanted to achieve the same thing: to keep this world safe and intact. The method we used? Varies between people...some of them could be seen as heartless and cruel...but they do what they believed is right"

"So, I'll do whatever I think fair, I'll support her with all I've got in my disposal"

"Thank you very much, Admiral" Presea bowed, tearfully.

"You could call me Lindy...besides, I saw Fate and Alicia as my own daughter and don't want them to cry and carry unnecessary burned due to my incompetence"

"Okay, Mrs. Lindy"


Same time, Earth, Japan, Uminari City, Yagami Residence.

"Oh my God, it's only a month and it became this dirty?" Hayate wailed "We have to quickly clean up entire house"

"Though I advise you should call your doctor first, she must have worried to death" Vita commented, bored "We'll take care the preparation"

"Really? Thanks then" Hayate then ran directly to the phone.

Vita kicked the closet door and quickly took what needed to clean the house. Buckets (a LOT of them), mop, cloth...she doesn't bother eavesdropping Hayate's conversation, but what caught her attention is a single fact: apparently that 'Hayate's distant relatives' who supported her financially made sure her personal doctor didn't worry.

It was suspicious, either this person didn't give a damn about Hayate's well being or...

or this person realized that Hayate went on a trip, indeed. Hayate had told Her doctor about her one week trip (at least according to plan), but not anyone else...

She should talk about this with others later.

Though...she couldn't really concentrate with anything he did. Yuuno's planet is a cheap bargain to accomplish her task, compared to earlier, she gathers hundred of pages like she snapped a finger.

She just hoped that Hayate could endure the ensuring torture as the Book started to sap her reserves again...

"I'm sorry...Hayate"

"What are you apologizing for?" Hayate asked frankly.

Oh right, Vita forgot that Hayate had learned telepathic communication already. She should focus, or something spilling out of her mind and ruined everything.

Especially to certain boy turned ferret turned archaeologist came from a truly weird planet...

Shamal and Signum arrived shortly after Hayate finished her call, Zafira, in his wolf form, followed.

"I'm sorry it took so long" Shamal wailed, three of them, even Zafira -with his toy cart, supposedly bough by shamal as a prank-, carries so many groceries.

"Oh, you sure it's not too much? There's only five people and a medium-sized refrigerator!" Hayate gasped.

"I told ya" Signum deadpanned.

"No, I have recalculated it...with us went for a whole month, things should be replaced" Shamal sighed "It's not all food though"

"I see then, let me help you sorting those"

"Hayate, you really sure your legs are fine?" Signum asked, concerned of course.

"I got some cramp and spasm as soon as we leave Eden, but nothing more than those" Hayate grinned "However, at the same time, I felt like my legs wanted to move on it's own..."

"Hayate, I think you should stop forcing yourself like that" Shamal mutters.

"It's okay, I have plenty of reserves, remember?" there's also cards and gallons of mana-rich water, so there.

"Well, at least let me examine you, just wanted to be sure" the blond woman pointed a thumb, assuring Hayate.

Concerned, the other three rushed, but Shamal had prevented them from enter, shook her heads.

She then scan Hayate's body throughout, 'Head to toe' in medical terms. She scanned every inch, every micrometers even. It took a long time for her to finish the detailed inspection.

She's horrified by the result she got, and slumped on a chair.

"Shamal...please tell me Hayate is alright" Vita mutters "Please"

"Well, it's not really THAT bad, but a bad thing nonetheless" Shamal mutters.

"Human body had it's limitation...Body Reinforcement magic only buffers your body so far, breaking through such limit...allowing us to lift ten times our own body mass, running faster than cheetah for several Hayate's case, it's the combat with Angra Mainyu hat broke it" Yuuno explained, calmly, despite he's suspending himself with a crutch.

Wolkenritter does have such limitation, but their limit is beyond normal human, as they aren't biological in traditional sense. That's why, any of them has the capability of using Strength-boost magic in an extended periods of time, boosting their body to superhuman level instead of merely made unusable limbs functional.

"What the hell happened with you" Vita frowned in response and grabbed his collar "What the fuck did you mean with that?"

"The same thing I explained earlier" He smiled sadly, "You know how I was messed up after the disappearance of Eden. So, I have the same problem as Hayate did with her legs, though in her case it's less severe, and muscular problem more than nerve"

"So Yuuno, you have realized it too?" Shamal bit her lips.

"What do you mean? AAH! I'm confused!" Vita groaned "Better spill everything you damned ferret!"

"Hayate's disease was related to nerve damage rather than muscular damage, though because they're rarely used, her muscles DID shown some problem of atrophy" Shamal mutters "Body Reinforcement magic, as you know not only strengthened our bones and muscles, they also increase our reaction time by strengthening our nerve system as a whole"

"Fighting along with us forced her leg to work more than it should, as if made them functional not taxed her already...Hayate made her own condition worse...she did know, WE'RE not. At least until a doctor in the Athra told me...then I realized that...that what I did, by persuading Hayate to transform...I..."

Vita slammed him to the wall, he doesn't even flinch.

"Don't..." Vita grunted "Don't you go Shinji on us like that, Yuuno"

Yuuno's eyebrows twitched, he had expected Vita to punch him some sense; she didn't.


"It short, but Hayate could embrace the happiness of walking with her own power..." Vita bit her lips, bracing him, tried not to cry.

"It all our fault, I wasn't noticed her condition until it was too late...besides, you were told by the book right? I don't think the book did it with harmful intention" Shamal nodded.

"What's matters now is to recover her condition...if she's this stubborn, then she might losing the chance to recover...forever" Signum nods.

"Actually, I was planned another trip as soon as I recover my full strength...again...inspecting the alien ship entered our, our timespace. Maybe I could find a cure for it" Yuuno explained "I always wanted to ask this...but I'm afraid it wasn't my right to know" Yuuno mumbles "What kind of curse does she suffers? Why there's no cure for it?"

"I wish I knew" Shamal lied "But healing magic can froze the advancement, at the least...that's what we did. Heck, she even show IMPROVEMENT in your planet, only transform so her leg can be functional in daily live instead of forcing her to work to her limit during battles"

"It'll be better if you send her to a hospital in Mid Childa...not that I look down on your abilities, Shamal ...probably ...just probably, they could solve it"

"Shamal has hundreds of experience remember?" Vita snorted, released him "What could those amateurs do?"

Oh right, Yuuno had learned it very recently, just after the disappearance of Eden. All of the Wolkenritters are sealed inside the book, whose are older than Yuuno could guess...Archaic device is archaic.

"Well, at least we could use this special bed" Yuuno open a teleport gate, and two cylinder mostly made of glass and plastic appear. Large enough to contain an adult inside comfortably.

"WTF is that thing again?" Vita curiously knocked it.

"Highly pressurized chamber with extra infusion of oxygen and least you could save some of your strength, Shamal"

Shamal snickers, and quickly pulled his face to her ample breast "YOU'RE GENIUS!"

"Damn and everytime I did this, something goes wrong beyond expectation" Yuuno said, releasing himself "I don't deserve this...warm hug. Had I know it's very existence I should borrow it instead of taking Hayate to my home planet"

"Hey, it wasn't like the planet are all bad. Besides, it's a backwater planet and you're a traditionalist..." Vita punched his shoulder softly and grins.

"Shamal, can I get up now?" Hayate called.

"I think we should place a Restrainer on Hayate thought..." Shamal mumbles "She could conserve her mana that way, and we could prevent her from spilling unnecessary she could keep walking...below normal girl's capability, but at least she could walk without harming herself since she's only using what her body usually emitted"

That and exposure to massive concentration of mana slowed down the Book's harmful curse put on Hayate, to the point Hayate's body showing a little sign of improvement during their adventure in Eden.

"Restrainer? You mean that seal-thing placed on the woman ferret rescued?" Vita asked.

"Precisely, it seems. You know, her power output was reduced by the time that Harlaown officer placed a magic seal on her" Signum nodded "Say, any of you had the knowledge?"

"I don't, and only TSAB higher up has them, it's called Limiter by the way" Yuuno waved her hand when Zafira's sharp eyes rolled toward him "Well, you could call Chrono if you want"

"I do, but mine had it's limitation...if Hayate's stubborn enough, she could break it with sheer power alone...and you know how stubborn she is"

Signum twitched, yet another dangerous gamble. This is dangerous both to them and Hayate, but as she said earlier, Limiter would prevent Hayate's absurd mana emission from going into waste.

She could redirect those emission inward, to her leg. Healing it and made them functional...without harming Hayate too much like Body Reinforcement spell do.

"Well here's his number, in case you wanted to contact him" Yuuno gave him his small notebook "I'll install this one for Hayate's usage"

"Oh Yuuno, what happened with you? and what's that pod?" Hayate asked, concerned as she walked out of her bedroom.

"Well, you know me...let's say it'll make your legs comfortable" he sheepishly smirk.

Vita wonder if Yuuno's screwing with their plan of saving Hayate or inversely finding various alternatives to cure her "Let me help"

"Now what should I do?" Signum mutters.

"Signum" Shamal and Zafira leered at the pink haired sword knight "OH damn"

"Fight or flight" "You're our leader" "So You choose the best" "For Hayate".

"I suppose..." Signum looked at Shamal "I'd go with Shamal's suggestion..."

It's 19:00 and Chrono is in the bathroom, relaxing himself. It's a long day and it made him tired.

And suddenly, his class-1 Storage device, a specialized communication device, is bleeping.

"Chrono, there's a call from Yagami Residence" he hear her mother contacted him telepathically.

"Link me in" Chrono pushed the button "Hello, this is Officer Chrono Harlaown"

"This is Signum Yagami"

Chrono twitched, that sword wielding, tall, big-boobed woman...why the heck she knew his number? This must be Yuuno's doing.

Let's not her start with the rustling sound of water around him, it's seems that he' the bathroom or something.

It made her embarrassed.

"[By calling me directly like this I assume that, Yuuno told you my number and need my help]"

"Truthfully, yes, he asked if we could ask you for help regarding my sister Hayate Yagami" she replied professionally despite the awkwardness.

"[I see, he already took two Compression Capsule, let me see if could help more...]"

"Well, thank you very much...there's a matter with her overboard emission and-"

"Umm, is Signum talking with someone?" Hayate asked curiously, her devilish grin was seen clearly "Maybe a boyfriend?"

"Yeah, because Signum has a thing for a teenage boy, of course" Vita commented sarcastically.

"Really? So Signum is really into younger boy huh! how unexpected"

"Err, Vita mean it as a sarcasm" Shamal wailed, embarrassed despite she's not being the subject.

"Hey, I'm still talking, tone down your volume" Signum barked, growled, and reduced her volume again "Excuse me, it's just my families...yeah...yeah...uhm, that? I'm sorry if I intrude your bath time...umm, let me rephrase it...sorry"

"See?" Hayate winked at certain blond boy, who facepalmed in response. Zafira's dog lips twitched, until Shamal glared at him, he coughed, recomposing his stoic face.

Vita however rolling on the floor, laughing at the sword knight's expense, despite the later didn't mind and saw it as another ridiculousness of Vita.

Yeah, just another weird day in Yagami family...

Okay, that's weird ending, I know. Basically, Shamal is too paranoid, now that Chrono had seen their appearance and power level because of Yuuno's involvement with him. He screwed their plan, but at the same time, he had given them various alternatives, one after another (we know none of them are permanent, but at least he tried and those works temporarily). Yuuno also indirectly helped them to collect plenty of pages. By this chapter, about 500 pages of the Book of Darkness had been filled swiftly.

Remember, Vita estimates Nanoha alone could fill at least 20 pages in the anime. However, since Chrono already suspicious of them (thanks to Yuuno! /sarcasm), it'll be harder for them to collect more pages after this.

This chapter marked the start of the canon A's storyline. Also, for several chapter ahead, there's no Yuuno! Cheer up, Yuuno-haters! (just kidding, you know he's my favourite, but yes, he's disappeared for several chapters, sort of).

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