Mid Childan Callendar, Year 65, an incident happened within a magical ruins in the far, far away world called Mid Childa, world of treasure.

Ancient Artifact, called Jewel SEED, released accidentally as the seal broken during the incident and sent into a small, still-developing and machinery reliant planet called EARTH, registered as Non-administrated world #97.

In pursuit of the Jewel seed is a young Archaeologist Yuuno Scrya, somehow, his trip ended (rather) unsuccessfully…

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Chapter 02: That Bond We Shared

1 October, Public bath.



Case in point: Yagami family (and Yuuno) went into the public bathouse, Vita wanted him to follow them to women side (Zafira wasn't present).

Male ferret wouldn't bring any trouble no?


Becase he's human male of 9 years old.

"HOLY HELL! MY EYES!" he cried mentally "CAN'T UNSEE"

"Hell, what are you-"

And thus Yuuno run into the male side, concerned (and angry) Vita subconsciously chasing after him.

And what she saw is...naked old men?

She stood out, stunned, for about ten second...


Ten minutes later, Vita and Yuuno settled on the female side (as Yuuno is still 9, he's allowed to enter, Japanese is WEIRD). Yuuno was on his human form thought both of them covered themselves well with towels. Luckily, there's no anyone else, so Yuuno is rather relaxed.


"Although you enjoy that view of foreigners with huge ass-i mean abs and biceps..." Yuuno deadpanned.

"You wanted to die so much?" Vita growled, but she noticed something.

Yuuno's SUPPOSEDLY small and fragile-looking frame is, in fact, solidly toned and riddled with various scars.

"Hey Ferret, I mean Yuuno...what the heck happened with that body of yours?" she asked, tried to be polite, if a bit "I certain my assault on you just create one tenth of them"

"Well, Archaeologist training is hard...I've taught since I was five" Yuuno sheepishly smirk "Normally, I would posses this kind of body when I'm 12 years old...the Age of consent in my tribe"

"However, as I learned my parent's death...I went overboard and loss myself in the accelerated training that is obviously harmful, until my body gave up...I'm not yet learning about offensive magic and hastily went here...only to find that someone else finished my job"

"Are you mad?"

"Why?" Yuuno ask "However, I DO feel unsatisfied...after all my hard work...I came here too late and in the receiving end of hammer girl"

Vita is silent, he actually said that in a flat manner, neither teasing or angry. He just told everything naturally...

"I'm sorry" was her response, she then realized "Damn it why should I say that? SINCE WHEN I'M THIS WE-"

"Pardon?" Yuuno raised his eyebrows.

Vita clenched her teeth and blush "I said I'm sorry for torturing you like that!"

Yuuno thought for a while, hell, an apology? Seriously? After she beat the crap out of him like that?


"Well, I cannot say that I'm not angry" Yuuno scratched his head "But why are you brutally slaughter me like that?"

"My comrades...if you could call them that, call me the berserker" Vita mumbles "I like to fight, and solving everything with violence, or testing my own strength. However there's time when I loss my sanity that...a duel can turn into a deadly brawl...usually my comrades was there to stop but..."

"There's no one beyond the clueless Hayate, herself coming too late" Yuuno finalized "Ah, looks like Hayate & co arrived..."

He tuned back onto his ferret form, and drowning himself in a large bowl.

Hayate, Signum, and Shamal enter the female section, only to meet Vita and Ferret Yuuno.

"Sorry I'm late, Vita-chan!" Hayate clapped her hands.

"Just fine"

Seeing Signum in a towel, two words came into Yuuno and Vita's mind on an instant.

Boob monster.

6 October, still in the peaceful Uminari city.

Yuuno was bored, everyone had left the house, including Hayate herself. There's nothing left to do, and he already finished today's quota of Cartridges. In short, he was slacking off, and slacking off ain't his favorite phrases.

And so, he decided to wander around the city, today, he would go to the city library, Kazegaoka.

He had been there several times actually, especially when he's bored like today, he could spend entire day there reading books (although he had no membership, which in turn, exactly because he's not a citizen).

Meanwhile, Hayate herself, along with Vita, went to the library, and then it happens.

Hayate tried to pick a book by herself while Vita went to buy some drinks, unusually being stubborn, Hayate slipped out of her wheelchair, Yuuno did a teleport out of pure reflex and caught the girl on his arms.

Vita, whose surprised to find them in such position, incidentally called him out, "Ferret…I mean Yuuno! What are you-ugh"

Before she could shut her mouth, it was too late.

"Eh? Eh? What could this mean, Vita-chan?"

"Now look what you have done"

"Shut up"

So, it ended them having a 'talk' in a small outdoor cafe just outside of the library.

"Eh, so this Yuuno are…"

"Yes, Yuuno the ferret's (sic) owner's friends" Yuuno nodded, embarrassed "In fact, she named him after me. But because she had to left the country, she left Yuuno with…well, me"

"Ah, I'm very sorry" Hayate waved her hands "'it's not my intention to have him permanently anyway"

Yuuno swore Hayate almost crying when she said that, "Did she really that lonely? How could I dare to broke her happiness like this? Stupid, stupid!"

It was too late for him to broke their…friendship, if you could call their weird bonds that.

Mutual interest and distrust, how convenient and easy to say…now Yuuno himself doubt he can left her. It's no wonder WHY Vita cared her so much it's borderline obsession. Not to mention Yuuno genuine cared for Vita as well...and broke Hayate's heart will made him lose his head in Vita's hand.

Once you ties a bond with Hayate and her friends, it was practically unbreakable…no, it's not because of pity.

It was because Yuuno had attracted to these girls personally, Hayate was too kind and pure, Vita was abrasive but dedicated, Shamal was mature and caring. Yuuno had yet to learn about Signum or Zafira, but he had decided.

They're trustworthy

"Well, I and…Yuuno didn't get along too much" Yuuno said "In fact, he's more often than not didn't coming home. I'm glad he's doing just fine…"

"Really? You doesn't seems like a bad guy yourself" Hayate curiously sharpened her gaze.


"In fact, animal could easily recognize bad and good person simply by near them, and just look how doves and cats sat around you comfortably"


"Maybe because Yuuno the Ferret is a pervert and prefer girls" Vita snorted.


"His reaction when we took him into female section in public bath just hilarious, I wonder if Man-Yuuno just as hentai as the ferret itself"

Now Yuuno's pissed as hell, "I'm not a pervert"

"Oh yes, suspiciously specific denial aren't that"

"Oh well, at least it was better than to gazing on naked old man"

"I've never heard about that" Hayate gasped in surprise, and hell just cannot hold her laughter.

"YUUNO YOU BASTARD!" Vita cried, her face now indistinguishable from her red, braided hair. She chasing after Yuuno all around the blocks with her flailing a broom she founded nearby.

"Hey I didn't say anything!"


Yuuno didn't realize that Hayate sensed something strange with him; it was because he reshaped his barrier jacket as mundane clothes, the emission irradiating from him was awry high.

It was the similar feeling when Vita is using her 'magical costume'. No, even more similar to...

That feeling she got when carrying Yuuno the ferret, who was injured badly two weeks ago.

"So that's why...you want to made this a hide and seek?" Hayate smirked as she got the realization.

Shamal took Hayate off, while Vita and Yuuno went into a 'date'. In Hayate's words and meaning, this had caused both of them replied in denial.

"It was dangerous, you ferret!" Vita barked "How could you do that!"

"I don't expect to meet her here! I'm just bored" He sighed "Okay, I'm sorry"

"Moreover than that, why are you using you magical armor! Use mundane clothes can you? I can even sense that from one hundred feet away!"

"I don't have any…"

Silence, yes, Yuuno was a freeloader with no single yen on his pocket…it would be a problem if he wanders around naked of course! In the end, the more versatile barrier jacket was a last resort.

"Geez, fine! I'll buy you one!"


"Don't expect flashy clothes or something like that, ferret!" she blushed and turned her head away "And you owe me!"

"I won't, and thank you" Yuuno replied with a smirk, Vita always had a soft side on him…at least, that means Vita never really hated him.

In the end, Vita gave him two pants and four shirts (one of which are long sleeved) of different colors; they're look bland, but better than him stick with his barrier jacket and made Vita angry all the way.

"I never knew that bland T-shirts and cotton pants are much cheaper than a bowl of sundae" Vita mumbles when counting the money on her wallet.

"Probably because they're bland, Captain obvious" Yuuno laughed "But how? You never really go shopping by yourself like this?"

"Yes, although Hayate gave me pocket money, except for ice cream and cookies (which for some reason banned in large quantity by Hayate) I never spend a coin. Hayate also knew much better about style of sort, even my barrier jacket are designed by her, in fact. So, I relied on her about mundane clothes as well"

"Wow, that's awesome"

And that's when single notes of ten thousand Yen flew right to Yuuno's face.

"Now that's a large founding" Vita raised her hand and grins.

"Is this really okay?" Yuuno sweatdropped, he didn't know about Japan, but in his place the founder owner, he's an archaeologist after all.

They head to a nearby stand, and Yuuno said he wanted two "What flavor are you prefer?"

Vita raised her eyebrow "Huh?"

"Think it as an interest"

"Well, chocolate please"


"I'm not thanking you"

"Why should you?"

"In the end, it was hard for me to left" Yuuno finally spoke, breaking the eerie silence.

"How unfortunate" Vita grumbles "If everything would turn up like this, I shouldn't persuade you in the first place"

"Do you hate me because of that?"

Vita gazed sharply at him, and actually wanted to say that as part of her reflex, but somehow she closed her mouth, and then replied "How could I?" Vita turned her head in embarrassment.

"Okay, sometimes you're either smug or act like an immature jerk, but besides that, most of the time…how should I put it…in Hayate's words, you're a good guy"
They sat on a bench under trees, soft and cool breeze of the fall season flushed their face. How comfortable, how Yuuno didn't want to left this planet for his dusty hometown.

"You never talk bad and look down to Hayate's condition, you had enough guts and patience to interact with me and Zafira normally, you're smart enough to gain Signum's attention, as well as mature enough for Shamal…you're different from some boys in the neighborhood"

"That's because I have a bad childhood, nothing to be proud of"
He had no family, just a few relatives, just like Hayate. Moreover than that, he had started his career as Archaeologist when his parents killed during Jewel SEED incident about a year ago.

That's when he swore that he would solve this case and capture all Jewel SEED by himself, in short, he went for a good revenge.

But now his case had been solved, even if he returns home, there's only more boring and dangerous job of excavation waiting for him, and to think that few weeks ago he prefers his job than staying is embarrassing.

Involving lost civilization this and magical artifact that, in the end, he has no real purpose to live and engulfed by doubt and fear.

Yuuno told Vita some of his tales, in a broad line. Whimpering just not his style after all and Vita does understand that.

"I can see it from your eyes" Vita commented and stretched her arm "You and Hayate like a person looked on their reflection"

"Really?" Yuuno sheepishly smirk "I'm flattered"

"Could you promise me something?"


"Even if our ties we're cut off, for real…let's protect Hayate with all our might"

"…I don't know…but I'll try"

Neither had realized that their hands are touching…

Somewhere in the same park, Signum, Shamal and Zafira watching after them.
"Is it really too late to let him go?" Zafira spoke, he rarely does that in his wolf form, much less in humanoid form, even to the fellow knights.

"He's going to deep, soon after, the time will comes" Signum said coolly as always, while lying on a tree "Depend on how we accomplish our mission, we can either sever it or keep it underneath big pile of lies"

"That bond we shared" Shamal mumbles "What's that for you, Signum?"

"I don't know" the pink haired woman replied "But I'd never truly smile unless Hayate attain the absolute happiness"

Yuuno began to concentrate his mind, with his current condition; he began experimenting with interdimensional telepathy and teleportation. At first, he tried to send a rock, then some food, and this time is his last experiment with transporting non-living goods.

And he finally founded his lost treasure.

Ha-ha...even though they are lying to each other...it's seems that strange bonds are formed between them!

Plot bunny? of course! here's some bonus.


When the night calls, everyone coming home. Yuuno was dead tired after the sheanigas in the public bath, but he can't sleep.

Vita was playing with that new computer (they call it Laptop or something), actually, playing some sort of simulator game.

"Hey Vita"


"What is bathtub bonding? Shamal said something like that when we're finished didn't she?"

That question out from nowhere.

"Huh? It was when two person took a bath together (not necessarily in THE bathtub) and having conversation that made them knowing each other better"


"...wait a minute, did we just have that?" Vita gasped "NO! I'M DEAD! T3H AWP H4XORZ!"

"Damn right" Yuuno nodded "Is that...female character?"