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Jou sat a little uncomfortably opposite Seto in the back of his limousine. "So, what do ya have in mind now, Kai... err... Seto," he asked as Seto gave him a light glare as he covered his slip.

"That depends on you," Seto said. "first of all, come over here." he patted the seat next to him to indicate where Jou should be sitting. Jou nodded and moved over to the other seat, careful of his twisted ankle.

"OK, now what?" Jou asked.

"This," Seto said simply as he pulled Jou into their first kiss, taking advantage and deepening the kiss as Jou gasped in response. For several long moments the two boys continued to kiss, tongues caressing in an intimate dance and hands wandering, until eventually, Seto pulled away. He grinned a little as Jou whimpered at the loss of contact.

"Holy shit, Seto," Jou gasped once he had regained his senses. He'd never felt anything quite like that from simply kissing before. He flushed deeply as he realised that he was now also quite aroused.

"Holy shit indeed,"Seto replied calmly, belying his own response to the kiss. "So Katsuya, would you like me to take you home now?"

"Ah, no. I'd arranged to stay at Yugi's tonight anyway..."

"So would you like me to take you there?"

"Not yet," Jou said. Becoming a little bolder, he straddled Seto on the seat and leaned close. "I think I'd rather do a bit more of this first," he whispered, then he engaged Seto in their second kiss, completely losing his embarrassment as he realised that Seto was just as aroused as he was.

"Mmm, Jou..." Seto murmured as he ran his hands up and down Jou's back, fighting to hold back as he didn't want their first time to be in the back of the limo. "Jou, will you come home with me tonight?" he asked. "I want... I want to do this properly."

Jou froze for a moment at the implications of that invitation, however he realised that he knew exactly where things were going to lead if they didn't stop soon and it would be much better in a comfortable bed than in the back of a moving vehicle. Resolutely thrusting any reservations that he may have had aside, he breathed a simple 'yes' into Seto's ear. The simple agreement had Seto fumbling for the intercom, rasping a terse "Home Isono," into the microphone, not even waiting for a response before turning the switch to off and turning his attention back to the blond who was currently sucking on his neck.

"That's going to leave a mark you know," Seto moaned.

"Mmm, I know that," Jou replied, sitting back a little. "You don't mind too much do you?"

Seto's response was to pull Jou closer again. "I don't mind. It will just let everyone know I'm yours. Or I could just cover it with a polo neck..."

"Oooh, you are impossible," Jou laughed as he leaned into Seto's neck, "but that's OK, I like a challenge." The boys continued kissing and petting as they moved towards their destination, only to be disturbed by the insistent bleeping of the intercom.

"What is it?" Seto snapped as he answered perhaps a little more irritably than he'd intended.

"I'm sorry to disturb you sir," the chauffeur come bodyguard said apologetically, "but it would appear that we are being followed by someone on a motorcycle."

"So, why are you telling me about it?" Seto asked as he struggled to keep his mind on what Isono was telling him, something he was finding quite difficult to do with a blond puppy distracting him by nibbling on his neck. "You know procedure when it comes to this sort of thing."

"Yes sir," Isono replied, "but I recognised the rider as being one of your companion's friends, so I wished to clarify."

As the information penetrated Jou's lust fogged brain, he looked up sharply to peer out of the back window, then dropped his head back onto Seto's shoulder with a pained groan. "He's right, it's Honda," he said. "Damn it."

"Isono, keep driving for now. I'll give you instruction in a minute." he commanded, turning the intercom off once he got the acknowledgement. He turned his attention back to Jou. "What's the matter?" he asked, knowing that Jou seemed to be more upset than was usual over this.

Jou sighed as he moved away from Seto, not being sure how the taller boy would take this. "Honda has a... thing... for me," he explained. "I've always discouraged him, but it doesn't matter how many times I've told him, he's never really listened."

"How long has this been going on for?" Seto asked coolly.

Jou shook his head as Seto began to ice up. "I'm not really sure exactly when things changed for him, but he knew that I liked you and since my 18th birthday he's been getting worse."

"Because he perceived that things might change after you reached your majority?"

"I guess so," Jou said dejectedly. "But even though I don't want anything to do with him in that way, I still consider him my friend and I don't want him to get into trouble..."

"OK pup," Seto made a decision, "I won't cause any trouble for him at the moment, but shall we both have a word with him? I'm sure that he'll follow us back to the mansion and at least we will be afforded a small amount of privacy on the grounds." He didn't add that there would be more security available in case of any trouble.

"Alright, that's probably for the best," Jou said with a downcast demeanour.


"I'm sorry, I'm just peeved that he spoiled the mood." Jou said with a hint of a scowl.

"Well, that might not be such a bad thing," Seto said. When Jou looked at him with curiosity he continued, "because for all that I asked you to come home with me, I was having quite a hard time holding back and things may well have ended up going further than we had intended."

Jou blushed, but didn't say anything as Seto activated the intercom and instructed Isono to take them home. He also gave instructions to inform security of the person on the motorcycle and that he was to be allowed to follow them onto the grounds, but that they were to be on standby for any trouble.

Soon, the limo pulled through the gates of the Kaiba estate, and Honda pulled up outside. Seeing the gates wide open he made his decision and finally followed the limo up the drive. As he pulled up he saw both Jonouchi and Kaiba waiting for him, standing together and with fairly unreadable expressions on their faces. He parked the bike, got off and removed his helmet, then launched into Jou.

"Jou, what the hell do you think you're doing, man?" He demanded.

"What business is it of yours, fin head?" Seto demanded in return, only to subside as Jonouchi put a hand on his arm.

"Let me deal with this Seto," Jou said gently, before turning his attention to his friend. "Although he does have a point."

"I can't believe you are asking that Jou," Honda protested, even though his heart had sunk as he'd heard Jou call Kaiba by his given name. "You are my friend. I'm just concerned about you."

"Yugi, Anzu, Ryou and Otogi are also my friends, but they trust me to look after myself." Jou pointed out.

"But they haven't been friends with you as long as I have..." it was a lame argument and Honda knew it.

"Cut to the chase, fin head," Seto butted in, seeing that this was only going to go around in circles if he didn't intervene. "That isn't the reason you chased Jou here and you know it."

"Fuck off Kaiba," Honda spat, "this is all your fault. If it weren't for you..."

"Stop right there Hon'," Jou butted in. "Before you finish that thought, it wouldn't matter if Seto were in the picture or not. I don't like you that way and I thought you understood that."

"But I don't understand why you are with him. I thought you hated him." Honda wasn't ready to give up yet.

"I've never really hated him," Jou explained, "not even when he was being a huge ass." he grinned as Seto growled in his ear and he knew he would pay for that later. "You know that. Heaven knows I've told you enough times."


"Go home Honda, before you embarrass yourself even more," Seto sighed. "Katsuya is here of his own free will. He can leave whenever he wants, but I don't see him trying to get away, do you?"

Defeated, and heart sinking even further after hearing Seto use Jonouchi's given name, Honda donned his helmet, jumped on his bike and sped away.

"I hope he's going to be OK," Jou said, looking in the direction Honda had gone with some worry.

"He'll be fine, puppy," Seto put his arm around the smaller teen. "He's the kind of person that won't get it until it's shoved in his face. Now, hopefully he should accept it and come around, although I'll be the first to say that it could take a while."

"I guess you're right," Jou said sadly. "It's just he was my best bud for years, ya know?"

"I know," Seto replied, giving Jou a fond squeeze. "Now come on in. It's quite nippy out here and I wouldn't want you to catch a chill."

Jou smiled at Seto's caring tone as they made their way towards the house. Seto would have picked Jou up and carried him, but he knew that Jou had his pride and would not appreciate it, so he settled for supporting Jou as he walked instead. As they entered through the front door, however, they were accosted by Mokuba.

"Seto, how did it go?" the boy began, only to come up short as he took in the blond beside him, eyes widening with concern as he took in how the smaller teen was limping. "Jou! What happened? Are you alright?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. I just had a little disagreement with the head waiter, that's all."

"Oh was it that nasty greasy little man?" Mokuba made a moue of distaste, "What was his name? Takeo?"

"Yes that's the one," Seto confirmed, "and after tonight he no longer works for Kaiba Corporation."

"Oh thank goodness," Mokuba looked relieved. "He always looked down his nose at me and I could never figure out what I was supposed to have done."

"That guy had some serious issues alright," Jou said.

"What are you doing up anyway Mokuba?" Seto asked the boy. "It's way past your bedtime."

"I just wanted to know how things went with Jou," Mokuba replied. "So... are you together now?" He looked at them with hopeful eyes.

"I dunno, are we?" Jou asked Seto teasingly.

"Silly puppy, of course we are." Seto smiled indulgently at Jou only to have the wind knocked out of him as Mokuba tackled him into a hug.

"Yeah! I'm happy for you," the black haired boy said as he squeezed Seto and Jou into a three way hug. After a moment he detached himself and went to run up to bed. "Goodnight Seto, goodnight Jou," he said, stopping as he reached the halfway point of the stairs and looking back with mischief in his eyes. "Don't do anything that I wouldn't do," he smirked before racing off to his room.

"Squirt," Jou growled good naturedly. "I'm kinda glad Honda interrupted us now." he said as the boy disappeared from view.

"Yes. I dread to think what Mokuba might have seen otherwise," Seto said in a contemplative voice.

"The kid isn't as innocent you seem to think he is, though," Jou said.

Seto looked as though he were about to get annoyed for a moment before he slumped a little. "You are right. I'd have preferred to keep him innocent a little longer, but..."

"He's a good kid," Jou said, "good head on his shoulders."

"Thanks Jou." Seto escorted Jou to the lounge and sat him down on the large comfortable couch. "Now would you like a drink?"

"Ah, sure," Jou replied. "A coke will be fine thanks."

Seto returned, having removed his trench coat while he was gone and with the requested drink. He sat down next to the now slightly nervous blond. "Jou?"

"It's OK Seto," Jou replied. "I'm just feeling a little nervous, you know? It's not like I've ever done anything like this before." He looked downwards, embarrassed by what he had just admitted.

"Jou look at me," Seto said, waiting until the blond was looking warily at him. "Don't be embarrassed. After all, you aren't the only one."

Jou was shocked. "You mean you're..."

Seto nodded, a pink flush across his cheeks.

"So, what now?" the blond asked.

"Hmm... how about we start with this and see..." Seto said as he leaned in for a kiss. Jou instantly responded, throwing his arms around the taller boy and deepening the kiss.

"Hmm, eager..." Seto said as they pulled apart for a moment.

"Yeah, I'm still pretty worked up from earlier on," Jou mumbled into Seto's neck. He rubbed against the taller boy, making it obvious just how worked up he was. "It's a good job that you'd untucked my shirt earlier or I'd have given Honda an eyeful."

Seto pushed Jou onto his back, crawling over him. "That is a good thing. I wouldn't want him seeing what is mine," Seto smirked, "and you are so hot, puppy," he breathed as he leaned in to ravage Jou's mouth in a passionate kiss. He groaned loudly as their clothed arousals brushed against each other.

"Seto," Jou gasped as they bucked against each other almost helplessly, "If we don't slow down, this is gonna be over before it starts."

"I think," Seto said as he struggled to regain some semblance of control, "we are both a bit too wound up to do this properly," he pulled away, then smirked, "so I think I'll do something else."

"Huh?" Jou looked up at Seto in lust hazed confusion, which turned into wide-eyed realisation as the taller teen reached for his zipper. "Seto?"

"Hush puppy," Seto looked into Jou's worried eyes with lust glazed ones of his own as he opened the blond's trousers. "Hmm, a natural blond," he smirked, then he moved quickly to relieve Jou's need.

"Aah! Seto!" Jou exclaimed as he tangled his hands into Seto's brunet tresses, but within a few seconds it was all over and Jou flushed with embarrassment. Seto, even though he had expected Jou to climax quite quickly, hadn't been prepared for just how quickly, but he hadn't let that phase him at all.

Seto pulled away and Jou looked at him with glazed eyes. Seto wasted no time and kissed the other boy harshly, thrusting his tongue into Jou's mouth. Jou may have been sated, but Seto was not. He moved hard against Jou, now desperate for release and unable to stop himself.

Jou allowed Seto to have his way, still too dazed from his recent release to do anything else. He could taste himself on Seto's lips and he could feel Seto's hardness pushing against his hip, bringing him back to his senses and making him realise that Seto would need relief too and it was selfish of him just to lie there while Seto was still in need. He made to move, to push Seto back so that he could take care of Seto in return, but before he could Seto stiffened against him, burying his face into Jou's neck with a harsh groan as he climaxed. Then, he collapsed, spent and panting on top of Jou.

"Seto?" Jou turned his name into a question, "You ok?"

"Sorry Jou," Seto said, not raising his face from where it was against Jou's neck, "I couldn't hold back any longer."

"Don't apologise," Jou said rubbing his hands against Seto's back in what he hoped was a comforting gesture. "OK, I'd have liked to have done it myself, but I'm kind of flattered you know. It's not everyday a hot guy gets so worked up over me that he can't hold back."

"Really?" Seto moved so that he could look at Jou from under his bangs, face flushed with embarrassment at his loss of control.

Jou leaned up and kissed him gently, "Yeah, really," he said with a smile. "Come on, I was almost there myself before you went down on me."

Seto smiled at Jou, then stood, grimacing slightly at the sticky feeling in his pants, then held his hand out to Jou. "Come on, let's go and get cleaned up."

"Yeah, that's probably for the best," Jou said, standing up a little painfully with Seto's help then quickly refastening his trousers. "What do you have in mind?"

"Well, my bath is more than big enough for two, if that's OK with you," Seto asked with a touch of uncertainty.

Jou smiled as he took Seto up on his offer and they first showered to rinse off the results of their recent intimacy, then settled together in the large bathtub, cuddling together until the water began to cool. Finally they returned to bed, slumbering together in each other's arms – at least until Mokuba bounced in and began teasing them the next morning anyway.

Once they had chased Mokuba off then got up, Seto checked Jou's ankle then provided a uniform for Jou to wear and they quickly dressed. As he put on the borrowed uniform jacker, Jou was surprised to notcice something on Seto's bedside table so he moved over and picked it up. It was the Valentine's card that he had put with all others for Seto the previous day. "How do you still have this?" Jou asked with some surprise. "I thought you threw it away with the rest of the cards you got."

"I just made it look that way," Seto said. "After I knew that you were going to send me a card, I was on the lookout for your," he smirked, "distinctive handwriting. It was easy enough to slip inside a book until later." He looked at Jou's surprised face and smiled. "Did you really think that I would have thrown your card away, especially after finding out that the sentiment was genuine?"

"Ah, Seto, you big sap," Jou said as he walked over to his lover. "C'mere." He pulled Seto down into a sensual kiss, frowning slightly as Seto pulled away after a few moments. "Seto?"

"As much as I would like to stay here and continue this," Seto said as he caressed Jou's face, "we're going to be late if we don't get a move on and your friends probably think I've kidnapped you as it is."

"Heh, you're probably right," Jou admitted.

"I know I am," Seto said in that smug way of his that usually got Jou's back up, but Jou found that it didn't bother him anymore. He now knew the other side of Seto, the one that he didn't show to the world and he was sure that he'd be seeing much more of it in future.

The End.

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