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It was a late Friday night and the streets and bars of New Orleans were packed with people, celebrating Mardi Gras. You could almost touch the excitement in the air. People were partying like there was no tomorrow, some celebrating the good times with good friends. Others droving their sorrow and boring everyday life in alcohol and casual encounters with strangers.

In the middle of all the excitement walks Derek Morgan with his friends Anthony Ricci and Steven 'Seven' Randall. Anthony, or Tony as he preferred to be called, was a tall, olive skinned man with broad shoulders and long black hair. He had been Morgan's roommate all thru college. Seven was a big, black guy with short, black hair, big brow eyes and a winning smile. He and Morgan had been on the same football team during their colleges years.

They had been hitting bar after bar after bar since they arrived the same day at noon. They were on their annual guys trip, a tradition they had had since they left school. A tradition that soon world be nothing more that memories.

"Tony my man!" Seven shouted to his friend, trying to get himself heard thru the noise of all the thousands of people occupying the streets "You were totally right when you said that THIS is heaven on earth"

"Yeah man" Morgan agreed as he cut in between his friends, throwing his arms around their shoulders "I'm forever grateful that you talked me in to coming" He says in a formal tone earning a laugh from Seven.

Tony made a sour face and took another sip of the beer bottle that he had sneak out from the last bar they had visit, before offering it to Seven who gratefully excepted it.

"Well I'm not sure you really deserve to be here with me since your both about to abandon me anyway" Tony pouted.

"Aw come on! Who's abandoning you? Well, besides Morgan I mean" Seven laugh.

Morgan tighten his grip around Sevens neck, until the bigger man shouts his surrender.

"Look guys, I know you'll be lost without me" The two men tried to protest but Morgan kept on going "BUT! I've worked hard to join the BAU and now that I'm finally going to, I'm not gonna let you two put down my good mood. Besides, Chicago is just a couple of hour away from Quantico if you fly, You haven't seen the last of me yet"

"But the amigo trips!" Tony almost whines.

"That's Sevens fault" Morgan stats "He's the one marrying the greediest, most controlling woman alive"

"Hey! That's my future wife your trashing" Seven protests.

"Oh come on big guy! You had to beg her for weeks before she let you come with us on this trip. And where exactly does she think we are by the way?" Morgan's grin was merciless.

"In New York watching the Yankees play" Seven mumble.

Morgan and Tony laugh delighted at their friends misery.

"It's not funny!" Seven protest but he's having a hard time hiding his own growing smile. He never was one for holding grudges.

"Yes it is. At least from where we're standing" Morgan chuckles "But come on now guys. We're in New Orleans for gawds sakes! It's Mardi Gras and my going way party AND Sevens bachelor party. We should be celebrating, not arguing like little kids." He stops them all in front of a huge club with a neon sign over it, Wonderland, the sign declare. "So let's celebrate!" Morgan grins at his friend who both shouts "Hell yeah!" Before entering the club.


A few blocks away Spencer Reid and Ethan Smith was trying to make their way thru a particularly crowded street. The first, edgy and nervous, was dressed in black slacks and a white shirt, his long hair was pulled back in a knot. And the latter, dressed in black jeans and a multicolored shirt, was relaxed but excited.

"I can't believe I let you talk me in to this" Reid pouted as they struggled to get thru the crowds, fiddling with the hem of his new shirt.

"So you keep saying" Ethan said as he looked around, taking in his surroundings. "And stop tugging at your shirt! You'll ruin it" He added with a annoyed glare.

"Good, I don't like them. I miss my old clothes" Reid said in a childish tone.

"Well your clothes decided to take a detour to Illinois or whatever, so you'll just have to manage with this" Ethan tried to explain for what felt like the hundredth time. It wasn't his fault that Reid's luggage had been lost after their flight, was it?

"We should be in Virginia, studying for the entrance test!" Reid continued his complaining, ignoring Ethan totally.

"The still a couple of weeks left before the test, Spence" Ethan declared with a tired sight. "We've studied like mad men these last couple of weeks and we deserve a brake. Besides, You and your eidetic memory should already know the textbook back and forth by now"

Reid blushed, Ethan was right, he did knew all the study material by heart. But he wasn't enjoying this spur of the moment weekend trip they had decided to take. The street was far to crowded for the awkward young man, and he still couldn't understand why he had let his friend talk him into going in the first place.

"I still can't believe -" Reid started again but Ethan cut him of.

"Oh for crying out loud!" He shouted as he started dragging his reluctant friend in to the nearest bar. He quickly made his way to the bar counter, still pulling Reid with him. He ordered something Reid couldn't hear and a minute later the bartender gave him two small shots. One he tossed down and one he gave Reid.

"Let's make a drinking game out of your complaining" He said with a tone that made Reid understand that it really didn't matter if he wanted to play or not. "Every time you nag or complain you'll have to knock back one of these babies"

Reid examined his glass "What is it?"

"Courage and happiness in a glass" Ethan smirks and guides the glass to his friends mouth. "Drink!"

Reid was about to object when a angry glare from Ethan made him change his mind. So he tossed back his shot, hissing as it burned in his throat and gives back the glass to Ethan.

"Smooth" He said in a raspy voice before coughing.

Ethan gave him a approving nod and a smack on his back before guiding his friend out of the bar.

"Loosen up Spence. This is suppose to be a fun trip. We'll have plenty of time to be stiff and serious once we pass the test and joins the FBI." The dark hair man explains.

"If! If we pass the test" Reid puts in.

Ethan grins a devilish smile and drags his friend in to another bar "That negative comment just earned you another drink"

Reid was about to let a out a petulant whine but stopped himself as he figured it would probably only earn him another shot.

Once Ethan got them their shots, Reid immediately emptied his glass and started coughing

"Oh my god, that even worse - I mean different! From.. The first one"

Ethan chuckled and let that one pass. "Mixing alcohols usually made the effect more fun" He stat before continuing "Now could you please watch that mouth of you're a while, or we'll never get to that place the girl told us to meet them at"

He walked out of the bar with Reid following close behind.

"Wait! What girls?" He asked, slightly panicking, as he runs up beside his friend.

"The girls from the hotel, the one I talked in to sharing room so we could get the other one. They wanted to meet up at this place called Wonderland so I told them we would. And if all goes well, we'll get to share room, and bed, with someone else but each other tonight." He explains with a meaning tone.

Reid suddenly felt sick. But he wasn't sure if it was the shots or the news that made him nauseous. Maybe it was a little of both. But he would do anything to get out of meeting up with some random girls. So he said:

"Ethan, I think I might be gay"

Ethan stops dead in his track, turning to his friend. He looked for a sign that he was being played but found non in his friend honest and terrified face. He turned around again and walked in to yet another bar, ordering two new shots. Reid slowly walked up behind him, waiting.

As Ethan turned around with a new round of shots Reid couldn't help but to feel hurt.

"So me being gay is something negative?" He asked in a small voice. He didn't have many friends and he had never told anyone his big secrete.

Ethan knocked back his drink his before answering "No Spence, my certified little genius, this is not a punish-shot, this, my good friend, is a celebrating-shot"

With a small sight of relive and a big smile Reid tossed back his latest shot. He actually manage to get this one down without coughing.

"Hey barkeep! One more for me and my friend" Ethan shouts over the counter.

"Another one?" Reid asked with a smile. He didn't know if it was his sudden confession or the three shots he had had the last 15 minutes, but his body felt warm and somewhat relaxed.

"Yes!" Ethan grins as he receive the shots, handing one of to Reid. The genius was just about to drink it when his friend stopped him "Wait a second."

Ethan pulled out a chair from a nearby table and climbed up on it. Reid watched confused.

"Lady's and gentleman" Ethan shout out in the small bar "Lady's and gentleman!" . The noisy crowed slowly grow quiet, their eyes turning to the tall man on the chair.

"I want to propose a toast" Ethan continuous as he has everybody attention. "To my good friend Spence that just a second ago walked out of the closed!"

Reid cheeks turned burning red as he hid his face in his free hand. The bar stayed quiet. Dumb folded.

Ethan took a good look around before letting out a sight "HE'S GAY!" He shouted.

Finally the crowed got the it. The shouted and cheered and tossed back their drinks.

Beaming with content Ethan joined the crowed and knocked back his own shot before jumping down besides a mortified Reid.

"What? Your not going to drink to your own toast?" He teased his friend.

Reid looked up, giving Ethan a murderous glare witch he choose to ignore.

"Oh, and I don't mean to sound cocky, but.. Your not in love with me or anything are you?"

Reid emptied his glass in a fast motion "No, you don't have to worry. I hate you. What if someone I knew saw you right now!"

Ethan laugh and put his arm around the genius shoulders. "Spence, we're in New Orleans, no one know us here. But-" He nicked a black Zorro mask from a table they past on their way out. " -if your that worry, why don't you hide behind this?"

To his great amusement Reid actually snatched the mask from his hand and put it on.

"Better?" Ethan asked with a chuckle.

"Actually. No. Not at all." Reid answer and burst in laughter's, soon joined by his friend.

He was about to take the mask of when Ethan stopped him. "Maybe you should keep them on" He said.

"Why?" Reid asked with a frown.

"Because you will probably want something to hid behind when we meet up with the girls" Ethan explains as he stops walking and nods to Reid side. As the genius turns around, he sees the big neon sign on a wall of a big club. 'Wonderland'. He lets out a disappointed groan and turns back to his friend.

"Really! After what I just went thru your still going to make me meet these girls?"

Ethan shrugs and smiles "Well I just figured that with you changing team and all there would be more for me."

"And why would you think that they would both go for you?" Reid asks in a irritated tone of voice.

"Because anyone with a straight mind and eye could see that these two are first class sluts, just waiting for a threesome to fall into their laps. Now come on my little homosexual friend, maybe we can find you a nice boy inside that would like to rock you socks tonight"

Reid can help but laugh as he lets his friend usher him in to the club.

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