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At the other side of the club Morgan was greeted like a hero returning from war. Tony was applauding and Seven offered him a high five that he returned half heartedly.

"Oh man! That was awesome And the look on his face as you left? Priceless! Your acting skills are beyond amazing." Seven praised him as Morgan sat down and stole Tony's full beer, downing the whole thing in just a few second.

"Bad aftertaste?" Tony asked with a wicked grin.

"Shut up" was all the reply Morgan could produce as he put down the bottle on the table before stealing Sevens drink, downing that one just as quick. His body felt funny, his head was spinning and his heart was acting weird. Was he having a heart attack or something?

"Maybe you should slow down a little.." Seven said with an unsure voice, glancing over at Tony.

"Yeah, come on man, what's the big deal? You did your dare and passed it with flying colors. Now lets move on."

Morgan just nodded. What he really wanted was to get out of the club, but he couldn't come up with any excuse to leave. And he couldn't tell them the truth. That he felt awkward and horrible for what he had done. The look on the guy's face as Morgan left had been one of humiliation and rejection.

"Ok!" Seven hollered, seemingly pleased with just a silent nod from his friend "Tony's turn again. Any good ideas Morgan?"

Morgan sat quiet for a while. He was in no mood to play anymore, but his comrades was waiting for him to once again join the fun.

"How about some bra stealing?" He finally said in an airy tone.

Seven's face lit up "Oh! Nice one, haven't done that in a while"

"Last time was Tijuana. And if I remember correct Morgan was the thief" Tony hummed.

"That's right." Morgan said "7 bras in 30 minutes. Think you can beat that?"

"Of course" Tony said with confident. "This is Mardi Gras, the girls are flashing for beads, how hard can it be?"

"Seen any bras on any of the flashers tonight?" Morgan asked with a evil smile.

Tony smile sank "Fuck.."

Seven laughed "Tick tack, better hurry T."

Tony rose from his seat and walked over to a group of women at another table, starting his hunt.

"Think the Italian stallion makes it?" Seven asked Morgan with a wide smile as his eyes followed his friend around the club.

"Not a chance" Morgan answered distantly. His eyes was turned to the bar, looking for pretty boy. He felt strangely sad when he noticed he wasn't there any more.


Back at the booth Reid was doing his best not to think about Derek and failing miserably at the same time. The girls and Ethan was having a deep conversation about the difference between lace and silk thongs and Reid would ratter chew of his own hand then join in.

He was annoyed and irritated. And drunk. And a little bit hurt. The drink Derek had ordered him was making him feel warm and dizzy, just like he had. Reid let out a small grunt as he again got a flashback from the kissing that had happened, not even 15 minutes ago.

He wanted to go back to the hotel but Ethan wouldn't let him go alone, and he still had the key to their room, so Reid had no other option then to stay.

"..I swear! When I'm done being a super agent I'm moving to New Orleans" Ethan's voice brought Reid back to reality.

"Oh my gawd! That sooo awesome!" Missy shrieks while jumping up and down in her seat.

"Yeah.. But like, what would you do here? Mardi Gras in just once a year you know" Mindy said with a frown.

Ethan sat quit for a bit "I could always live on my music." He said with a dreaming smile.

"What! You're a musician? No way!" Mindy was finally impressed too. "So what? Do you play in a rock band or something?"

Ethan shook his head "No no, I play the piano, blues mostly. So New Orleans is the right place to be for a guy like me"

The girls looked utterly disappointed. Apparently blues wasn't cool enough for them. Reid's annoyance grow deeper, He had heard Ethan play many times and while he might not be a certified genius like himself, he was the Einstein of music.

"I'm going to the bathroom" Reid informed his friend before fleeing the booth once more. He didn't really need to go but the girls were just too much for him.

He walked passed the bar and across the dance floor before reaching the restroom. As usual at bars and clubs there was a long line outside the women's restroom, but the men's room where free to access right away, a couple of guys stood at the urinals, Reid passed by them and chose one of the toilets with a door in the back, locking himself in before sinking down on the closed lid.


Tony still had ten more minutes as he waved his fifth bra at the guys. Seven laughed and gave him two thumbs up, cheering him on while keeping close watch on the time.

Morgan on the other hand had completely given up his tries to pretend to be interest in the game and his eyes was once again searching the club for Pretty Boy. He didn't know why but he felt like he had to talk to the guy. Apologize or something.

His heart skipped a beat as he finally spotted the slender man, not far from their table, making his way thru the dance floor towards the restrooms.

"Gotta take a leak" Morgan told Seven before setting of after the younger man.

Morgan almost shoved his way thru the crowed, ignoring the nasty comments thrown at him. He wasn't sure what he was going to say to the man he was chasing after, but his feet seemed to be in a hurry to get there anyway.

As he entered the restroom he got a last look of Pretty boy before he locked himself into one of the toilets in the back. He walked over to the locked door an leaned against the doorframe, as if he was afraid the man would get away from him if he didn't stay close enough. He was listening for a flushing sound, a signal that the thin man would be on his way out. But the lock suddenly turned without any sound of flushing, making Morgan's heart stop in his chest. What was he doing here anyway?

Reid opened the door and took a deep breath, bracing himself for a another round with the 'ladies'. But the breath got stuck in his throat as he found himself standing eye to eye with Derek. He's cheeks turned red. Why did he have to run into the gorgeous man again?

"E-excuse me" Reid said with his gaze on the floor as he passed by Derek, but before he could get away, the darker man grabs his arm and pulled him with him back in to the little toilet.

Morgan quickly turns the locks as they both came inside and almost slam Pretty boy against the door, pinning his hands over his head. The younger man eyes were wide with fear and he scold himself knowing he was the cause of it. But he didn't let go.

"D-Derek" Reid tried to sound angry but it just came out as a frightened whimper instead. Morgan's eyes was dark with emotions as they broke away from the gaze of the other man and roamed his thin frame.

Pretty boy was even prettier in the bright light in the small room then he had been in the dim light in the bar. He was taller then Morgan had thought, taller then himself, even if it wasn't by much.

His eyes wondered from the masked hazel eyes, down to the slender, white neck and further down to the skinny frame and never ending legs before shooting up to his eyes again.

"What are you doing to me Pretty boy" He asked husky before kissing the man again.

Reid's heart did another skip as the darker man kissed him. He should have broken away but it was to good. Morgan's tongue slid over him lips, asking for permission and Reid opened up with a small moan, letting him in while pressing his restrained body against the older mans as best as he could.

Morgan grunted and pressed back against the smaller man while devouring his mouth. No girl had ever tasted as sweet as this man.

Reid was struggling go get his hand free, he wanted to touch the gorgeous man in front of him, but Morgan just tightened his grip, making Reid whimper in pain.

The sound woke Morgan from his state lust. "Sorry" He said and let go of Reid's hands, backing of a little. "I came here to apologize. I.. I'm sorry I freaked out before, you know, in the bar. You're the first guy I ever kissed and I.. I wasn't expecting the fireworks"

Reid licked his kiss swollen lips as he rubbed his wrists, this was his chance to flee. But he didn't want to, he was startled by Derek's sudden apology but somewhat touched by his words. Fireworks huh? So instead of making a run for it he took a step towards Morgan and gently pushed him down on the closed lid before straddling the surprised mans lap and crashed their lips together.

A moan escaped Morgan and he thru his arms around Pretty boy thin frame as he deepened the kiss. He pulled the body in his lap closer, rubbing their clothed, growing hardness's together in the process, making them both moan. His mind was clouded with lust but clear enough too still freak him out a bit, he felt like a horny teenager who was about to lose his virginity, scared, excited and impatient.

The sudden friction sent jolts of pleasure thru Reid's entire body and he grinded his hips towards the other man, whimpering as the man responded with small upward thrusts.

Morgan placed on hand on the slender hip, guiding it in it's blissful movements and one hand started to work on unzipping Pretty boys pants.

"W-wait" Reid broke away from Morgan as he felt the man starting to work on his pants. "I-I haven't done anything like t-this before" He stuttered with his eyes his own hands. When had they moved to Derek's pants?

"So.. Do you want to stop?" Morgan asked breathless. He wasn't sure he could let go of the man even if he wanted to, witch he didn't.

Reid shook his head blushingly before turning his meeting Morgan's gaze "No, I just won't go a-all the way" He explained before Morgan pulled him down to continuing the kissing.

The genius whimpered as he felt fingers tugging on the waistline of his underwear, he was practically aching for Morgan to touch him. He undid Morgan's belt with trembling fingers and unzipped the other man. He threw his head back with a gasped as gentle fingers grabbed his freed erection. His sight went blurry as the dark man started moving his hand and he couldn't help thrusting into the warmth.

Morgan's mouth stared kissing and sucking the exposed neck in front of him and a pleasured grunt escaped his lips as long fingers started tugging at his own hard on.

Reid mouth returned to the darker man's as their hands kept on stroking each other. The small room echoed with moans and gasps that only made them both more exciting.

Morgan could hear that the smaller man was close to coming and he knew his one release wasn't far away so he removed Pretty boy hand from his leaking member and grabbed both their erections with one hand before speeding up his strokes. Making the man on his lap shudder with pleasure.

Reid's hands grabbed on to Derek's shoulders, his nails digging in to the flesh as he gasped and panted like crazy. He couldn't concentrate on the kissing any longer and instead buried his face in the crook of the darker mans neck, whimpering with the need of release.

As Morgan felt the thinner body started shaking he tightened his grip and put his hand over their leaking members head to save their cloths from the spilling seed about to come.

Reid let out a long, crying moan as he finally came into the other mans hand, head thrown back again in true bliss and hands grabbing hard enough to bruise.

Morgan came only a second later. The beautiful vision of the man in front of him shaking in ecstasy sent him over the edge with a loud grunt.

Panting they stayed still for a while. Riding out the waves of their releases.

Morgan was the first to recover. He tucked them both back in to their pants before looking at his stained hand, glistering with both their seed. He swallowed hard before grabbing some paper to clean himself up with, ignoring the urge to taste the mixed fluids.

Reid body was still trembling from his powerful release. His ears where ringing and he had a hard time focusing his eyes on anything.

"T-that was.." He didn't know how to finish his loud thinking. Wonderful? Amazing? Life altering? There didn't seem to be a word or fraise big enough to summoned what they had just done.

"Yeah.." Morgan agreed, he understood what the smaller man meant and he felt the same way. His body was humming with the pleasant after shock. He reached up to cup Pretty boys chin, guiding him back to his lips for a soft kiss.

Reid blushed and deepened the kiss, he didn't want this newfound pleasure to end. He wanted more, but at the same time he knew he shouldn't give it. Not to a stranger, and not in a toilet in a club.

Morgan was the one who finally broke away after what felt like an eternity, he looked up at the beautiful man still in his lap. He didn't want this to end, but he knew they couldn't stay in there much longer.

"Listen" He said in a husky tone "I'm not sure what just happened but would you like to have lunch with me tomorrow and.. I don't know, discuss it or something. Without the mask maybe"

Reid chuckled and nodded at the mans words. He would like that very much he thought as he climbed of Derek's lap, standing up on shaky legs.

Morgan smiled lazy and pleased as he got up himself. They started to zip up their pants and smiled slightly embarrassed at each other before sharing one more kiss.

"We should probably get back out there" Reid whispered onto Derek's lips.

"Probably" Morgan agreed quietly, although he would much rather stay inside the small bathroom with the man in front of him. "Wait" He said with a hand on Pretty boy shoulder, as the man pulled away from him. "I should probably get your number"

Reid blushed but nodded "Do you have a pen?" he asked with a smile. Morgan shook his head. "Your phone then?" Reid wondered, but again Morgan just shook his head.

Reid sighted "Me neither.. Ok then, just tell me your number instead"

Morgan raised an questioning eyebrow.

"I'm really good at remembering numbers" Reid explained.

Morgan chuckled and told the smaller man his number before stealing one last kiss. "So you call me around lunch tomorrow?" He asked as he grabbed the door handle, feeling a little like an impatient schoolgirl.

"Of course" Reid smile before his eyes slide towards the door. "Maybe we should leave one at the time" He blushed, he didn't feel like doing the walk of shame with Derek and he was pretty sure the other man felt the same.

Morgan shoot him one last wide smile and nodded before unlocking and leaving. He didn't look back as he walked out of the restroom and back to his friends. Tony was long done with his dare and now sat draped in bras in different colors and fabrics, showing of his success. He was the first to spot Morgan and he nudged Seven and pointed out his return

"There you are!" Seven shouted as Morgan sat down. "Where the hell have you been?"

"Got stuck in the restroom" Morgan grinned, knowing that his friend would think he had scored with some girl.

Seven howled and Tony sighted and threw his head back against the sofa. "Why can you never let me triumph you?" He asked annoyed as he threw a bra at the snickering man.

"Some are born to lead, other to follow" Morgan responds with a wicked smile. "So how did you do?"

"7 bras and one bikini top" Tony said with a pleased smile.

"Nice" Morgan praised, but he couldn't stop himself from crushing his friend as he added "But I got 7 phone number with my bras and 7 phone number flies higher then a bikini top"

Tony smile dropped and Seven burst into laughter. "You're the man!" He said to Morgan as he gave him another high five.

"Yes I am" Morgan grinned.

Tony started to protest saying that 7 numbers hadn't been part of the deal but Seven just kept on laughing while Morgan leaned back with a big smile playing on his lips. His mood was back on top. He was looking forward to the rest of the night with his friends and even for the lunch he had planed for tomorrow when he suddenly remember that he still didn't know pretty boy's name.


Reid waited another few minutes before exiting the toilet. He looked around the restroom expecting angry glares from the people there but no one seemed to even noticed him. With a small sighted of relief he hurried out and almost run into Ethan, standing outside.

"There you are!" His friend called out with a surprise as he caught sight of the genius. "I've been looking all over for you. Come on, we're leaving, the girls has already left-" He stopped talking as he noticed Reid furious blushing cheeks. "Everything ok Spence? Your looking unusually flushed, even for you" He said with a concerned frown.

Reid's hand flu up to his cheeks in a poor effort to conceal his embarrassment. "N-no, I'm fine. Must be the alcohol" He lied while silently cursing his reviling face. Ethan studies his friend a little longer before he moved on.

"Well as I said then. We should hurry, the girls are already on their way back. And you, my friend, are in luck. It looks like you'll be getting the bed all to yourself tonight" He said with a wide grin meaning HE was really going to be the lucky one tonight.

Reid nodded and followed Ethan as he turned to leave the club. His eyes searching for Derek as they made their way thru the dance floor. To his great satisfaction he spotted the man in one of the sofas in the back. Derek's dark eyes were looking back at him and he gave the man a small, hardly noticeable wave. Derek smiled and nodded his goodbye making Reid cheeks start burning again, before he broke the eye contact and followed his friend out in the night.

Outside the streets was still littered with celebrating people. It was a little after 2am and the night air was still warm.

The guys started walking back to their hotel in silence. What Ethan was thinking of Reid had no idea but his own mind was occupied with thoughts about Derek. A smile played on his lips as he remembered their little adventure in the restroom. He couldn't believe what he had just done or that the dark gorgeous man had wanted to do it at all with someone like him but he felt happy and pleased. And he couldn't wait for tomorrow.

"By the way" Ethan's voice almost startled Reid as he silently repeated Derek's number in his head. "I saw a future colleague of your in the club while I was looking for you" Ethan said absentmindedly as he watched a balcony full of girls flashing themselves for a group of men standing under them.

Reid frowned confused "A future colleague?"

"Yeah.." Ethan stopped to watch the girls "Some guy Gideon introduced me to as I dropped by his office last week looking for you. He had just finished showing the man around and he told me he was the newest member of the BAU, and I know you got your heart and mind set on that department. God I love this place!" Ethan screamed with a childish smile as one of the girl stripped of her skirt and panties to match her naked upper body.

"W-what was the guys name?" Reid asked feeling the panic growing inside him. Please don't say Derek Morgan!

Ethan shrugged, still watching the girls as a police car drove up to put a stop to the fun "Last name Morgan.. And I think his first name was Darren or Daniel or something. Yeah, Darren Morgan sounds about right. Big black guy, seemed nice, in a slightly terrifying way"

Reid's eyes widen as he hears the name and poor but matching description. He suddenly wants to scream from the top of his lungs but his mouth wouldn't work. His head started spinning again and he suddenly felt sick. He pushed by Ethan and a couple of other people into a small ally just in time before emptying his stomach.

"Spence, are you ok buddy?" Ethan asked as he put a hand on Reid who stood leaning against the brick wall.

Reid nodded but his inside was violently revolting. He should have known it was to good to be true. "I'm fine" He said "But I'm never drinking again" He tried to smile at his friend.

Ethan chuckled as he lead Reid out of the ally. "Always with the drama" He jokes "Lighten up my young apprentice. All you need is some sleep and a breath mint. And for being such a good sport tonight, I'll buy you breakfast, no, make it lunch. Tomorrow. How does that sound?"

"Sounds good to me" Spencer says hollow. His heart starts aching as he files Derek's number under unnecessary knowing in the back of his head. "I got no plans for tomorrow."

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