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Before you read this fanfic, this is an official sequel to my fanfic called "Pokémon Heroes: Uprising" that's currently in motion and won't reach a finished stage anytime soon. This fic contains spoilers to that. If you don't want to be spoiled, don't read this. If you don't mind, go ahead and read this, but you have been warned. Anyways…

For Valentine's Day, I decided to make a fic that's considered to be the official sequel to the same fic of the same name that was mentioned earlier. This one's got all your favorite classic anime characters such as Ash, Misty and Brock, and to top it off, it's got some of the classics such as Latias, Latios, Bianca (childhood friend of the Eon dragons) Leon (a Ranger with some…special powers), Jimmy (the human incarnation of Krakatoa, a Typhlosion), Erlade (an honorable man, also the incarnation of Gallade) and Raine (an OC character who has a crush on Ash submitted by a friend of mines) and her trusty sidekick, Blade (a Scizor). Team Rocket themselves even make an appearance here! But they're not here for troubles…uh, yes they are. Unfortunately. =P

Whatever. Just enjoy this. PokeShippers and AltoShippers, this is for you. Happy Valentine's Day, even though I despise the holiday more than 5 years old canned beans. I feel your agony if you're still a loner like me, but don't lose hope! =P

A very Rocky Valentine's Day

Part 1: Preparing for Valentine's Day

"Love doesn't come by money or materials. It's something that is earned. Those who get such feelings through materialistic value are being deceived."-Leon, Corporal of the Pokémon Ranger Corps

"Friendship and family cannot be broken through any means as long as we believe in ourselves and to our hearts."-Latias of Alto Mare

"I have seen the light! I will definitely find the girl of my dreams here in this town!"-Brock, during his visit to Alto Mare

"A secret is something you safeguard from people you do not trust while sharing with those you hold close to your heart."-Bianca

"Keeping a promise means living up to your word, not just performing the task that's requested. In this case, you make sure the one who gave you it is satisfied."-Latios of Alto Mare

"I love the smell of burning agents in the morning…wait…I meant, whoa, wrong place!"-Krakatoa

"That's what friends are for! Not just sticking out for each other but giving support, both physically and mentally, when needed!"-Jimmy

"I want to be the very best, that no one ever was…"-Ash Satoshi Ketchum

Sunlight shone through the trees and into the eyes of Latias, prompting her to flutter her large, amber-colored eyes open. Her adorable face was met with rays of warm ultraviolet rays, and the fresh morning air brought a feeling happiness and excitement to the energetic dragon girl. Down below, another Eon Pokémon was snoring away, although this one was different as it possessed the shiny color scheme of her male counterpart and a couple of other notable differences.

"Hey, Leon. Wake up!" She dived down and began to yank at his ears as if they were rubber bands. Disgruntled moans and hisses came from the creature as he tried to bat her away with his claws while still asleep.

"Go…away…spaghetti will be…mmm!" The Pokémon whispered in his sleep.

Rolling her eyes, Latias realized he was having dreams about food again. Leon never dreams of anything serious…it's either food or victories in combat. Well, I guess this will have to do.

Flying back up the tree, she rummaged through a stash of tools that were used to play pranks on her friends, and after a bit of messing around, she pulled out an air horn. Grinning evilly, she floated down the tree, moved the horn close to Leon's ears, and trying not to giggle, pumped the compressor as hard as she could and sent a loud honking sound right into the sleeping creature's ears.


Leon literally exploded out of his sleep. Jolting out of his nap like mad, the Pokémon flew up, screaming from the sudden surprise and placing his claws on his ears.

"WHAT WAS THAT! Are we under attack!" He glanced around, only to find Latias laughing away like the immature girl she was. "Oh…what a surprise, it's you…but did you have to do that! You just killed my ears!" The painful shockwaves from her "wake up call" continued to ring in his highly sensitive ears.

Tossing up the air horn back into the tree, the toy of hers made a clanging sound before something like glass breaking was heard. Folding her arms across her chest, she scolded her friend. "Well, it's not my fault you're such a sleepyhead! Do you know what tomorrow is?" She looked at him with the most impatient face she could put on. It was obvious she was trying to send a message even though his thoughts were still in the clouds.

Yawning a bit, he stretched out his wings. "Saturday, everyone's favorite day of the week? I can sure use the day to catch up some gaming with Jimmy and the others."

"No, silly! It's Valentine's Day tomorrow! And it's also when Ash and his friends are coming to town to visit us! Now stay here, I'm going to wake my brother up!"

"You woke me up for that! You little-ah, what's the point. Girls, always getting whatever they want…" Leon rolled his eyes a bit. He shook his head, trying to get the ringing noise still stuck in his head after Latias's method of waking him up. As much as he loved to get her back with more brutal methods, he didn't want to end up on the bad side of her brother, even if it was just a joke. Latios is so overprotective of his sister that if someone tried to offer her a burger, I'd feel sorry for the poor generous guy! He slowly followed her, trying to get his ears back into working order.

A short distance away, Latias flew up a large tree where she discovered her brother still sleeping peacefully. Levitating herself up to Latios, she used less "interesting" tactics to wake him up. Instead, she simply shook him like any 10 year would wake their parents up on the day of the amusement park trip.

"Brother, wake up! It's another beautiful day! Come on, let's play!" She continued to nudge him continuously with her head.

The Eon Pokémon grumbled in his sleep, still hoping to catch some extra shut-eye before the day really began. It was a sunny, bright Saturday morning, but one thing was for sure. There was no way Latios was going to wake up on a weekend morning. While he was a talented fighter, good friend/companion, and protective figure in most senses, he was definitely not an early bird. "Go bother Leon instead…" He mumbled groggily in his sleep, hoping his hyperactive sister would go annoy Leon, a Ranger, instead. "I'm sure…he'd want to…play with…" He attempted to fall straight back to sleep without listening to his sister.

"Wake up, you lazy lug! Where's your Valentine's Day spirit!" She shook her brother with her claws again, but it wasn't enough to wake him up. Grumbling in a frustrated manner, she wanted him to wake up immediately because today was a very special day. "We have to prepare our surprise for Ash and his friends!"

Latios gave her one glance while yawning heavily. "You are one annoying sister." He laughed before finally getting up and rubbing his eyes sleepily.

"But tomorrow's the big day! Ash and his friends are visiting us, and I can't wait for their arrival!" She sighed heartily before blushing slightly.

"Yeah, I'm sure he'll run away because of your head over heels love for him!" A voice interrupted the group. Both Eon Pokémon turned around, and witnessed yet another Eon Pokémon approach them, but one with a different color scheme. "Isn't your sister the most annoying little creature ever? She makes the commanding officers back at HQ look good." Fact to Leon, the Pokémon Ranger Corps had some of the most demanding officers, but they would never go to the point of waking their personnel up at 7 in the morning with an air horn.

Latios greeted his shiny counterpart with a smile. "Leon, up so early? You aren't exactly the brightest early bird here."

"Thank your sister for waking me with an air horn because she wanted me to help her with…uh…how should I put it this way? The surprise for Ash. Because I know Latias is madly in love with him, even though he clearly doesn't to begin with!" He snickered at Latios's sister, whom promptly pulled out a wooden mallet out of nowhere.

"What did you say!" She threatened, clutching the hammer in her claws.

"Latias and Ash, sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G!" Leon taunted while sticking his tongue out. "Catch me if you can, you little pipsqueak!" Folding his wings back, he rocketed through the garden hoping Latias wouldn't get him for his joke. "My speed knows no equal!"

"HEY! Get back here!" Latias flew into a playful rage as she rocketed after the Ranger, with Leon laughing all the way while trying to flee from her onslaught.

"Don't kill him, sis! He's a very special one to us all, remember that!" Latios called out. He couldn't help but laugh even harder at the scene.

Digging deep into his thoughts, he remembered the time where the young man had saved him from certain death. Only a last-minute and life-risking technique dubbed as the life transfusion saved his life, but with benefits and consequences at the same time. First of all, the transfer of the majority of Leon's life into the Eon Pokémon had allowed him not only to fight with even more power and strength, but it had also granted him the ability to speak the human language perfectly (all thanks to the human's knowledge) as well as strengthen his reflexes. For the Ranger, however, he wasn't as lucky as the transfusion nearly left him for dead, so as a thank you gift to him, Latios gave a portion of his own power to his savior. The combination of human and Pokémon spirit, genetics and energy has allowed the Ranger to transform into yet another Latios at will and whenever he wished, but the blue portions of his body were greenish-aquamarine, and his eyes had a shade of black as opposed to piercing red. The "triangle" on his chest turned into a light bluish color as opposed to red or yellow. Ever since he acquired the magnificent power, he had been using it to fight evil, both in the form of a Pokémon and a human. Careful covert methods had allowed him to remain a mystery to most humans, as it was a secret that could not be revealed to the world for there would be someone ready to steal it.

While Latios had learned the human language, he tried to pass on his knowledge to Latias but his sister had a harder time learning the language so he decided it would be best if she stuck with mind communication.

He's performing his task with outstanding results. Perhaps he could be considered to be my successor, even though we don't really have a need for one. He's real good at keeping it a secret too, not even the Pokémon Ranger Corps knows about this. But yet, he has a lot to learn.

As a promise, Leon had sworn himself to safeguard this secret at all costs. No one, except for the few individuals that helped bring down the joint United Aerospace Armed Forces/Team Rocket alliance with him had known this. Those agents who were arrested in the end of the conflict were sworn to silence about this secret. Some didn't comply however, and Latios decided to literally rip their minds apart to ensure it stays as a hidden myth for many decades to come.

Too bad the same couldn't be said about his silly relationship with everyone else! He smiled, hoping Leon didn't catch his thought. While they couldn't classify him as a guardian of Alto Mare because of his allegiance (not to mention he wasn't completely a Pokémon, but rather a combination of a human and a Pokémon), the Ranger was free to visit the city whenever he wasn't on duty. Ever since the conflict ended, the world remained in relative peace, so he spent most of his time visiting them and learning more about his powers.

A loud bonk was heard in the distance, and it was only minutes later that Leon came hovering back, holding his head in pain while tears were streaming from his eyes. "Your…your sister…is so mean! I mean, she hit me so hard I'm seeing multiple yous at the moment!" Swaying as he attempted to keep afloat, he promptly crashed to the ground as Latias flew back swiftly, holding the wooden mallet in between her claws. "Medic…"

"That's what you get for teasing me!" She replied angrily, ready to hit him again with her mallet. "I may be a girl but it doesn't mean I can't catch you!"

"No more, sis. You're going to kill the poor guy." Latios tried to hide his giggles. "Pfft…but he's got a point…I mean…GAHAHAHA! I mean really! I know Ash is afraid of you, why else would he only come to Alto Mare once every year! Because you scare him ever since you started stalking him!" He landed on the ground, laughing his guts out as he pounded his paws on the grass while trying to suppress his uncontrollable laughter.

"Brother! You're not funny! That's it, you get it!" She raised the mallet again in an attempt to hit her brother over the head, only to be interrupted by a girl's voice in the distance.

"Latias! Latios! Leon! Breakfast is ready!" Bianca wandered out to the garden, waving and smiling. "What's everyone up to?"

Leon moved forward a bit, still clutching his head. "She's so mean! She-" He was about to let the real truth out when Latias glared at him with an evil smile.

Say I hit you over the head that to you and I'll tell her that you tried to use her drawings as toilet paper for a couple of Growlithes! She focused the thought into his mind. Go on, tell. I'm waiting!

Gulping, he knew there was no way he could tell otherwise Bianca would literally kill him for the prank. Using her precious homemade artwork to pull of stunts was not a good idea. At all. "Uh…never mind. What I meant to say was that Latias was nice enough to wake us up just in time for breakfast!" Leon reverted to his human form, resembling a Ranger with messy black hair, a vest and a pair of running shoes. Essentially, it was the standard Ranger uniform for male units of the Pokémon Ranger Corps. "I'm so hungry, is food ready?"

That's better. Latias hid the wooden mallet by tossing it back into some bushes and whistling innocently.

"Well, it's nice you did so, Latias! You always look out for your brother and your new companion, don't you? And not yet, Mr. Ranger. I thought the three of you would still be sleeping away, so this was a wake-up call." The female Eon Pokémon simply cooed cheerily in return, all the while hiding her giggles and a sinister smile behind her cute innocent face.

Latios raised a claw, wanting to side with his rescuer. "I'd love to tell you, Latias actually-"

Determined to keep it a secret, Latios's sister came up with another sinister secret hidden from her human friend. Tell her the truth and I'll say you tried to backfire all the toilets in Alto Mare by clogging it with a wad of old sandwiches you snuck out of the fridge! Don't forget the time you tried to open the window curtains from outside and tried to take a picture when Bianca when she was changing in her room!

"Uh, actually, what Leon said!" Latios sweatdropped nervously. Please, sis! I didn't mean to! Leon dared me because I lost a nose-picking and nose-hair yanking contest!

About a Year Ago…

"Tell you what, since you lost the gamble to my nose-picking and hair-yanking contest…" Leon smiled evilly. "I'll give you a demand that's easy…for you to do. Forget the toilet stunt."

"Uh…what could it be?" Latios sweated nervously, his nose still itching. He was relieved he didn't have to reach into every toilet in Alto Mare just to clog it with a sandwich.

Leon transformed into an Eon Pokémon, flew up to the second floor of Bianca's house and gestured towards one of the windows that led to Bianca's bedroom. "Bianca's changing right now, and I promised Brock a…present, if you catch my drift!" Leon raised his eyebrows a bit, pulled out a camera and tried to hide his giggles. "Go up there, open the curtain, you know the drill!" He handed him the camera, forcefully placing it into his claws. "Do so or else I'll tell your sister that you tried to put a Spinarak in her salad and that you tried to sneak into the girls' bathroom once!"

Latios heard the sound of a mirror breaking in his mind, realizing what their plan was. "ARE YOU MAD! If Bianca catches me I'm dead meat! I know this stunt is funny and I have to keep a promise, but…"

"Don't worry, I'll erase her memory. I promise." Leon tried not to laugh at his newfound powers. Being able to wipe minds and erase anyone's memories is incredible. For some reasons, he made a promise to Brock a couple of months back, and that he would be rewarded 10,000 Poke dollars if he was able to bring him back a present he loved. He also made a promise to split the bounty money with Latios if the prank went well. "You get 5000 credits if you help me!"

"Oh, all right…I could use that money to buy that new technical machine I always wanted." Latios hesitantly activated the camera to standby mode as Leon sneakily tried to open the curtains without making a noise. Both were cloaked, rendering themselves nearly invisible to the naked human eye.

"What are you two doing!" A voice interrupted them. Both Leon and Latios whirled their heads around in surprise only to be confronted by an angry Latias. "You're not…spying on her, aren't you?"

"Why, no! We were about to surprise Bianca and take her…um, surprised look shot! You know, when we fly in to the bedroom cloaked and we go BOO, and we snap the picture!" The Ranger lied, trying not to laugh. Latios grinned nervously as he quickly hid the camera behind him.

"Explain yourselves." She folded her claws across her chest, with one of her fingers tapping like a disappointed parent at her children. "Otherwise I'll tell her personally…remember, I can read every single one of your thoughts!"

Disappointed at their prank gone bad, both individuals shook their head in disappointment and confessed themselves.

Modern Day

Well then, be a good brother and play along! Latias gave another evil smile, ready to break the secret.

Yes sis. Latios moaned a bit in disappointment. Sorry Leon, I tried. But I'll be dead if Bianca finds out our stunt, even though she probably knows to begin with!

Eh, it's all right. I expected no less. Even though the blame should be all on me! He moved his hands around a bit, trying to get used to both his human and Eon dragon body.

"So, are you guys coming? My grandfather and I made pancakes, waffles and strawberries and you are all welcome!" Bianca was about to continue her sentence when both Latios and Leon raced towards the house faster than a speeding hyper beam. "Jimmy and Krakatoa are already there, so why don't you come along? I mean-oh…"

"Last one to the pancakes is a rotten dead Magikarp!" Leon called out, already halfway to the patio that led into the house.

"In your dreams Ranger!" Latios laughed, chasing the human/Pokémon Ranger all the way.

"They never change, do they?" Bianca shook her head in disappointment.

I guess. But I'm happy to have them around! She spoke into her mind. Such friendly and warm-hearted jokers that are always ready to crack a laugh. She herself loved jokes, especially the crueler ones. The air horn and mallet stunt brought a giggle to herself, as she always wanted to toy around with someone else who wasn't her brother.

"Me too. Let's go before they eat half our work!"

Both girls headed back towards the house, hoping both of their friends would at least save a few pancakes and waffles for them.

Bianca's House

"Jimmy, could you please help me get some more firewood? I have to make sure the pancakes don't get burned like last time!" Lorenzo asked as he made fireplace-toasted waffles and pancakes. Keeping up the tradition of being an environmentally-friendly city, most of the inhabitants used natural ways to cook their food, warm their houses, and used boats that required a paddle(s) to operate. Running water and electrical-powered appliances such as lights and television sets, however, were powered by technology, mostly environmentally-safe methods. Because of this, Alto Mare is often regarded as the cleanest and least polluted region in the world, making it a popular tourist attraction.

"Sure, gramps!" The trainer stopped stacking the pancakes and hurried outside to the shed, where his Typhlosion was rapidly chopping away at the wood with his battle-hardened paws. "Krakatoa, mind if I get some more firewood?" He asked.

"Right away." The Pokémon replied in a voice that was exactly similar to his but slightly lower and gruffer, and pointed over to the pile. Jimmy nodded, gathered some wood, and hurried back into the house. He returned to his task of slicing the blocks of timber.

Krakatoa, as his name implies, was the famous talking Typhlosion who was one of the few survivors of the joint UAAF/Team Rocket genetics program, Project Alpha. A new weapons program to create totally obedient Pokémon slaves by fusing humans with Pokémon, it was dubbed a failure after most of them did not listen and rebelled. While Typhlosion survived, many of his former friends did not. While he mourned at the fact he would be stuck like that forever, they managed to return his human side back into his rightful trainer, bringing him back. But a complication left Krakatoa with a beneficial feature: he could speak and understand human languages like any average human. Because of his time with Bianca the Pokémon periodically visits his former trainer as often as he can, much to Jimmy's dismay who wanted to travel.

Jimmy headed back into the house, just in time to get knocked over by Leon and Latios. Blocks of firewood flew through the air and scattered across the floor of Bianca's house as both shot themselves towards the dinner table and immediately got to work and attempted to gobble down the goodies on the table. Both were almost frozen immediately by an invisible force.

"I-I can't move!" Leon yelped, feeling every part of his body frozen.

"…I knew this would happen…" Latios muttered disappointingly. "Next time, I'm not going to be your stunt double."

Bianca and Latias walked into the house with a smile, with the female Eon dragon's eyes glowing bright blue. While they couldn't match their speed, her psychic powers could easily stop them dead in their tracks. "Good job, Latias. Maybe you should tutor these boys on how to be gentlemen." The female Eon Pokémon giggled and cooed happily, and released her control on her brother and friend.

"That wasn't funny! Wait till I get you back!" Leon rubbed his hands together.

Go ahead and try, Ranger boy! Latias smiled devilishly. Your psychic powers are no match for mines!

"Hey Leon! Good to see you again!" Jimmy greeted the Ranger upon seeing him. "It's been a while. How have you been?"

"You too, well, just the usual, I guess. It's been peaceful ever since the conflicts ended." He scratched his head a bit. "Where's Krakatoa?"

"Outside, chopping the firewood. Want to help?"

Leon nodded. "Be happy to, I could use some exercise on hand stamina. Latios, you coming?"

"What do I have to lose…" He eyed his sister, who was helping Bianca stir more pancake batter. "I'm not exactly good at cooking so I'll join you two."

As the three boys (or two boys and the Pokémon) headed outside to the shed, Lorenzo turned to her granddaughter and the Eon Pokémon. Brushing his sooty hands and wiping them clean with a cloth, he couldn't help but notice why they were always giggling extensively. But then to him it was obvious they were toying with the boys once again, possibly one of their favorite pastimes. "Did you prank poor Latios and the Ranger again?"

"Latias sure did." Bianca laughed, recalling the air horn and mallet act that her Pokémon friend told her about. "She never gets enough of it."

I finally managed to catch Leon and hit him over the head with a mallet! Latias spoke cheerfully into their minds.

"Well, that's a bit cruel, don't you think?" Lorenzo questioned her definition of a "prank", as physical pain was by far no means funny. "You could've cracked the poor boy's skull!"

He made fun of me! I had to put him in his place after he thinks a girl can't match his so called "Mach 1" speed when I can clearly fly at twice of that!

"Whatever floats your happy soul!" The man chuckled.

While Bianca clearly enjoyed the pranks Latias pulled on everyone else (especially Leon in particular), deep down she knew they were just joking around. For if it wasn't for the young Ranger's dangerous and potential sacrifice, Latios would not be here today. It also allowed the impossible, by giving the Eon Pokémon a second chance at life. His Soul Dew remained in Alto Mare's secret garden, while the transfer of Leon's soul allowed him to continue living while gaining human knowledge and abilities. She couldn't thank the Ranger enough for his brave contribution.

And then there was Ash and his willingness to give part of his own life force to Krakatoa, whom was Bianca's Pokémon for a while until his trainer was revived.

I owe them both a lot, but they're so modest…it's as if they're living and serving our needs just to make us happy.

Something wrong, Bianca? Latias asked.

It's nothing. Let's finish making the pancakes, I'm starving! Bianca spoke back telepathically in a cheerful manner.


Jimmy, Leon and Latios headed outside and found Krakatoa continuing his tedious, yet boredom-easing work of chopping away at wood. As he was a Pokémon that loved to fight, smashing away at wood didn't bore him out one bit even if it did leave painful marks on his paws. "Ah, you're back, and you brought some friends." Krakatoa complimented as the team arrived.

"Great to see you again, Krakatoa. What brings you here?" Latios asked.

"Well, I wanted to come see Bianca again, and my trainer didn't mind. Right Jimmy?" He turned while nudging him a bit with a smile.

"Yeah, what he said." He tried not to blush. After all, both the trainer and his Pokémon built a fondness of the artist and amateur Pokémon Trainer ever since she risked her life to save them on numerous occasions during the conflict with the UAAF/Team Rocket. Leon and Latios tried not to laugh at their blushes.

"Please, it's nothing! It's not what you think!" Krakatoa waved his arms nervously, clearly realizing they were catching onto his thoughts.

"You can't hide anything from me, remember?" Leon responded, clearly reprimanding him about his newly gained psychic powers. "But don't worry, I understand. I'd feel the same way towards someone else that showed that much care towards you."

"I'd challenge you to a battle if you did." Jimmy's Typhlosion smiled at him smugly while he pounded his fists. "That's a secret no one else should know about!"

Leon snickered in a mocking manner as he sliced a whole block of wood apart by simply staring at it and amplifying his psychic powers. "I can beat you even if I was blindfolded and tied to a chair." He boasted as he stacked the blocks. If Latios can easily take down the toughest Pokémon by just looking at them and focusing my powers, I can too.

"Don't push it, Leon…remember what I said." Latios warned. While he was grateful for the Ranger that saved his life, he had promised him to help improve his fighting prowess but in return he had to promise the Eon Pokémon that he can't abuse it, such as for criminal or unethical purposes. The Ranger had kept his promise without any flaw, aside from pulling the usual prank. Latios was just proud he kept to his word.

"Sorry. Got a little carried away there." Picking up the wood, he carried them back into the house. Meanwhile, Jimmy and his Typhlosion wiped some sweat from their heads, looking forward to a nice breakfast for their well-earned hard work.

"Need some help?" Latios asked the two as they hefted more blocks of wood. Their struggling and grunting made him feel like they needed the assistance. "You know I can always help you in a snap, if you needed it."

"No, it's alright!" Jimmy yelped a bit as he struggled up the stairs and into the house.

"Me too!" Krakatoa began to sway side from side, trying not to topple a whole stack of firewood as he tried to balance them all in place. Unfortunately for him, one of the blocks of wood knocked itself off the edge of the door's frame as he headed in, and upon falling off, it fell and smacked his head, causing him to fall to the floor and sending the entire stack onto the ground with multiple clunks. "I guess I could use a hand or two…"

Latios tried not to laugh, and used his psychic powers to levitate every single block that was dropped. "Alright, come on. You can return to your task of chopping wood."

About 30 Minutes Later

Cooking the remaining pancakes and waffles didn't take a very long time, as the continuous and constant stream of supply of firewood from the boys allowed the food to be cooked rapidly. Bianca and Latias's contribution also helped and the end result of this cooperation: a giant buffet consisting of stacks of pancakes and waffles soaked in sweet maple syrup and butter, all topped off with some delicious and fresh strawberries. None of the boys could resist the urge to dive straight into the food, as they had to perform the most back-breaking labor.

"LET'S DIG IN!" Leon yelped as he dived towards the biggest stack of pancakes. "That one's mines!"

No no no! Remember your manners! Latias stopped him in his tracks once again with her psychic powers. This forced the Ranger to sit back down, mumbling angrily. Meanwhile, Jimmy and Krakatoa attempted to sneak the whole plate for themselves when they realized the female Eon dragon was preoccupied.

"If Latias won't let Leon take the whole plate, you two aren't getting all of them." Latios whispered as he utilized his telekinesis energy to freeze them. He was only playing along so he wouldn't make himself look like a fool in front of everyone else, especially in front of his sibling. True to his serious nature, embarrassing himself wasn't an option here.

"Not fair…" Krakatoa muttered.

"You boys may have saved the world, but you need lessons in the manners department." Bianca crossed her arms. Latias could only chirp in agreement with her.

"Please!" Lorenzo calmed the potential fight. "There's plenty to go around. No need to start yet another war here."

The group proceeded to eat breakfast in a proper manner: this meant no eating like pigs, stuffing an entire plate over their faces, or in this case for the Eon Pokémon, Latios digs his whole face into a stack of pancakes and waffles. Unfortunately for the girls, manners didn't last here. It wasn't long before it turned into a disgusting burping contest. Leon, Jimmy and Typhlosion all joined in for a burping contest, each boy and Pokémon belching like pigs on a ranch. While Latias was clearly disgusted at their manners, Bianca actually enjoyed the show even if it meant she somewhat lost her appetite at the boys' silly acts. It didn't take long for Latios to participate and join in on the fun too as he began to unleash monstrous burps that actually managed to scare a whole flock of Pidgey resting outside on their patio set. The small, bird Pokémon all flew away in horror as if there was an angry beast in Bianca's house.

"Good one!" Krakatoa complimented. He tossed a whole pancake into his mouth, munched it vigorously, and gulped it all down, licking his lips. "Pull it off again but this time with 4 liters of soda!"

"I can do better, but my sister isn't too happy if I continue this…" He turned over to his sibling, catching a non-amused look.

I'm glad I don't need to take you out for expensive dinners…not that you'd want to! She gave off some angry cooing noises.

"Psh, no one wants to go out with you with your picky attitude." Leon snorted, trying not to laugh as he drank some milk. It was only seconds later he exploded into laughter, sending milk squirting out of his nose. The thought of burping like a gun firing in a fancy restaurant (which was what he exactly did at the celebration dinner last year, much to Latias and Bianca's dismay) made him lose control.

About a Year Ago, at a Fancy Restaurant in Alto Mare…

The whole gang was here. Everyone that participated in the mission to take down the UAAF and Team Rocket alliance was present at the celebration dinner, all sponsored by the authorities as a thank you present to the courageous youths. A lot of other people and Pokémon were also invited, as it brought to the cheery atmosphere and enjoyment of company.

It was not long before the whole group was seated at their own table. The Eon dragons, disguised as Bianca and another male human that Latios took a fondness of, were also present. Of course, they couldn't turn down the gathering with their friends. Everyone had dressed up in a fancy or attractive manner in order to enjoy the evening. Except for the Pokémon, as they didn't like to dress up to begin with.

"Hey kid, I challenge you to a burping contest." Krakatoa whispered to Leon. "Since you're a Pokémon now, demonstrate your power here! Show me how powerful a psychic's burp can get!"

"No way! This is a formal dinner. We can't act like pigs here!" The Ranger abruptly replied quietly.

"No one said anything about no jokes allowed!" He laughed. "Now let's try it out."

Rolling his eyes, he noticed Latios taking notice. "Uh…I don't know…"

Leon, I know you want to show off your powers, but please refrain from doing so. Remember, it is a secret that must not be revealed. For it may lead to drastic consequences. I'd take the powers away from you if you did, but it would be an insult for what you did to save my life. His eyes glowed as he sent the message into the Ranger's mind.

Calm down! I won't transform here. Don't worry, just keep your sister from being annoying again. She's like my mom when I was younger! He shivered at the things that Latias always did to him, like reminding him to brush his teeth, take a shower, do his homework, have manners, and the like. Homework to her often referred to the training that he had to undergo.

Hmph. He turned back to his sister and continued the conversation.

"Excuse me!" Krakatoa called out to a waiter. "Can we get two bottles of soda please?"

The waiter caught his request, and hurried over with two bottles of fizzy soda drinks. "Here you go, sir."

Typhlosion smiled and accepted the drinks, giving one of the glass containers with the gassy liquid to Leon. Both began to chug them extensively, with the pressure from the carbon gas rising from within their bodies. It was not long before they felt a large force trying to escape from their stomachs.

"Ready?" The Volcano Pokémon snickered a bit.

The Ranger nodded. He was about to puke out the largest amount of gas on his record.

Seconds after, a massive burp exploded from both individuals, shaking the entire restaurant in thunderous blast of shockwaves that somehow managed to shatter some windows. The tremendous blasts was so loud, Latias and Latios had problems with their ears following the event. Everyone in the restaurant turned their heads to the two, realizing what on earth just happened.

"YEAH!" Typhlosion cheered. "Now that was manly, my friend!" He high-fived the Ranger, and his trainer Jimmy could only laugh at the stunt.

While angry at the rude awakening, everyone else in the restaurant laughed. Fortunately for Latios, Leon didn't revert back into his Eon Pokémon form, as it would cause news headlines if it happened.

Latias, on the other hand, was not very happy, and she'd definitely remember the event for years to come.

The Modern Day

Jimmy and Typhlosion immediately detonated into uncontrollable laughter also, falling out of their chairs and cackling like maniacs. While Bianca and Lorenzo would be utterly disappointed, not even the two gentle humans could resist. They joined in, giggling and chuckling.

I'm surrounded by idiots…Latias thought. She sighed and dropped her head on the table with a disappointed expression.

Hey sis, don't worry. Everyone has their own definition of jokes. Now come on, brighten up! Everyone's having a happy time here. I'm only not laughing because I'm trying to suppress it! Latios held his lips tight, but it was clear he was going to dive straight into laughing hell in moments.

Leon stopped laughing after, his Ranger-style vest soaked with milk. "I haven't pulled that off in years! Man that felt good. But really Latias, you should stop being such an uptight lady! We should be able to joke around like a bunch of chimpanzees sometimes. Laughter makes everything better!" He gulped down some milk, this time for real.

Oh, all right! Latias took a bite from her pancake, digging her whole face into the plate. Is this how you do it?

"You're on your way." Krakatoa stacked 10 pancakes at once and dropped them all into his mouth, gulping it down and unleashing a thunderous burp. By mistake, he unleashed a wave of fire that shot straight for Bianca, who didn't notice the jet of fire aimed at her by accident.

"I got that!" Leon casted a force field around her, dissipating the flames and saving her from being burned. "Be careful there, you should only do that when you're fighting!" While Bianca was protected, it didn't save half a stack of pancakes from being turned into a heap of burning, toasted flapjacks. "Oh…"

"Half our breakfast toasted immediately, literally…" Lorenzo commented. "Don't worry, I'll make us some more! I'm not that hungry anyways." He finished his plate and headed over to the fireplace to proceed cooking some more.

"If you guys don't mind, I'll take all the burned food. Speak now!" Krakatoa reached for the burned food. No one interrupted him. "Yay!" He grabbed the plate and began to munch it down, enjoying the charred flapjacks in a vigorous manner.

"Ok, now I really lost my appetite." Bianca commented, putting her fork down.

Me too. Latias stopped, scratching her head nervously. A pancake suddenly flew through the air and landed on her head. Apparently, it was Leon attempting to launch the food through the air and right into Latios's gaping mouth using his psychic abilities, but his inexperienced skills with telekinesis didn't help as much. Hey!

"Sorry, it's not like-" Latias immediately sent the pancake right back at the Ranger's face, soaking his face with maple syrup. "What the! I didn't even explain myself yet!"

"Food fight!" Krakatoa took this opportunity to lighten the day up further. He grabbed a pancake and splattered it on Bianca, syrup dripping all over her green shirt and white-colored short skirt. "Score one for the boys back home!"

"Krakatoa! That was my favorite shirt!"

"I thought your wardrobe always consisted of a green shirt and a white skirt!" He laughed in response to her comment.

She gripped the piece of food as it dripped with syrup and sent it straight back at him right on his chest. While it splashed all over his fur, it didn't irritate him one bit as he clenched the crumpled pancake and gulped it down.

"That's disgusting!" Bianca commented on his way of eating.

"Doesn't matter. I ate trash and rats back in my days!"

Latias smirked evilly, and sent a whole barrage of pancakes right at all four boys, giving them a whole new makeover. Latios and Leon, however, eased the advantage to their favor by sending back the pancakes with their respective psychic powers.

Lorenzo looked up, and was just purely outright amazed at the fun the kids were having. "Ok kids, keep the fight up! I have to capture this moment on camera!" He hurried over to the shelf and retrieved a camera. This was perhaps the only time he allowed such mayhem to be present in his house, but then to him, they were just all kids that should have fun.

Jimmy and Typhlosion ducked behind some pancakes, laughing. "That's not fair! You have a psychic on your side!" His Pokémon nodded.

Well, you have TWO psychics on your team! Latias decided to fight fairly this time. Most of the pancakes she flung often ended up in the gaping mouths of Krakatoa and Leon, but on rare occasions Latios would control them and send them back. Brother, come on! That's not funny!

Sorry, but it's been so long I've had fun THIS thrilling and immature. Latios gulped down two pancakes that were thrown at him. Come on sis, join in! Otherwise I'll make you!

Very well…just don't cry when I ruin all your beautiful feathers and fur!

Lorenzo hurried over to the table with his camera and quickly snapped the picture before it got out of hand, taking a quick shot. While the picture couldn't be printed immediately since it was a digital camera, he decided he could show it to them in the future. "Well kids, I suppose we should finish eating for sure, because tomorrow's the day when Ash and his friends arrive! We should give him a warm welcome, at the very least!" He glanced at the pigsty caused by the fight. This would be a terrible first impression to them.

"Sure thing, Lorenzo!" Jimmy spoke up, wiping some maple syrup off his shirt.

"I guess." Leon tried to free his hands a bit which was somewhat glued together by the globs of maple syrup stuck on his arms. "So, let's clean this mess up everyone!"

Everyone helped to clean up the disgusting mess, with Typhlosion being the one who ate all the ruined pancakes and all the maple syrup that was splattered on various surfaces. Latios, Latias and Leon ate the still-fresh food, not hoping to waste it. Bianca gathered all the used plates, forks and other utensils, and washed them all in the kitchen amidst trying to keep the feeling of the sticky maple syrup away. Jimmy took the liberty to help her with the dishes, seeing how he didn't want to eat the rest of the pancakes nor did he want to lick syrup off the surface of the floor.

"That was fun, wasn't it?" He commented as he wiped some dishes clean. "I never expected it to turn like that!"

"Well…" Bianca was unsure. "I'm glad you had fun. That's all that matters."

The rest of the morning involved the team cleaning themselves, with Bianca taking a quick shower and getting a fresh change of clothes. Jimmy had to wait for her, while Leon, Latios and Latias scrubbed themselves clean at the sacred garden's fountains, rivers and ponds. This just gave another chance for the female Eon dragon to pull one of her cruel pranks on the Ranger. Typhlosion, as he hated showers to begin with, had to forcefully take one even though he didn't want his fur to get wet.

Latias quietly snuck up on the human/Pokémon hybrid as he scrubbed himself and his clothes clean. While he could transform into a Pokémon at will, he could not duplicate clothes and thus had to do so by himself. He sat at the edge of the pond, scrubbing his vest and t-shirt in the water while humming a song to himself.

Heheheheh…second's time the charm. Latias thought evilly. She approached her victim and without warning, jabbed him in the ribs with both her claws.

Due to his ticklishness and lack of alertness, Leon literally flew into the air and splashed into the water while yelling in fright. He swam back up to the surface to come across the two siblings laughing, their ribs literally hurting them from cackling in insanity.

"I'll have to agree, that was amazing, the way you snuck up on him!" Latios literally choked as he laughed. "You're too funny!"

Why thank you! Latias helped Leon back to dry land. Aw come on, I was just having fun! She noticed his angry-looking face.

Leon smiled a bit, and without warning, slapped her with a Remoraid he had nabbed when he fell into the water. "Ah ha, I got you now!" He tossed the Pokémon back into the water before it died of exposure of being too long out of the water. "That was good, but I'll be alert next time!"

We'll see…oh, we'll see. The female Eon Pokémon was already plotting her revenge against him.

The three finished cleaning themselves (with Latias stealing Leon's pair of pants and forcing him to chase it in order to get it back during the process), and it wasn't long before Jimmy, Typhlosion and Bianca came running into the garden.

"What's up guys?" Leon asked, putting his shoes back on after he quickly pulled his pants back up.

"...why did you run around pantless?" Jimmy asked.

"You didn't see anything." He made an unamused face, and Latias tried to hide her giggles.

"Er..." Bianca tried to ignore the subject. "Anyways, we're heading out for some, uh, shopping, anyone want to come?" She asked. Typhlosion and his trainer started fidgeting nervously, realizing it was going to be their best time to get a Valentine's Day gift for the one special person that both of them admired. All the Eon dragons knew who it was, but they decided to promise it as a secret.

"I can come." The Ranger got to his feet, wringing out his vest and slinging it over his body.

Me too! Latias's body shimmered with blue light and in moments, transformed into an exact look-alike of Bianca, minus the beret she wore.

"I'll stay. Someone needs to look over this garden even in times of peace." Latios responded, not willing to take chances. He needed some alone time anyways. "Just be careful and have fun. Remember your promise, Leon."

"I got it, I got it." The Ranger nodded. He was getting tired of his companion nagging him all the time about containing his powers.

The group of five immediately wandered into the town, with Latios looking back towards his past as he hovered over to the Soul Dew. It was amazing that his previous life was gone, but he was resurrected by keeping a small piece to himself and later on, receiving the majority of Leon's life force to resurrect his entire body and strength completely and back to full potential. Having done the impossible in which all have failed prior to his success, he smiled. With evil all quiet, he was sure it would return, but he was certain it wasn't going to rear its ugly head for a very long time.

Alto Mare

"Hey, wait for us!" Bianca called out as Jimmy and Typhlosion sprinted forward and across the cobblestone-covered bridge. Latias strolled alongside her without saying anything, since she technically couldn't speak like a normal human could, at least not yet. From behind the identical-looking girls, Leon followed them closely, focusing his mind calmly and learning how to control his psychic powers. It was not long before Latias broke his silence.

Why so calm? I've never seen you so quiet before. She asked.

He responded to her question via mind telepathy. Sorry, I'm just not used to being in public like this. Most of my Ranger missions involved isolation from humanity, and ever since I gained these powers…it's making me feel insecure. I may still be human but I don't want to let the power go into my head. As cool as it was for him to be able to transform into an Eon Pokémon at will, there were restrictions. Breaking the secret to the entire world would lead to scientists, militaries, and government organizations attempting to capture him to see how it was possible for such a thing to happen.

Don't worry! Just stay calm and controlled. I know it's hard, but you've been doing well in terms of learning from my brother. Latias replied to him cheerfully. If you ever need help, I can be your mentor too!

I'll keep that in mind. He continued walking. My, if only my mother was that supportive before she passed away.

Oh, I'm sorry to hear that…Latias placed a hand around Leon's shoulder and held him close.

Hey, a little privacy please!

My bad. The Eon dragoness kept back to herself.

Jimmy and Typhlosion soon came to a gift shop, where they saw the perfect opportunity to purchase a present for their secret crush.

"Uh, we'll be right back!" Krakatoa called to the girls and Leon. Jimmy followed him without haste into the establishment.

The Ranger sat down on the rows of stone blocks that acted as a railing to prevent people from falling into the water. "I suppose they're buying something important for a special someone."

"Who?" Bianca asked with curiosity.

"That I cannot tell, for I'm not sure." He lied, even though it was clear they were getting something for her as a thank you for saving them on various occasions, not to mention a clear appreciation for their friendship.

At this time, Latias tugged Bianca's arm slightly and gestured towards another gift shop that stood across from the one where Jimmy and his Pokémon wandered into. "Oh, you want to buy something too?" The human asked. The Pokémon nodded without delay. She knew exactly who she was planning to buy the gift for.

"Please wait for us!" Bianca called back to Leon as Latias pulled her away.

"Take your time!" Leon called back. While he wanted to get something for someone too, it just wasn't the time to so. Not yet, anyways. He wasn't exactly interested in anyone anyways, at least at this moment.

From a short distance away, three familiar-looking faces observed him through tactical binoculars. They all chuckled in a sinister manner, knowing with his presence, the so called "twerps" would soon be here too.

"It's that Ranger!" Jessie exclaimed. "Wherever he goes, good luck always follows! But something's different about him…" She noticed his hairstyle was slightly different.

It was a problem all the Eon Pokémon possessed. Whenever they would take the form of a human, their two ears would remain as part of the disguise. While some never really noticed, it was an obvious telltale sign for those suspecting it.

"Eh, this time, we'll get him for sure!" Meowth wanted payback for what he did to them after the Johto International Airport incident.

"So does this mean he'll lead us to that Pikachu or those legendary Pokémon that Ash befriended? I want to capture it for myself!" James exclaimed, looking forward to selling them for large amounts of money. "We'll be so rich!"

"Shut it!" Meowth smacked him across the head. "First, we'll need a plan. Let's get a submarine, sneak it into this city, and use it to capture their Pokémon!" He flipped through a brochure that featured Alto Mare's main attractions. "The Tour de Alto Mare is tomorrow, this means we can snatch their Pokémon during the race!"

"Good idea!"


The three snuck off into some back alleyways, ready to set their plan into motion.

This is part 1. Stay tuned for parts 2 and 3!