Hold On Tight

By: Jessarie

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Prompt from Eleniel Gilraen: What could Peter have been? That is , if he didn't go Dark, if he confessed to them, if he was stronger?

Peter Pettigrew wasn't the best looking boy of his friends. He was short, stubby and usually had no clue what was going on unless it was explained to him. He hated the way things were. The way they had to be. It was sad that he was so weak. Maybe he could change. Maybe he could be like them. Maybe there was hope for him yet. So, with that thought in his mind, Peter began training to stand up to whoever he may need to when the time came.

Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, James Potter, and Peter Pettigrew had always been best friends. Although Peter was more like the outcast most of the time, they valued his opinions however lame they might sometimes be. When the other three learned of Remus' being a werewolf, they took action. All three becoming animangi right under Dumbledore's nose. What a laugh it was to run with Moony, as they named him. Sirius became a black dog, Padfoot. James a deer, Prongs. And lastly Peter was a rat, Wormtail. They needed someone small sometimes and he fit the bill perfectly.

A bright sunny morning after James had married Lily Evans, they were expecting their first child, all were sitting around wondering where Peter had disappeared to. Not five minutes later a rat ran in and scurried up onto the table. It began squeaking like there was no tomorrow.

"Transform, Pete, we can't understand you like that." Sirius spoke up. The rat moved to a chair and a moment later their small beady eyed friend took it's place.

"I was going to the sweetshop down the road and someone grabbed me. He's recruiting and wants information from me. He knows I'm close to you all. I don't know what it means, but I can't leave you guys. I won't work for that evil monster." Peter said in a rush.

"What?" James asked enraged. "He tried to recruit you."

"Jamie, calm down. We have to go to Dumbledore. The Order will know what to do." Lily said smartly.

They all nodded and began silently apparating to Hogwarts. All except Lily who couldn't because she was almost 8 months pregnant. She had to floo. The problem was as they later determined. Lily never showed up. James came alone and then waited and waited, but there was no Lily. Peter was frantic rambling about the Dark Lord wanting the baby and lots of other bull. Peter was so upset he eventually had to be given a calming draught.

The hunt for Lily Potter began. Little did they know, she needed help more than ever before.

Lily awoke in a dark room she had never seen before. She was in terrible amounts of pain and felt like she was going to explode. The door opened and a smiling witch entered.

"Who are you? Where am I?" Lily asked.

The witch continued smiling. "I am a healer who's going to help you deliver your baby. We have already administered an inducing potion. He should be out in a few minutes. You are the Lord's guest. I cannot give anymore information than that, I'm afraid."

Almost two hours later, Lily was handed her son. He looked just like his father. "Harry James Potter." she said to no one in particular.

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