A/N: NO flames please or constructive criticism even for just this fanfic. I wrote this when I was like 7 when I firs saw the firs movie before there was going to be sequel so this is mine and it is kind of cute but even more embarrassing. If I look I think I can find some more old fanfics please don't flame or give constructive criticism because it won't help as this is ancient. I am going to misspell everything that was misspelled in the original from 5 years ago.

Disclaimer: I don't own Beverly Hills Chihuahua.

Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2

Vivian was put in charge of a Maxican Magize but no one she knows_ not even Rachel or Sam is Available So She must take Chloe. Chloe gets lost again but this time she refinds the chiahahia nation and spends time with them. She has 1 gps dimond this time so viv finds her and is amazed. The move there and all of the chihaus are happy so are the peaple.

A/N: yes I know it's stupid but I was little so you can hardly blame me_ wait yes you can… oh well not the present me.