Well this was adopted from crazy4jacksonrathbone, who adopted it from DrowningxinxSapphire. So this story has been taken down to hand to hand and I hope that I can continue with this like the other two authors did.

I hated this.

Not only was this my fifth new school this year, it happened to be in a town that didn't hold any interest for me.

Forks was a small, wet, boring town, seemingly in the middle of nowhere. The reason why Mom and Phil sent me here is still a mystery to me. I could have kept travelling with them; it was no problem for me. But my mother insisted that I stay with my dad for a while; become a little more stable.

I disagreed with the idea of staying with my father, Charlie. I didn't like the idea of having to live in a constantly grey environment. I liked change, which was why I enjoyed travelling with my mom and her new husband. But they didn't think so, so they sent me here.

I arrived yesterday to my dad's house. He was surprised when I showed up with only two suitcases.

"I don't plan on staying long," I replied with a grumble when he asked. He shrugged it off, and then told me I started here, at Forks High School, tomorrow. I didn't sleep at all, mostly because I was apprehensive about the next day, but also because of the constant rain pounding against my window. I just covered my head with the pillow and shut my eyes tight.

This morning Charlie drove me to school in the cruiser, which automatically sent my mood down further.

The awkward silence was interrupted when Charlie said, "So, you need a car."

I glanced at him, cocking an eyebrow, then went right back to gazing out the window.

"Why?" I asked quietly.

"How else will you get around?" He responded with a chuckle.

"I would have thought everything in this place was within walking distance," I said, looking at Charlie.

He laughed a bit and smiled. "You'd think so."

I waited for a few seconds for an elaboration, but no more words came out of his mouth. I turned back to the window and sighed.

A few minutes later, Charlie turned off of the highway and drove up to a curb. He didn't bother to turn the car off.

I assumed that this was the place; my own personal hell.

I slowly grabbed my book bag and smiled at my dad.

"'Bye Dad, see you later," I said as I stepped out of the cruiser.

"See you Bells, good luck," he responded with a wave. I shut the door and he drove off.

And so it begins.

I groaned as I swung open the door to Forks High School, dreading this day. I didn't want to get too comfortable here, knowing that I wouldn't stay for long. I had no intentions of maintaining a permanent residence in this dreary town. Living with Charlie was only temporary, and I'd rather it stay that way.

I stopped when I reached a black mat on the ground to wipe the wet slush off of my black rubber boots. It had snowed a few days ago, apparently, and some of it stayed due to the chilling weather. When it rained, the rain water mixed with the left-over snow and made some delightful slushy-type stuff. I didn't enjoy it.

I looked to my left and saw a sign that read FRONT OFFICE. I sighed. Here we go.

I entered the small, stuffy office hesitantly. A cheery middle-aged woman looked up from the desk and smiled happily.

"Good morning!" she exclaimed with bright eyes.

"Hardly," I mumbled under my breath. But I smiled forcefully and added, "I'm Bella Swan. This is my first day."

"Ah! Bella Swan! The chief's lovely daughter! Welcome!" She said, a little too cheerfully.

Again, I forced a small smile. Then suddenly her eyes went wide, but her smile was still plastered on her wrinkly face.

"You need a schedule, my dear! Oh my, and look at the time! We wouldn't want you to be late, now would we? Just give me two seconds and I'll print one off for you," she said. I just nodded.

I casually leaned against the wall as she shuffled through the clutter on her desk. I waited while she clicked and typed on her old computer, and sighed when the faded printer made some loud grunting noises and eventually printed out my schedule.

She got up and handed me my schedule.

"There you go, dear. Good luck today!" she said with a smile.

"Yeah, thanks," I replied, and left the office. I glanced at my schedule. My locker number was 314, and I had English first, in Block D, room 56.

Luckily, the lockers 300 to 380 were right in the hallway next to the office. I was happy for that. This way, I wouldn't have to wander around the school aimlessly searching for it.

As I made my way down the hall, it seemed like everyone was staring. The new girl had arrived. The chief's daughter.

I was going to be a big deal here, I could feel it. I expected not many people would move to Forks, so when a new student came, everyone was on high alert.

The new girl had arrived.

When I made it to my locker, and didn't take my eyes off the lock, as it twisted and turned to fit the combination. I snapped it open and swung open the locker door hastily.

Quickly, I shrugged off my jacket and snatched a binder and my pencil case from my bag. As I scrambled to shut the door, balancing some pens in one hand and my binder in the other, I was hit square in the torso by someone and was knocked down.

"Oh my God!" The person exclaimed. It sounded like a boy's voice, too deep to be a junior yet too light to be a teacher's. It was perfect and very smooth.

"Hey, hey!" He said. He sounded worried. Realizing my eyes were still closed, I opened one slowly. What I saw was the most gorgeous boy I had ever laid eyes on. He was too beautiful to be real. I opened my other eye and stared.

"Are you okay?" he asked in his silky, perfect, seductive, mysterious, beautiful, musical, wondrous voice. I just continued to stare.

His shaggy blonde hair was tussled, with that subtle Just-Got-Out-Of-Bed look. His hazel eyes sparkled and his perfect lips were turned into a frown.

"Hellooo?" he asked.

I blinked, then realized he was talking to me. " Wh—what? Oh, me?"

He laughed, and it was the most beautiful sound I have ever heard.

"Yes, you. I'm so sorry, I didn't see you," he said. His lips turned up at one side in a smirk.

I blushed massively and his smile brightened when he saw it.

I realized I was still on the floor and sat up to gather my belongings that I dropped. I looked around but couldn't see any.

"Oh, I have them here," said the boy. He held his hand open and gave me my pens, and then handed me my binder.

"Oh, thanks," I said quietly. I couldn't help but blush. Every other school I went to, no boys every noticed me. Granted, the only reason this one did was because he slammed into me because he didn't see me. But that's a bit better, isn't it?

The boy held his hand out. I took it, and when our skin touched it sent chills through my body. He pulled me up and put his hands on my shoulders to keep me stable.

"I'm really sorry, again." He smiled at me, flashing me his pearly white teeth, and walked away.

The rest of the day all I could think about was the blonde-haired boy. He was perfect in every way. Gorgeous, sweet, amazing.

I went through all of my classes in a daze. I tried to look for him everywhere I went, but I never saw him.

Charlie picked me up in the cruiser after school. I didn't say anything as I got in the car. He seemed concerned.

"Is everything okay?" he asked as we drove away from the school.

"Yes, everything's great," I replied with a smile. Meeting that boy made my day and mood noticeably better.

Charlie just huffed and focused on the road.

We were home soon enough and I rushed upstairs to my small room. I jumped on my bed and did some of my homework to get ahead. But no matter how hard I concentrated on my work, the boy wouldn't leave my mind.

I stayed in my room the rest of the night day-dreaming about him. I made a vow to myself that I would find that boy tomorrow and talk to him again.

Just as I was drifting to sleep that night, I realized something.

I didn't even know his name.