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Xo BellaItalia oX 6/9/12 . chapter 10

I don't understand why she just can't tell her dad and Edward no? Makes no sense to me. Your writing is good, but something s are kind of 'well duh' moments!

Well, yes, but then her dad would ask why? Would you have the courage to tell your father what he had done? To his own step-sibling? Edward would act hurt, and Charlie would try to make amends, because he thinks he taught his daughter to have manners. Nothing good would have come out of Bella saying 'no'.

The "well duh" moments are on purpose. For you to feel enticed to keep reading and find out if they stop being stupid.

I do thank you on complimenting my writing, I do much enjoy that.

Well, that's done… continuing with the story now…

Jasper's Point of View

My uncle was a simple person, who could understand anything without needing to ask why. So when I asked for the apartment key, he pulled out an envelope, the white paper slightly bulging on the side. With just a "Nice to see you too Jasper. Just remember the rent is only due in two months."

I nodded and got back in my truck, opening the envelope, just to take the keys out. Saving whatever was in it for later. Out of pure memories, I drove to where the apartment was, remembering the twist and curve just to see the place. It was secluded; the farthest building from the street, but a small gravel road hidden by trees was the easiest access.

I was practically grinning by the time I parked the car. The memories flooding back with no restraint. The time we played catch on the small patch of grass right in front of the door, all the times I followed him on his daily jogs. The fence we offered to renovate and repaint. The metal table that was chipped, we repainted as well, the cherry red color was still bright as ever. Even the flower beds we managed to sneak behind my uncle that lined the four trees and the walkways to the doors.

Leaving everything in my truck, I just went to the apartment that seemed like a mansion when I was little. The flowers were still there, just in need of control, the grass was still green and cut.

The key slid easily into the door, clicking softly as I unlocked it, scared to open it I just left it there. Then took a step back, suddenly terrified of what it might look like.

I practically punched myself, ordering myself like my dad, 'man up and face your fears, even if it's the smallest of small. It still needed to be faced.'

Taking a deep breath and twisting the door knob and pushed it open, only letting out the air once I was safely inside, my eyes not even registering the place. The relief flooding the second they did.

Nothing changed, not a chair out of place since the last time we were here. It looked cleaner than I thought it would, but that's all up to my uncle, and the people he hired to clean it, by the looks of the many business cards on the kitchen counter.

I placed the key on the hook, still misplaced in the kitchen, with bright flowers and colorful designs that my mother had made. Wanting at least something to remind them of her when we were tucked away in the 'man cave'.

Except, every time we were there, the only thing that we thought of is how to surprise her next. A cake? A giant 'welcome home banner' when we knew she would come home tired from the day care. Every time was different and she never expected it.

Those were the best times, when we would work outside and secretly plan something fun for mom. Then dad wouldn't be able to do it for a week, then we'd do it again, but if he stayed out longer, he would plan something extraordinary all by himself, then surprise us both.

I missed him.

I wandered around, the black couch still on top of the beige carpet, that seemed oversized when I was smaller, but know seemed perfect. The hidden T.V that mom didn't want in the living room, but we managed, with a lot of work though.

I continued down the hallway, to the full bathroom on my left and my old bedroom I would sleep in while we were here. Then I turned to the right, to a smaller hallway, the laundry in the middle to my right and straight ahead was the 'dude room' as my mom called it. It had everything from tools to sports equipment. Then the master room to my left, all the doors were closed, the master had a smaller bathroom than the one down the hall, and a walk- in closet the was rarely in use.

I didn't want to open anything until my mom came, so I went back outside, and pulled my cell phone out of the truck and pressed the dial button, quickly finding her number and calling. ON the first ring she picked up, 'Jasper did you make it? Henry didn't give you any trouble, 'cause if he did I'll give him some trouble.'

"No, mom, he gave me the key and let me go. I just checked out the house, and it's in good order, and you don't have to clean it. I'll do it by myself, but you can still come over. I'll need some help with the groceries," I mentioned, giving her free pass to accept and redecorate some things. She knew what I meant and she readily agreed.

I sighed and went to the back, and unlatched the bed door. Grabbing a box of books first, I dropped it off in the living room, and then went back, grabbing the next box in my sight, and continued the trip several times until the last suitcase was in the house.

Not wanting to deal with unpacking, I cleaned up the business cards, dusted the counters, and straightened the kitchen table. Replacing the wilted flower with a bowl of white and black stones, curious I moved aside some stones and smiled that the silver coins that we would place there had not been moved. It was for little candies and the buy small flowers from a family friend. It was almost an emergency money place. I replace two blown light bulbs, one for the storage closet in the living room, and one in the fridge, which was more deserted than the front of my apartment.

Good thing I told mom I needed help, I mused, opening the cabinets to find nothing again.

I went to the conjoined living room and fluffed up the couch pillows, and opened the TV stand, revealing the flat screen we worked so hard to put in there. Finding the remote, I turned on the TV, seeing if the cable still worked, since we paid to keep ours at home running and this one. Mr. Cullen always wondered why there was another cable box, and internet module, but my mom silenced him. Now what she said I don't know.

Thankfully, it was and I found a music channel that my father favored. Then continued to move around, opening the sliding glass door and out into the small area outside, covered by the bushes we planted, and grimaced at the piles of leaves and dirt there. Brushing some of it away, I went to the door outside, which was a storage place as well.

Dust blew into my face, and I sneezed, finding the little pull chain to turn on the light. The place was perfectly in place as well, extra equipment, small furniture, and our bikes were still there. Including my old art supplies, that surprised me. I thought I got rid of those the last time we were here. My father was always sneaky with what he stored for me and what he threw away because it was too old.

Pulling the black plastic crate, I went inside with it, and sat down on the couch, with the container next to me on the floor. I barely pulled a blue box out before the doorbell rang. I stood, closed the glass door, locking it in the process and went to answer the door.

"Is it because of him that you're here," she asked, her back to me. She was always dresses elegantly, hair perfectly pinned up in new ways, clothes pristine and classy. She wore a white loose button down, tucked into a high-waisted pale pink skirt that brushed along her calves, paired with white high heels. She was fingering the pearl necklace at her neck; it was given to her from my dad, for their third anniversary.

"Yes, I was hoping that this place would've been kept from him for a while before he knew. That's ruined now, but that's alright."

She turned and nodded, tears welling in her eyes. I hugged her quickly, the memories probably hurting her more than me. She sobbed, gripping my shirt in her hands.

"I loved him so much. I still love him, but I love Carlisle too. This was you're place; I had no right to bring him here. I shouldn't have let him come, but…" She trailed off, her breathing completely off track.

"Let's go shopping ma, and then we'll see what happens later."

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