Chapter 1


Inuyasha and Kagome ran throughout the village laughing and having fun. They played tag, Inuyasha was it, and Kagome was running away from him laughing as she tried not to get tagged by her best friend. Inuyasha was having a hard time catching the young girl as she ran through the village really fast causing him a great struggle to keep up. Kagome looked back at him surprised that he hadn't caught her yet because usually he always caught right away after he had been tagged. She looked around at the children that seemed to look at them with disgust confusing her since they were always kind towards her and Inuyasha.

He was noticing the same reaction within the eyes of the children as they ran past multiple homes watching them glare at them with hate. Kagome suddenly ran around the corner slamming in to something hard, it was a merchant that was just about to enter town before getting hit by the young girl. She landed flat on her butt Inuyasha stopping right surprised by what had happened so fast.

"Oww that hurt!" she squeaked looking up at the merchant.

"Watch where you're going you filthy half-breed!" he snapped glaring down at her.

Inuyasha and Kagome covered their dog ears when the man yelled at them making them, well actually it made Inuyasha angry.

"Hey she just bumped in to you there's no need for you to yell at her!" he yelled back growling at the man.

"Oh shut up kid before I make you!" the merchant shouted back

Kagome hid behind Inuyasha not planning to get near the angry hoping that he wouldn't hurt either of them.

"Come on Inuyasha lets go, please don't start any trouble?" she asked

"Yea kid listen to the girl and don't get you hurt" the merchant laughed.

Inuyasha balled his hands in to fist as his anger started to get the best of him as he started to shake with anger. Before the merchant could say anything else he jumped up and kicked him in the face knocking him out cold surprising Kagome.

"Inuyasha why did you do that?" she asked

"He made fun of you I wouldn't let that go unpunished" he explained

Kagome stared at him before blushing at his words causing him to do the same when he realized what he just said. He looked away towards the merchant who still seemed to be knocked out, but Inuyasha didn't even hit him that hard.

"Let's go Kagome before he wakes up, and we really get in trouble" he said

Kagome nodded following Inuyasha away from the unconscious merchant so that they wouldn't get blamed for what they did, or what Inuyasha did. They ran across the bridge so that they could escape the glares of the peasants. Kagome looked at the setting sun in awe as Inuyasha stared at her when she wasn't looking. The sun was disappearing behind the hill meaning that her father was going to visit her and her mother later that night so that she could see him. Her father had been gone for a few days so that he could look over the lands so that her and her mother would be safe from any demons that would dare harm them.

Inuyasha looked at her with awe instead of the sunset making him blush at the image of him and her together. Kagome loved the sunset because it made the sky turn different colors causing it to look beautiful before nightfall. She continued to walk along side Inuyasha remembering all that happened today leading up to when Inuyasha knocked out the merchant. Even though he did that she still had the rest of the day to look forward to instead of dreading it until her father showed up. Inuyasha on the other hand was thinking about what his mother was preparing for supper tonight hopefully not something putrid.

He loved his mother oh so much she was always the apple of his eye besides Kagome that is he loved her a lot. But he liked his best friend as well, he loved Kagome because of how beautiful and smart she was plus he thought the black ears on her head were cute. He never thought of her in any other way but that way he guessed is was what he called love at first sight for a child seven years of age. They had reached the fork in the path where they said good bye to each other until they met back here every morning before sunrise for another day of fun and adventure. Kagome turned towards Inuyasha looking at the way he glowed in the sunlight that was bringing out the color of his beautiful silver hair.

"I'll see you tomorrow Inuyasha bye…" she said starting to walk away

"Bye Kagome see you tomorrow" he said walking in the direction of his home

They both regretted not saying anything else but had to deal with it since they both had to be home for supper, but for Kagome it was time to see her father once again. She saw her house com in to view seeing that her mother was gathering wood from outside so that she could make supper for tonight. Her mother spotted her come up the trail waving to her before going back inside to start the fire so that she could begin cooking supper. Kagome had a lot on her mind before reaching the hut she called home mostly it was the word that the merchant called her when she bumped in to him. The word half-breed seemed to replay itself in her mind rewinding itself over and over again so that it could plague her mind even more.

She couldn't stop thinking about it, since it was referred to her in a harmful way to where she had to ask her mother what it meant. She had the idea that her mother knew what it meant so that her mind could be put to rest and she could get on with her life. She walked through the doorway to see her mother preparing the fire and humming quietly to herself. Kagome walked past sitting on the opposite side of the fire pit staring at her mother deep in thought about how she would ask her question.

"Mother" She asked

"Yes Kagome?" her mother replied

Kagome looked at her before answering "Mother what is a half-breed?"

Her mother froze instant causing her to look at her daughter with a worried expression.

"Why do you ask Kagome? Where did you hear such a word?" her mother asked

"Inuyasha and I were playing tag in the village today and he was it. I was running away from him so I turned to go behind a hut and I accidentally ran in to a man. I fell after I ran in to him and then he told me to watch where I was going and then called me a 'filthy half-breed' before Inuyasha knocked him unconscious" she explained

Her mother was even more shocked then before, but then she knew that this day would come but she didn't expect it so soon.

"Well Kagome that man called you a Half-breed because….. You're a Hanyou a half-demon Kagome" she answered

Kagome was shocked by her mother's words how was she a half-demon, demons were evil did that mea that she was evil or just some freak that was born by mistake. But the one thing that confused her was that her mother was human but that could only mean that her father was a demon.

"Your father is a demon, Kagome, a dog demon making you half a dog demon" she whispered but kagome could still hear her even if she whispered

She stared at her mother yet again wondering why she was crying over the confession she just gave her daughter.

"Why are you crying mommy?" she asked

Her mother looked at her "Don't worry I'm fine" her mother replied.

Before Kagome could reply a rock shot through the window hitting Kagome in the head.

"Ow what was that" she asked

A noise was heard from outside causing Kagome to whimper in fear because she knew what was coming towards them. Her mother became confused as she exited the hut revealing the crowd of angry villagers that stood outside her home.

"What is the meaning of this" she asked holding up the rock

"Bring us the half-demon we know it's in there" a male villager yelled

"What do you want with her?" she snapped

"She needs to die or she'll grow up to be just like the demon that you fell in love with" the male villager explained

Kagome's mother became horrified as she took a defensive stance in front of her hut making sure that they couldn't get near her daughter. Kagome look from behind the doorway growling at the men but she growled to where they couldn't hear her.

"Please Ayame just give up the child, that's all we want" a villager explained.

"You'll never have Kagome!" Ayame yelled.

She continued to stand her ground not allowing any villagers past her. Kagome watched her she hoping that she wouldn't get hurt in the process of protecting her. Ayame was only trying to hold them off until her visitor came to take Kagome away from this place.

"Move now Ayame, before we take her by force" another villager spoke up.

Ayame still stood her ground with a determined look on her face trying to keep them away.

"Well if you can't move then we're just going to have to make you" a villager yelled.

Suddenly a male villager came forward to confront Ayame bringing a knife forward stabbing her directly in the stomach. Kagome gasped as the knife struck her mother's heart feeling her own start to break as she watched her mother fall to the ground. Kagome ran out to tend to her mother when the villagers started advancing towards her. She watched in terror as they pointed swords towards her as she closed her eyes wanting them to just disappear.

"Father!" she screamed in her mind hoping that he would come to her rescue.

"Kagome!" a deep voice yelled form the sky above.

Kagome's eyes flew open as a red beam shot down from the sky putting itself between her and the villagers ready to attack her. The villagers stared at it in horror knowing what it was and what it was going to do to them. The red beam suddenly disappeared; replacing it was a very tall man that stood taller than all of the villagers. He had black that flowed at the way down his back just barely reaching his waist. He wore black and red armor that fitted his muscular figure well. He had blood red eyes that seemed to pierce the souls of the villagers before him.

He had such a overwhelming presence that the villagers were starting to back away from him although some stayed to face him.

"Zenomaru what are you doing here? You have no right budding in to this" a villager growled at him.

Zenomaru gave him a hard look "I am here to take my daughter away from here. And I have a right to be here since you have murdered my wife you fools!" he snapped making the villager flinch.

"Father I'm so glad to see you! Mother is badly hurt please help her!" Kagome cried.

Her father looked back at her "Don't worry Kagome this will only take a moment" he replied before focusing on the task at hand.

Zenomaru put a hand on the hilt of his sword pulling it out swiftly pointing it towards the frightened villagers. His sword started to glow red as it started to pulsate with power. The villagers knew what h was about to do, they started to run away hoping to get away as fast as they could.

"Now you will pay for what you have done!" Zenomaru yelled "Feel the power of my Diablo, Dragonfire!"

A powerful blast shot out of his sword, manifesting itself as a dragon, hitting the villagers head on burning them alive in a matter of seconds. There was a huge scar in the ground where the villagers once stood. Kagome stared in shock noticing that the villagers that had once threatened her were now gone. She looked at her father in amazement as he turned around putting his shield in his sheath. He walked towards her looking down at her mother with sadness looking at Kagome with concern.

To his acknowledgement she was not as affected as much as he thought she had been. He picked up Kagome raising her to where he met her eye to eye.

"Kagome I'm sorry it's time to go" he said in a very sullen voice.

Kagome looked instantly back at her mother "But what about mother?" she asked tears forming in her eyes.

"She can't come with us" he replied starting to walk away with Kagome in his arms.

"Why not we can't just leave her there" she explained.

"Hold on tight Kagome" Zenomaru whispered before running deep in to the forest.

Kagome couldn't speak as her father ran through the brush as lightning speeds forcing her against his chest. He ran as fast as he could trying to find the place where he could hide his Kagome without her being in danger from people who wish to harm her.

'I could leave her with the demon slayers they would accept her as long as she didn't pose a threat to them, she will be fine' he thought

Suddenly he felt a sudden sting in his back causing his to stop in his tracks shocking Kagome. Then he felt the sudden loss of power as he stood there not doing anything. He turned around to face his attacker realizing that it was a priestess that had shot him in the back with a purifying arrow. Luckily his demonic aura was strong enough so that it didn't affect his as quickly as it would have affected a much less weaker demon. But he knew that if he didn't hurry the arrow would kill him before he could Kagome to safety. Then he glared at the priestess in the distance, but his glare didn't affect her instead she was looking at his daughter with worry.

"Hand over the girl!" the priestess demanded.

He looked at her like she was out of her mind "No I will never hand over my daughter to the likes of you" he growled.

"Give her to me this instant" she picked up her bow getting another arrow ready "or this next arrow's next target will be your heart" she explained pointing that arrow at him.

He looked at Kagome then at the priestess "No she is mine and you won't take her away from me!" he snapped.

Kagome looked at her father tears slightly forming in her eyes "Father" she whispered.

The priestess got ready to fire the shot as Zenomaru charged towards her quickly she had no other choice but to fire the shot. He barely dodged it as it hit him the right shoulder stopping him slightly. But he was still able to attack her head on putting a huge gash in her side. The priestess stumbled backwards falling to her knees looking at the demon that stood before her. Zenomaru pulled out his sword pointing it in her face trying to put fear in her eyes.

"Go ahead kill me show your daughter what you truly are" she spit at him.

He stared down at her in pure anger picking up his sword getting ready to strike her down. Before the priestess could say another word he beheaded her quickly the blood spraying out at him. Kagome looked at her father as the beheaded priestess crumpled the ground in a lifeless heap. Zenomaru put up his sword turning to kagome walking with the last bit of power that he had left. She looked up at him as he picked up her up from the ground starting to walk in the direction that he was going before he got shot.

"Father may I ask you a question?" she asked after a few minutes of silence.

He looked down at her "What is it kagome?" he answered his voice soft from the lack of power.

"Do you know what happened to Inuyasha?" she finally asked shocking him.

Zenomaru looked down at her shocked that she would be thinking about her friend after what she had just witnessed. Why wasn't she asking questions like Why did you kill that priestess? Did you have to kill her? Where are you taking me? Instead she was asking about the half-demon that was her one and only true friend.

"I don't know, when I got to the cottage it had already been burned to the ground and Inuyasha wasn't there" he explained to her.

She looked down at the ground sad that her only friend was lost to her forever. She looked at her father noticing that he was starting to lose his color instead of the lively color that he had had before.

"Father are you okay?" she asked looking up at him.

He winced feeling the pain in his back and shoulder meaning that the priestesses purifying power was working its way through his body eating away at his demonic aura allowing human blood to escape his body. He only had a small amount of time until he would die from the lack of blood. Without thinking he picked up kagome a started off in the same direction that he was heading towards before.

"Father where are you taking me?" she screamed pushing her face in to his clothing.

He ran as fast as he could trying to find the place that he had been trying to find before he was briefly stopped by a nuisance.

'I hope the slayers will take her before it's too late' he drastically thought.

He started to run even faster feeling his strength dwindling on almost just a small amount of demonic aura that he had left. His sight starting to leave him confusing him on where to go, but he was able to see the walls that guarded the village that he had desperately searched for.

He heard a sound that he hadn't expected to hear "Demon!" the man on the wall screamed "Hurry to your positions!"

Warriors rushed to the walls holding their arrows ready waiting for Zenomaru to get closer to them. That was enough to make them fire a waterfall of arrows shooting in to the sky all aiming towards one particular target. Then sunk in the ground of the area that surrounded him hitting him in the process. He shielded Kagome as he continued to run throw the shower of arrows losing more blood due to arrow wounds. He didn't stop, surprising the warriors causing them to evacuate the wall going to the gates awaiting the attack from the demon.

Outside the gate Zenomaru stopped at the gate setting kagome down next to him before feeling the loss of his strength.

"Father!" Kagome yelled getting on her knees beside him "What's wrong?"

He closed his eyes trying to stay awake making sure that he wouldn't fall in to a state of unconsciousness.

He did the only thing that he could "Shinmaru!" He screamed in to the heavens.

The gates of the slayer's village opened, a man in green battle armor appearing from the middle of it. He looked confused until he laid his eyes on the dying Zenomaru that sat on his knees next to a worried Kagome. Shinmaru rushed to the dying demon ignoring the villagers that looked alarmed by the demon. Though it was before they realized that it was Zenomaru before they became concerned with worry.

"Father, are you okay?" Kagome cried kneeling next to her dying father.

"Kagome go with Shinmaru please" he whispered.

Shinmaru grabbed Kagome before handing her off to the nearest woman that comforted her. But it didn't stop her from sobbing tears pouring down her face. Zenomaru with the last burst of strength that he could produce detached his sword from his waist and held it out to Shinmaru.

"Please take my Diablo and keep it until Kagome comes of age before you give it to her. Promise me." Zenomaru asked peering deeply into his eyes.

"Yes Zenomaru, I will fulfill your wishes." Shinmaru answered holding the sword to his chest.

A small smile appeared on Zenmaru's face before the life escaped from his eyes causing him to collapse to the ground. When she saw her father finally die after speaking to Shinmaru her sobbing became louder.

"Father!" she yelled.

With that outburst her father's started to catch fire making Shinmaru jump back. A bright light emitted from the fire as it finally dissipated into glowing ashes that floated in the air before getting blown away by the gentle breeze.

"Don't worry my lord Zenomaru, I will do the best to raise your Kagome even if it kills me." Shinmaru whispered into the night sky..

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