Chapter 4


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"Kagome?" Inuyasha said as she looked at him more directly


The two half demons stared at the each other through the sea of debris that lay before them. Inuyasha's golden eyes meeting Kagome's chocolate brown ones, searching the others for the answers that they desperately needed. Again Kagome's gaze captivating the hanyou's attention once more. Neither of them could believe it. It had been years since they have been in the physical presence of each other. Kagome's eyes flashed with emotion as she stared at the silver haired hanyou. Kagome looked once more seeing that the Bear demon's face had been smashed in by her fist. She reassured that it was dead before looking once more at Inuyasha. Inuyasha stared once more in Kagome's eyes searching desperately for a hint of his friend from long ago.

Too many emotions flashed through her eyes, for him to catch really anything from the black haired female hanyou. Kagome stared intensely back at Inuyasha before she started to walk slowly towards him. Sango stared at the two half demons as she noticed out the corner of her eye a lone monk coming out of the forest out of breath. He was red in the face but overall wasn't very fatigued. Miroku looked at the scene before him taking in the destroyed village and dead bear demon next to the distant three people. Out of the three people one had silver hair meaning that Inuyasha had made it as usual to the village before him.

Ignoring the monk that was making his way towards them Kagome continued to stalk slowly to Inuyasha. To him it felt more like she was sizing him up when in reality she was taking his older persona into thought. He had become slightly taller then her and still had his long flowing silver hair. She could see the strength in his features as she fought the blush that wanted to creep upon her face. She stopped right in front of Inuyasha looking him once over before sniffing the aura that was around him. Inuyasha looked at her in confusion wondering why she needed to sniff him. The fact that she needed to sniff really baffled him, as he watched her closely with a puzzled look. Her voice cut through his train of thought.

"You're not a dream after all" she whispered relief washing over her face.

Inuyasha looked at her stunned, "What the hell are you talking about Kagome?…." his voice was cut off by two arms wrapping themselves around his waist.

Inuyasha looked down stunned at the female hanyou that had attached herself to him. Kagome buried her face into his red hayori holding him tighter to herself acting as if he would disappear if she let go. Inuyasha looked at Sango and the newly arrived Miroku, who both looked at the pair with questioning glances. Sango was surprised by Kagome's sudden affection towards the silver haired hanyou. To her Kagome was usually a friendly person and adjusted others quickly, but this level of affection made her confused. Miroku on the other hand questioned Kagome's motives at why she suddenly hugged Inuyasha, not knowing if he knew her or not. Other then that he was busy finding out the identities of the demon slayer and the black haired female hanyou.

Kagome looked up her chocolate brown eyes meeting with bright gold, "I thought you've been dead all these years. When father told me that your hut was burned to the ground I assumed you and your mother were dead….. When I saw you I thought you were a dream" she explained.

Inuyasha's expression softened as he stared down at her. She had thought he was an illusion when she first saw. Miroku and Sango looked at the two with surprise realizing that they remembered how the two remembered each other. Kagome pressed the side of her face against Inuyasha's chest once again tightening her arms around him. Inuyasha in return wrapped his arms around the female hanyou shocking the monk that was watching both of them. He rested his cheek on Kagome's head trying to get as much contact as possible with her. This was the first time that Inuyasha had had in her in his arms. This was something that he always wanted to experience, the warmth of her skin and its softness.

Kagome breathed in the scent of Inuyasha smelling the woods and a soft mint smell that could have come from the forest as well. In her mind it seemed that she had missed Inuyasha more then she had expected, a slight blush flooding her cheeks as she thought more about him. Inuyasha had been in her mind non-stop since the day she had joined the demon slayers and even more so when Sango had questioned her about him. She knew that she had missed him, but the intensity of how much she had longed for his presence surprised her. A small smile formed on her face as she remembered the memories of their life was like from when they were young.

Together they felt more alive in each others arms not knowing whether or not they would be able to let go. In their minds they knew once Kagome had embraced Inuyasha that they did not want to be separated no more.


Kagome's head looked towards Sango

"Who is this Kagome?"

"Oh Sango" the two hanyous released each other, "this is Inuyasha"

"You mean the Inuyasha?" her friend questioned.

Inuyasha shot her a slightly irritated glance, "Of course of the Inuyasha, who else would I be demon slayer?"

"Well I'm sorry Inuyasha if I question the half-demon that my friend suddenly embraces. How was I suppose to know if you were not going to attack her once her guard was down?"

Before Kagome could answer Inuyasha stood in front of her, "I would never attack Kagome, and if you knew you're friend better then you would know to trust her!" Inuyasha snapped.

Sango looked at him shock by his confrontation while Kagome stood behind him stupefied by his reaction. Miroku cocked a brow at his half-demon friend questioning why this lone girl would get him to be defensive.

"Hey, don't turn this around on me Inuyasha. I trust Kagome's judgment, she is the most trustworthy person that I know." Sango replied.

"If she's the most trusting person you know then why did you accuse me of being a stranger when you clearly saw her embrace me." Inuyasha and Kagome's cheeks becoming slightly pink at the statement.

"Because I don't know you Inuyasha."

That reply made Inuyasha stop his words as he realized that she was slightly right in the fact that they were strangers to each other. In the back of his mind Inuyasha knew that he could never back down to Sango's argument.

Kagome gave her friend a small friendly smile, "It's okay Inuyasha, Sango has always been that way there's no way of winning. I'd just give up while you're ahead, I do." the black haired hanyou stood next to Sango showing a hearty grin breaking Inuyasha out of his thoughts.

Inuyasha growled at Kagome's explanation knowing that he did not want to admit defeat especially to Sango when he had just met her. Hearing his growl Sango shot him a glare that was meant to make him back down but it only angered him further.

"That's right Inuya-.." Sango didn't finish as her eyes slightly bugged out of her head, her face turning a bright cherry red.

A wandering hand had rested itself upon her backside fondling it with a loose grip like it was tasting her ass.


Miroku's head snapped to the side as a red hand print imprinted itself in his left cheek.

"You perverted Asshole!" Sango shrieked.

Kagome and Inuyasha looked at the demon slayer in surprise of her outburst before the hanyou's face turned into one of annoyance.

"You couldn't control yourself could you lecherous monk?"

Miroku smiled putting his hand behind his head "I'm sorry but I couldn't resist it. My hand has a mind of its own."

Kagome looked at the monk with a surly look upon her face slightly wanting to break the monk's hand for violating Sango. Though she wanted to step in and tell Miroku off Sango on the other hand seemed to stand her own.

"Mind of its own my ass, you touch my ass intentionally you perverted monk!" Sango snapped.

Instead of answering Miroku suddenly grabbed both of her hands holding them with sincerity looking deeply into her eyes. Sango stared back blushing at his sudden actions wondering what he was doing.

"Will you have my children?"

Sango's face turned bright red once again before slapping him once again, "Pervert!"

Inuyasha looked at the monk annoyed that he had used his usually line on Sango feeling better when she slapped him once again. Kagome stared at the monk in shock watching Miroku rub his stinging cheek. Without thinking any further Kagome's fist came down on Miroku's head snapping it down causing a welt to form in the place where she hit him. Inuyasha looked at the two in shock that he wasn't the one , this time, to hit the monk.

Sango looked at Kagome surprised before a small grin appeared on her face at her friend's actions.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" a vein popping out of Kagome's head, "You don't just come out and ask a woman to 'have your children', have you no respect?" Kagome scream

"Ow ow ow ow ow" Miroku rubbed his head looking at Inuyasha for some help, realizing that he was on his own.

Inuyasha was not able to help him, due to the fact that he was trying not to laugh at his friend. Kagome looked back at Inuyasha smiling at his expression watching him contain his laughter.

"So Inuyasha would you like to travel with us to the next village so that we can catch up?" Kagome asked.

"That sounds like a good idea Kagome." Sango answered.

He looked at her regaining his composure, "Sure Kagome, Miroku and I can do that."

Kagome shot a glare along with Sango at Miroku, " If you come along with us can you keep your hands to yourself" Kagome questioned the monk.

Miroku looked at the women wincing at the pain from his welt, "Now ladies its not my fault that your both extremely captivating. My hand has a mind of its own, it's a little hard to control it" Miroku replied looking directing at both of them.

"Again we ask can you behave yourself monk" Sango now asked shooting him a deathly glare.

"Fine, I will keep my hands or hand to myself" Miroku said holding his hands in front of him in defense.

Inuyasha crossed his arms at Miroku's answer turning around walking in the direction in which a road exited the village.

"Good now lets go before it gets dark"

The three of them looked at Inuyasha walking form before following quickly after him.

"God Inuyasha can't you wait up?" Kagome yelled after him, "Geez eight years and he doesn't even wait up.." Kagome grumbled running after Inuyasha.

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