Fiery Presence

By Perfect Soldier
(hey people! my first aamr! hope this isn't too bad and have fun reading!)

Chapter 1

"No, not again. how many times has this happened? I can't take it anymore!" A young boy shouted across the Pokemon Stadium.

"Forget it Ash. You don't need to get so uptight," one of his best friends said, " That's whats making you lose. Just forget about it. Calm down and train harder."

"Train harder?! Do you know how long I've trained for Richie? Months!! Every single day from dawn till dusk, and you're telling me to train harder!? Well forget it!" Ash shouted louder. Richie stood rigid.

While all this was going on, two of Ash's other friends were desperately trying to calm him down. Richie had heard enough of Ash's complaints.

"Ash, sometimes you are really pathetic. Just train harder. Catch more Pokemon.....just do something!" Richie said. He then turned his back on his friend and walked out of the stadium.

"I'll show you Richie! I will beat you!" Ash shouted at the top of his voice. Richie just kept walking.

"Ash, calm down, you're taking this way too far...." A girl said softly, but before she could finish her sentence, Ash pushed her away, aswell as the older boy beside her.

"Leave me alone."

"But Ash...." The girl said.

"Just leave me ALONE!" Ash shouted. The girl jumped back frightended. She had never seen Ash act like this.

'He's been pushed too far. He tried his hardest yet still lost.' The young girl thought.

The whole stadium seemed to shake as Ash let out his anger. Misty looked at Ash in amazement. Never in the 4 years that she had known him had she seen Ash so angry. His hands were clenching and unclenching. His eyes were narrowed and were alight with anger. He looked as if he might explode any second.

"Misty, come on, lets go," the older boy took Misty's arm and led her out of the stadium, "He'll be ok. He just needs some time alone." Misty nodded. She took one last one at Ash before leaving with Brock.

The afternoon led to the evening. Ash still hadn't returned from the stadium. misty stared out of the window of their room in the Pokemon Village, waiting.....The wind played with her hair, tossing it one way and then back the other way. Silent tears ran down her cheeks.

'Ash...where are you? Are you ok? I want to help you....'All these questions flooded Misty' mind.

"Dinner's ready."

"Oh....I'm not really hungry Brock." He remained silent thinking her answer over.

"You're worried about Ash aren't you?"

"Oh..him? Why would I be worried over him?"

"Yes you are. Don't think I haven't seen you crying. Come on. You'll feel better after you've had something to eat." Brock said. Misty came away from the window and tried to cheer herself up,but it didn't work.

"Ash isn't going to come back is he?" Brock was shocked at her question.

"I don't know Misty. he was pretty mad. He'll be back by morning." Brock said, ' I hope' "I'm going to sleep now. See you in the morning."

Misty just nodded completly unaware of what was happening. She continued to eat her meal, and washed up afterwards. Misty then took one last glance out of the window. No sign of Ash anywhere. A sigh escaped her mouth, and tears began to fill her eyes again. Misty opened the door to her room and shut the door. She collasped on her bed and cried quietly on her pillow. Togepi, who had been silent and puzzled by his mother's strange behavouir, jumped up onto the bed and hugged his mother tenderly.

"Togi togepriii?" (Where's Dad gone?)

"I don't know," Misty said quietly, "I really don't know." Togepi looked up at his mother. He could see the tears welling up in her eyes, and almost ready to stream down her face. The only thing he could do was to help her through this. He patted her arm and hugged it softly. Misty picked up her egg pokemon and returned his kindness.

That night, Misty ended up crying herself to sleep. The tears were still visible on her now red cheeks. A pair of deep brown eyes was also sharing her sorrow. His small figure was visible at the window. He tapped on the window, awaking Togepi. The small egg rubbed his eyes, and hazely rose to stand on Misty's bed. He turned his pointed head towards the window where he heard the sound coming from. A smile came across his face when the egg pokemon saw who it was.

"Togepriii!" 'Pikachu!' As he let out his cry out joy, Misty stirred in her sleep. Pikachu shoke his head pointing to Misty. Togepi understood and made saw not to disturb his trainer. Togpei climbed up to the window to let in his yellow friend. Pikachu leapt straight in, ignoring Togepi's act of kindness. Pikachu bound up to the door of Misty's room and jumped up at the door handle. Surprisingly he managed to open it. The yellow mouse dashed out of the room and was out of sight. Pikachu soon returned carrying Ash's backpack in his teeth. Again he leapt up and landed on the window sill. Togepi stood shocked that his best friend could act so coldly to him. He didn't know what to do. What had he done? Made things worse? Whatever he had just done, Togepi knew that he couldn't tell his trainer. He would break her heart more than it already is.

Pikachu jumped out the window, pushing past his egg friend. Topepi walked over and leaned out of the window. He saw a Charizard below where Pikachu had just landed, and a dark figure he couldn't quite make out. The figure was wearing a dark cloak, being careful not to expose anything. The flying fire pokemon took flight and was soon out of view.

Togepi could feel the tears tugging at his eyes. He turned, ashamed of what he had just done. As he climbed back to sleep beside his beloved trainer, he noticed some small wet spots on the wooden floor.

"Togi togi..." 'Pikachu's tears...'

Togpei jumped down off the window sill and landed on Misty's bed. He cuddled up against his trainer and shrank back into his shell, fast asleep.