Well, see what I meant by "off day"? Believe it or not this isn't the strangest or most unusual part of it. There's a lot more jam packed in this one day. Getting back to where I left off, there I was standing weak in the knees, shivers fiercely running down my spine, in front of the ultimate villain the final boss Darkdeath Evilman. I figured if I ran and gave the belt to someone else, then maybe I wouldn't have to fight and maybe I wouldn't humiliate myself and my childhood hero's name. I was about to turn tale and bolt out of there, until a familiar voice called out to me.

"You can do it Unlosing Ranger, show him why they call you Absolute Victory!" I turned around to see that it was Kyoko who said that, she was in the crowd of people who decided to watch up close. My body suddenly froze and that instinct took over again, there was no backing out now.

"What are you waiting for whelp, fight me!" I was so terrified I couldn't speak. I wanted run away with my tale between my legs, but I knew if I did then my family, the super baby, all those people in the crowd and Kyoko would all be doomed. I couldn't stand that idea, so I gathered what little courage I had and ran head on forward screaming like a crazy idiot. I got up close and threw the hardest punch I could throw, which hurt like hell on impact and did absolutely nothing to the villain. "Is that the best you've got? If you're not going to be serious about this, then I'll just end this quickly!" and with that Darkdeath Evilman raised his giant fist and gave a powerful uppercut with the kind of force that would shatter a mountain. The blow sent me flying into the air and then all the way back down to where I started from face first. I couldn't get up. it was like my whole wimpy body had been shattered by the force of his uppercut. "Are you really the one everyone calls, Absolute Victory, Unlosing ranger? Is this all it takes to defeat you, I might as well put you out of your misery!" He then raised his gigantic arm getting ready to give the final blow. I wanted to get up, so I could at least get out of the way but my body was still unable to move. Hundreds of questions ran through my head in an instant, like what if I ran away from home before my mom asked me to go out for the groceries, what if I was never born, what if I wasn't such a wimp, and what was the Unlosing Ranger thinking when he made me the hero? That last question buzzed through my head the loudest; he couldn't have possibly thought I was good enough to save the world did he? I can't even save myself let alone the world. I've let everyone down, the whole world is doomed because of me, and now I'm going to be finally killed for being such a useless fodder character. I could hear voices around the world, voices of shock, disgust, disappointment, regret, and finally depression. All aimed at me and my entire fault. I braced myself for what was going to come, but suddenly the super baby jumped in front of me (well more like levitated really) and in result a bright light began to shine brightly in my face. I began to lose vision of everything around me. I thought for a moment that I was dead, but soon after I woke up in a very unfamiliar place. It looked so strange to me. It was like some kind of weird, big platform in space. There were various building and even a giant sized computer, with all sorts of other complicated equipment. Below this platform was what looked like earth and adjacent to it was a stunningly identical earth.

"Am I dead?" I said talking to myself "Why does heaven smell like the stench of defeat?" I took a good whiff of the air and then remembered that my ass was kicked all over the place and then handed back to me on a silver platter. "Oh yeah, that's why"

"No, you're not dead. I got to say though I didn't expect that reaction from you" That voice made me jump for a second and I turned around to see that voice belonged to a girl, no older than me by the look of it, who was standing right behind me.

"Wait, where am I then?"

"This is the WHS (Word Hero Society) HQ Right in the middle of Earth and Bizarro Earth." I had no idea what she was talking about; it was all way too beyond me. "It seems you were pretty easily defeated for a so called invincible hero, so it looks like I'll have to train you." This was way too sudden for me, I began the day thinking of how I'd get the hell out of everyone's life and now I'm here in delusion central being told I have to be trained? The two concepts don't really go hand in hand do they?

"WHS, Bizarro Earth? What are you talking about? On that note who are you anyway?"

"I'm Etranger, I'm a hero trainer here so I'll choose the first dungeon you'll go to." Now she's talking about dungeons, what did I do that's making me go to jail right now? Oh yeah….impersonated a hero. "We'll need to start you off with something simple. So let's start you off with a dungeon for advanced heroes at level 2000, with guaranteed survival rate of 1%!" that did it I needed to get out of there and fast, I think that that girl was trying to kill me! Just as I thought things couldn't get any weirder, a familiar voice came out of nowhere. "Wait don't you think that's a bit harsh?" I turned around to see the voice belong to that guy who just died in front of me; he was all see through and had a halo over his head.

" GHOST!" I yelled, a few minutes later I passed out. So just to recap, I got my ass handed to me by the ultimate evil villain, I'm stuck in space between two eaths, and I'm being held captive by a girl and a ghost….what did I do to disserve this?

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