The chronicles of the white stallions

Volume 1


Blood everywhere, but I had to keep running. The voice had told me so. So tired, but the enemy had been stopped temporarily. I had to find shelter quickly, but there was no where in sight. There was a wall in front of me. I didn't have time to look left or right before a large shadow loomed behind me. I put my back against the wall and turned to face my enemy. An eagle larger than a mini-bus stood with its wings spread out. Its white head and chestnut body were the first things I noticed about it. Then I looked at its feet and saw blood on its cruel looking talons. Even then I couldn't help but admire at its terrible beauty, I readied myself to fight. It opened its beak and screamed so terribly that blood dripped from my ears. My vision went dark.

I woke up shaking and crying. It was the worst dream yet, but it wasn't real. I looked at my alarm clock. It read 04:30. That was two more hours before I had to wake up. Slowly and stiffly I got out of bed to see if anyone was awake. Everyone was still asleep. So I got back into bed and tried to get some sleep.

Chapter 1

I'm average looking with hazelnut hair that travels down till just above the small of my back. I've got a slim waist and I'm a size four. Most guys just like me for my body, but I want them to like me, for me. I want them to respect me and treat me as an equal. I have a boyfriend. His name is Todd and he is a jock, he's got the most beautiful blue eyes you've ever seen.

We normally we see each other at 15:40-17:00, that's when our parents aren't home. We normally sit back and watch movies, or other more sinister things.

Don't get me wrong now I'm still a virgin, but that doesn't mean I'm a goody-two-shoes. Last year it nearly went too far.

Todd was on top of me and suggested we have sex. I told him no way and he got mad saying that I didn't contribute enough to make our relationship work.

He tried to force himself on me. I pushed hard at his chest, causing him to fall over. I ran out and he caught my ankle. I fell over hard. I was dizzy for a moment, and then I realized he had pulled down his pants and he was unbuckling my jeans. I kicked him hard in the groin making him suck in a painful gasp.

I ran into his parent's room and locked it. He banged on the door calling me a bitch and other hurtful names. After about 10 minutes of that he asked me to come out because he couldn't do anything to me, his parents were going to be home soon. I checked the time and breathed out a sigh of relief seeing that it was 16:54. I walked out and not looking at him, left his parent's house.

The next day he followed me around asking me to forgive him, promising he would never do something like that again. After about a week of listening to this, I decided to forgive him but didn't take him back until a month had passed and time had healed the wounds he had inflicted.

I was a bit sceptical about being alone with him, but after about two months I started relaxing into him, he must have felt it because he kissed me. These weren't our normal lovey-dovey kisses. They were the passionate kisses of two lovers, but I still watch for the telltale signs of the 'idea' in his eyes.

After six months, our relationship was stronger than it was before. Todd would tell me everyday how beautiful I looked and it would make me blush, but I'd noticed it too. As if all my attributes had spotlights on them, and the air around me was filled with wisdom and power.

Chapter 2

At 6:30 my alarm rang. I woke up feeling tired and weak. I got up drowsily, walked out of my room and took off my clothes in the bathroom. I stepped into the shower and let the warm water cascade over me. For some reason I felt like crying. I cried till I could cry no more. I stepped out with a headache and wrapped a towel around me. I got back into my bedroom and got dressed.

I walked out of my bedroom. I walked down the hall nearly missing the kitchen on my right.

We had just moved there. It was a five bedroom double storey house. It had two kitchens, three bathrooms and two lounging areas. The whole top floor was mine seeing that my brother and sister had moved out. I didn't have to worry about anyone disturbing me. I'd talked to my parents because I was an artist and I liked to work in big places they'd finally given in to allowing me the top floor.

I took out a box of lucky charms. I poured myself a bowl and sat down and ate. When finishing my food, I put it in the sink because I didn't have to worry about cleaning after myself. Martha, the