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Bella P.O.V

I walked in through the door into the random café in Seattle that I chose to go into. The bell over the door rang loudly, making people around the café look up at me, my cheeks turned red and I looked down. Stupid bell.

I quickly found my way to a clean table, I sat down and found my iPod from my bag. Then leaned back and relaxed. I hadn't turned any music on, I just pretended I had in hope of no interruption. I looked around the café. There was quit quiet in the small café, people talking in corners quietly. My eye caught with a loud talking couple near my seat. They were almost yelling at each other, fighting. Better get used to it folks.

"Excuse me?" an unfamiliar voice asked. I looked up only to look at the most handsome guy I've ever seen. He had brown unruly hair, that almost turned to the bronze shade. Eyes the most green I've ever seen, with such dept that I felt like swimming into them. He was wearing a white button up shirt, black jeans with a black apron with the café's logo printed on; Carlos. His eyes connected with mine and I felt like dying. The dark blush made visit again. I shortly looked down, but quickly looked up again as I missed the green of his eyes. I remembered the iPod, and quickly locket my fingers around the wire and pulled them out of my ears.

"Something you want?" he asked me.

"You," I whispered quietly, though he surely heard since I saw the surprise in his eyes and slight smirk shortly after. I cleared me throat. Shit..

"Eh, a coke." I said my voice horsely and dry. I cleared it again.

"Sure," he said and scribbled down on his notepad, turned shortly and disappeared quickly. Huh. I quickly looked around the café again, to see if anybody else saw what just happened. Nope. I sighed and leaned back again, then turned to look out the window. The sun was shinning, surprisingly. A slight smile crossed my face, but quickly fell as I though about what just happened. I turned rigidly.

"What just.." I tuned out, and looked confusedly down on the table. Did I just.. Show interest in another human being, that way?

"Here you go." the same husky voice said quietly. I jumped in my seat.

"Shit!" I all but yelled. Eyes from all around the room turned to us. But I didn't notice them, I was to hypnotized by the beautiful pair of green eyes right in front of me. I sighed quietly. God, he was handsome.. He smirked, and dropped the huge glass with coke in front of me on the table.

"Eh, thanks." I said quietly.

"No prob," he said, though he didn't make a move to walk away again. A slow smile appeared on his lips. I found myself smiling right back to him. I could almost fall into his eyes about now.

Edward P.O.V

Her deep brown eyes followed me as I walked from her table. I stumbled into the small kitchen and leaned against the cold counter. Taking deep breaths I found one of the rare clean glasses and filled it with coke. I quickly got out again, disappointed when I saw that her eyes didn't look at me again. But smiled to myself as I saw her faraway look as she glanced out the window. I quickly worked my way to her table, I took a deep breath and said: "Here you go." Making her jump in surprise. Oops..

"Shit!" she said loudly. I smiled at her. God, she was gorgeous. I put the glass down on the table.

"Eh, thanks." she said.

"No prob." I heard myself answer her. She looked at me with those big dolly brown eyes, I felt as if I was going to fall into the deepness of her eyes.

Third Person P.O.V

And then they both fell, hard.

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