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Bella P.O.V

"There they are!" somebody yelled as we walked out of the church hand in hand. I smiled and laughed when I saw them all, Edward's huge family, my small family and all our friends. They stood ready with their hands filled with rice, that they were soon to throw at us. Alice looked the most funny, she was standing down in her knees, her hand in the air and a huge smile on her face. Then when they started to throw I could clearly make out which one Alice had thrown, she wanted to be an aunt so much she almost cheered at us when I was staying at Edward, almost.

"Help me!" I whispered to Edward, as I pretended to be panicked. He laughed a full on laugh. Which made me smile wider. I loved his laugh.

"Bella!" Renee yelled to me, I turned to her. She had tears running down her cheeks, but a huge smile on her lips. She was reaching out for me, I quickly ran to her. We hugged for a moment, before she started to tell me how much she was gonna miss me, but that she was happy for Edward and I.

"Come on, Bella! We have to go now." I heard Edward say to me. I gave my mother one last hug before running of with him. God, I love him.


Edward held the door as I walked in with Renesmee, she was giggling up at me with her toothless grin. I laughed and smiled to her.

I watched as he held her in his arms, talking baby language to her, laughing out of happiness every time she made a noise.

"That'sa canry!" she said loudly and pointed at the picture in the picture book.

"Yeah it is," I said and sniffed her light hair. She smelled like the pancakes she got to her breakfast, and flowers. I smiled. She turned the page and started to talk about the next picture, and all the while I couldn't stop thinking of how fast she had grown. It felt like yesterday that she had just learned to crawl over her soft yellow carpet.

"Dad! I scored, I scored!" Renesmee shouted and ran around our lawn with her football held high over her head. He laughed and ran after her, soon they were running around laughing and playing around. I sighed and rubbed my huge belly, though my stomach had been bigger when I had had Renesmee in there. I smiled to myself, this time I was sure it was gonna be a boy. I could feel it in my heart! And his name was gonna be Anthony, like his fathers middle name.

It was the day of Anthony's fourth birthday. We all sang as I walked in with his homemade birthday cake.

"Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Tony! Happy birthday to you!" I put the cake in front of him as the song ended. His eyes light up like Christmas lights.

"Happy birthday sweetheart," I whispered in his ear. He didn't take his eyes of the cake as he said: "Thank you mommy, it's the best birthday evar!" he said, making me smile in happiness and sigh. I loved my life.

"Wake up, wake up, wake uuuup!" Renesmee and Anthony shouted simultaneously. I groaned and felt Edward turn around to lay with his face into the pillows. It was way to early to wake up.

"Wake up, wake up!" I heard Anthony say right at my ear. I turned around to tell them to go downstairs and watch some TV, but stopped when I saw their faces. Anthony was smiling toothless, and Renesmee was jumping and laughing her curls bouncing with her. I smiled to them, and suddenly I wasn't sleepy anymore. They started to dance around, I laughed at them. But as I looked at Edward, which clearly wasn't ready to wait just yet, I decided to take the kids downstairs.

"Come on," I said to them, and took them with me down to the kitchen, and then we started to make breakfast to 'daddy'.

"Come on, come on, come on!" Renesmee yelled as she ran toward the water with Anthony in her heels.

"Your kids are crazy," Edward whispered in my ear. I looked up at him. He looked just like he had back when we met the first day. Messy dark hair, deep green eyes, lean body and.. Delicious.

"Likewise." I said to him, and smiled. I was living the dream out.

Soon we were all in the water, splashing each other.


The flashes of the moments all through my life stopped, and I gasped.

"Could I.. Get your number?" Edward asked me. He looked slightly taken back. Had he just seen what I saw? I bit my lip.

"Sure," I smiled.

I could feel it in my heart, he was the one.

He was mine.

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