Hello, as I have stated in my profile page, my story, "Becoming Jane: A Love Lost and Found" is a continuation of the movie which is one of my favourites.

For those who have watched the movie, you know how they depict Jane and Tom as being ...a bit "older" at the end when they meet each other again. However in reality, Jane died in July of 1817 at the age of 41 and was fell sick with the illness which eventually ended her life in the spring of 1816 and would not have been well enough to be taking in recitals with Henry and Eliza during that time, so in my own mind she would not, could not have been older than 39 years old had they really met again for the last time. I am trying to keep my story as close to reality as possible, so for that reason, Tom and Jane are 39 years old when they meet at the end of the movie/beginning of my story.

Also, I usually write my stories in the 3rd person point of view, but I decided that I really wanted to write this story from not just one, but two points of view, both Tom's and Jane'. As they are both in most chapters and scenes together, there will be an overlapping or repetition of dialogue in Tom's POV. I have tried to keep it down, but it's not always easy to and I felt it would not sound right if I left out all of their dialogue in his part, so please bear with it but make sure that you do read Tom's POV, even if you choose to skim over the repeted dialouge.

Thanks and I hope you enjoy! Sue