Well my last story didn't go that well so here I am with another one I am slowly getting better at this so I hope you guys like it! OH! Also this will be turned into a long running story so keep tuning in every week or few days for the next chapter!

_That cold glare…HIS cold glare. It sent shivers up Feliciano's spine. Those shivers weren't actually that bad…Actually they felt incredibly good. Ludwig being strong, tense, and strict, already turned Feliciano on, glaring just turned him on even more. Then there was that day the one Feliciano would always remember. It had been a long day of training and they were finally heading home. As soon as they got in Ludwig plopped onto the couch and Italy went up to his room. "Another day of useless training…" Ludwig mumbled to himself. "Hey bruder you know if Italy doesn't behave then just pull his hair like you would a child's. Just be careful not to…" Prussia paused looking back and noticing that Ludwig had already run upstairs. "…pull on his curl. Shit…..oh well…" Prussia mumbled going back to putting grocery's away. Germany rounded the corner and knocked on Italy's door hearing a 'Veee~' in reply. "ITALY! Must you leave your clothes scattered about the floor!" Ludwig yelled as Feli flinched a bit. Not only was Germany yelling but he was giving him that oh so sexy glare that Feliciano loved so much. "I I'm sorry Germany I just I-I…" Italy began as Germany walked over to him. "G-Germany w-what are you doi…" Italy paused as Germany tugged on his hair, his hand brushing his curl."N-ngh Germany w-what?" Not quite understanding what happened but pleased with the reaction Germany pulled on the curl. "Ugh Germanyyyyyy!" Italy moaned loudly causing Ludwig to shudder finally understanding what was going on. 'I should stop but I don't want to I want him…..' Germany thought to himself. "L-Ludwig…." Italy grabbed Germany (who was stunned by the use of his human name) and pulled him into a passionate kiss. Ludwig sneaked his tongue in and explored Feli's hot cavern. Germany quickly removed his and Italy's shirts. "G-Germany!" Italy moaned as Germany licked down from his neck to his chest. "Germany….I want you…n-now!" Italy begged. Ludwig grabbed some lube from the bedside table (he found it there one day while snooping around Italy's room) and poured it onto his fingers coating them generously (their pants having been lost long ago). He kissed Italy passionately too distract him while the first finger entered him. Italy squirmed in discomfort but was soon moaning as the second finger was added. Germany poked around inside of Italy trying to find his sweet spot. "LUDWIG!" Feli screamed in pure bliss his vision blinded with stars. Germany knew he found it. He quickly added the third finger stretching Feliciano carefully. After he felt that Feliciano was prepared enough Ludwig sat his erection at Italy's entrance looking up at him. "Ready?" Germany managed to pant out. Italy shook his head meekly. Ludwig slowly pushed in inch by inch until he was buried up to the hilt. "N-ngh I-Italy…." Germany stuttered unable to form coherent thoughts with Feliciano's tight wetness surrounding his length. "M-May…I move…?" Germany panted as Italy bucked his hips in response. Ludwig set a slow pace at first speeding up as Italy begged for more. "G-Germany…More! Harder…Faster!" Germany moaned as he pounded into Italy over and over at an animalistic pace. "I-Italy….so tight!" Germany could sense that Italy was close so he leaned down and grabbed Feliciano's weeping member. The feeling of Germany pumping him and pounding into him was amazing he couldn't take much more. Moments later Italy came with a shriek of bliss as Germany sucked on his curl. Italy clenched tightly around Germany's cock sending him over the edge. They lay next to each other panting for air. Just before Italy fell asleep he heard a mumbled "I love you Feli…" From germany. "I love you too Ludwig…" Italy replied as they fell fast into the realm of sleep.