The twins had been in the ICU for about a month and Italy and Germany went for what they thought would be their last visit. Little did they know the hospital had a surprise for them. They had not seen them in a week because of their busy schedules. So they got into the car at 8:30 that morning and headed to the hospital to say goodbye to their baby's. When they arrived at the twin's room they were shocked. What they saw was not their sick children but something that made their hearts jump with joy. Standing there was Lovino and Antonio holding their beautiful looking healthy babies.

"My bambini!" Italy cried as he rushed over and picked up Natalia from Romano. Germany smiled and slowly walked over to take Aksel from Spain's arms.

"We wanted to be here when you guys bring them home!" Antonio smiled and stood up next to Romano hugging him around the waist tightly. Then he asked Italy what the twin's names were.

"Well this is Natalia Rose Vargas!" He gestured to the baby in his arms.

"Yes und this is Aksel Mathias Beilschmidt." Germany replied as he looked down at little Aksel who was sleeping peacefully. Lovino moved to get out of Antonio's hold but lost to no avail.

"You damn tomato bastar-"

"Plus we have some news for you two also!" Spain cut off Lovino with his exclamation smiling proudly. Then he slowly moved his hand to Lovino's belly and rubbed it lovingly. Italy and Germany stopped what they were doing and looked up at Antonio and Lovino.

"Tell them Lovi!" Antonio looked up and kissed Romano's temple causing him to blush furiously.

"Well I and the t-tomato bastard here a-are…h-having a b-bambino…" Romano stumbled on his words out of embarrassment.

"Fratello!" Italy handed Natalia to Germany and then ran to Lovino hugging him tightly.

"I am so happy for you! You will be a great Madre I'm sure of it!"

"Fratello be careful the baby!" Lovino yelled prying Italy off of his stomach.

"I'm sorry Fratello!" Italy cried as he went back to get Natalia.

"It's ok I'm alright…" Lovino pouted like a puppy as he begged Spain to take him home. They fought for about 5 minutes as Germany tried to stop them until tiny cries pierced through the room like a knife.

"Awww don't cry Natalia mamma will be sad too…" Italy said as he rocked Natalia gently trying to calm her down. Germany did the same trying to calm down Aksel.

"Fratello why don't you sing them the lullaby our Madre sang to us when we were little?"

"Oh you're right I remember it….I will sing it to them!" Italy took both of the screaming babies into his arms and began to sing.

Fai la nanna principino,

Fai la nanna cuoricino,

(Fai la nanna rosellina,

Fai la nanna bambolina),

Dormi bene nel lettino,

Che la mamma e' qui vicino.

Chiudi gli occhi dormi tanto

E vedrai tutto e' un incanto.

Rosso, verde, azzurro e oro

Son piu' belli, mio tesoro.

Viola, arpa e mandolino:

Tutto e' suono per il mio bambino

(per la mia bambina)

By the end the twins were yawning and falling asleep again.

"There all better now!" Feli whispered as he gave Aksel back to Ludwig.

"Well we better get back home and put these two into their cribs." Ludwig looked to Feli as they both stood up.

"You and Antonio may come too if u want fratello?" Italy looked up at Lovino who nodded shyly. When they arrived home they put the twins to bed and showed Antonio and Lovino around the nursery. All in all it was a very special day that they would all remember.

Lullaby translation:

Hush a bye, little prince,

Hush a bye, little heart,

(Hush a bye, little rose, hush a bye, little doll),

Sleep well in your cradle,

Your mum is here, close by.

Close your eyes, sleep for a long time

And you will see that everything is enchanting.

Red, green, blue and gold

Are more beautiful, my sweetheart.

Viola, harp and mandolin:

Everything is sound for my little baby boy

(for my little baby girl)