"Saya?" Edward questioned. "My first name." Bella said off handedly as she helped her brother off the floor. Unconsciously Bella began leading everyone toward the living room. "Dear I've seen your medical records they all say 'Isabella' your first name." Carlisle said, slightly confused as both him and Esme sat down at one of the loveseats.

Following their lead, Bella and her family sat on the couch while the rest of the Cullen's took up the remaining seats. Annoyed Bella explained that part of the deal involved in moving she when along with everything he told people. "And because Charlie hates my first name; Reene was able to named me before he had a change. I went along with being call Isabella, though my official full name however is Saya Isabella-Marie Swan." She stated absently looking around.
Briefly Bella/Saya studied Haji, head slanted slightly to the side "Where's your cello?" she asked him causing Riku and Solomon to stiffen a laugh while Haji just sighed deeply. "They took it." he stated sullenly. Unable to take it Riku and Solomon began cracking up, leaning on each other for support. Bella/Saya however hugged him, knowing that the cello was one of the few items he would never voluntary give up given the chose. "Don't worry, you'll have it returned shortly." She said, warning clear to everyone she was meant business should anyone think otherwise. A second later she felt his arms encircle her waist, Haji's way of showing his appreciation.

"Excuse me," Carlisle said interrupting the two, curiosity get the best of him. "if you don't mind, can I inquire on how you receive that injury(you know why he has bandages on one)?" Like blowing out a candle, the joy and happiness inside Bella/Saya was replaced with guilt as she tighten her arms around Haji. Jasper too was hit with the massive waves of sadness and guilt as Saya/Bella whispered against Haji chest "I happened." [I decided to just call Bella/Saya Bella to not confuse everyone.]

"It was an accident," Haji interjected pulling her away and looking into her eyes, trying to finally get Bella to understand he didn't blame her. "it left my hand infected and somewhat disfigured." he explained while gently rubbing his bandaged hand against Bella cheek in a form of comfort. Doing so however, caused her tears to fall as she nestled her face against his hand, while her other hand held him to her. Quickly she found both Riku and Solomon rubbing her back without a word being spoken to either of them.

Seeing all this Esme glared at Carlisle in a miner that clearly said 'fix this and fix this now or else'. Which he tried do by apologize for bring up such a sensitive subject. "Don't worry it's not for me, but you must understand, not all share my opinion." Haji said not bothering to look his way, Haji's whole focus was centered on the girl in his arms. "If you want i could take a look at it? I may be able to help in some way." Carlisle offered, partly from curiosity and partly to help the guilt stricken Bella.

Not really caring one way or the other, Haji looked at Bella, letting her answer. And though he only got a barely visible nod he took that as an yes. "Just be careful." He warned holding out his bandaged hand. "No, let me." Bella mumbled taking his hand gently and with great care that said more about the situation than any else.

Bella from habit, slowly kissed every inch of skin she unveiled from the wrapping. She kissed everywhere skin was and when metal replaced skin, her tears overwhelmed. Haji knowing she would and often did kissed even his claws despite it bleeding her and sadden him grabbed her face and lifted it to face him once again. "I don't blame you," he said kissing first one eye as he wiped that cheek free of tears, then "I'm okay." the other repeating the process before finally a kiss on her forehead. When he figured she was as okay as she'll ever get about the subject, Haji lifted his hand away from their body and into everyone's line of vision. Which caused a gasp throughout the room as everyone except Bella, Haji, Riku and Solomon looked at Haji's hand for the first time.

Bella, though upset noticed the flow from flesh to metal was smoother then before. It now look as natural as if ever could being a big long hand with metal claws for fingertips. Carlisle and everyone looked like they wanted to ask "how did you do this?" but the only thing that was spoken was "May i take a closer look?" which surprisingly wasn't said by Carlisle. Nor Emmett either. It was in fact Jasper.
"Just be careful." Haji warned again, studying the blond warrior as he moved closer.

Haji distantly knew that he had seen the boy before but since Bella hadn't asked he didn't care. "you can all look." he said patiently noticing the doctor and big guy both wanted to but choose instead to wait.

Jasper studied Haji's hand brows furred the Glee recalling some distant memory. Seeing the bewildered expression on him, Bella asked what was wrong not noticing she unconsciously moved on to Haji's lap when she finished unwrapping his hand. That while he held out his hand she entwined her fingers with his causing Riku and Solomon to move to either side of them. "I remember this, seeing something like your hand." Jasper quickly amended when he felt a spark of anger engulf Bella.

"When you were human?" Edward spat out not really thinking about what he just said, and annoyed that even when he spoke Bella didn't acknowledge him. "Yeah, but that was during the civil war, in Texas." Jasper mumbled. Bella, Haji, Riku and Solomon all exchanged a look between them wondering why the two were so careless. Willing to play along Haji didn't get anything about the civil war comment and seeing Bella not stopping him, he said with his deep voice. "I did travel thought Texas. But I doubt you know me from there." He added absentmindedly. Of course this caused Jasper to take a step back and meeting Haji eyes studied him closer. Though he moved out the way for his brother and father to look to.

This time the doctor went first, and while Haji wasn't bother by the man himself didn't care for doctors, so waited for him to ask questions. Haji wouldn't help him study his hand but felt no need not to abstract him. So after a minute of neither of them moving, Carlisle asked Haji to stretch out his hand father. And eventually if he could touch Haji's hand. "Only the skin." Haji warned.

"Do you have full function of the hand, any stiffness, resistance?" Carlisle asked.

"Full function, yes, the rest no.

"Will you spread your fingers for me. Thank you now could your turn your hand?" Haji did as he was asked, spread his fingers and before Carlisle could register it, turned his hand over so the doctor could see his palm.

Unnerved Carlisle amended his question by asking for him to slowly turn his hand over, so he could see the movement in Haji's joints and bone structure. Haji continued to follow Carlisle's commands when Emmett, finally got tried of waiting for Carlisle to finish, walked up toward Haji and being quick reached forward to touch Haji's hand. Claws. "Don't, you'll cut yourself." Haji warned even as Emmett reached toward him. However when Haji said this Bella could see that it was the wrong thing to say and with a quick glance with Riku and Solomon wondered why Haji even said anything. It wasn't like him.

"Emmett don't." Edward ordered, apparently seeing what Emmett was going to do. Haji had enough time to look at Bella briefly, wanting her reaction. But her only responds was to bury her face into his upper stomach and mumble every so softy "a little". Hearing that Haji let Emmett run his hands over Haji's claws and as he warned Emmett's finger sliced open nearly to the bone and almost though before Haji hand snapped his hand away.

"Holy shit!" Emmett said or really yelled trying to shield his hand away from the group.
"I warned you." Haji said firmly as Carlisle started treating Emmett, back firmly turned away from the group. The whole affair had took a matter of seconds but it caused Jasper to remember where he had seen Haji's hand but for Edward to ask, how such a thing could hurt a vampire?
Jasper recalled he had been traveling toward the army sign up. He had just visited a tavern that night having missed the sign up stand in that town. Once he had finished drowning in the sorrows in the whiskey, stumbling out and into the woods. He recalled meeting something, what, he couldn't remember what but he believed Haji saved him. Yes, Haji had. Though he didn't remember what had attacked him, he remembered that hand diving thought the air cutting everything it touched and saved his life...

But, there was something else...

"Haji..." a smooth rich female voice called out. She was up hill from them, and called out to him with such affection Jasper, even wasted knew they were close. From where he was Jasper could only see her billowing long skirt. A dark jean blue that was common in that time.

"Are you finish?" She called out holding a nearby tree in order to lean out farther. Jasper still couldn't see her face but the moment Haji heard her voice he looked toward her.

"There's a survivor." He announced telling Jasper while Haji's attention appeared focus on her, he was aware of everything around him.

"Is he hurt?" She asked curiosity in her voice.

"No, he's just drunk?" He called back calmly.

"Great um, leave him be, I'm hungry." She called out straighten up and Jasper watched that without a second thought Haji jumped up onto the hill and landed lightly a foot or two away from her.

"I met you on my way into joining the army." jasper said softy thought he only got a nod from Haji who by now, gave up the pretense of pretending to be human. "But who was the girl?" Jasper asked confused.

"Jasper, right?" Haji asked receiving a nod from Jasper this time.


"The girl was and is someone special to me, she's..."
"Me," Bella said smiling as she leaned heavier on him agreeing with his silent admission of coming clean. She was tired of pretending to be human.

"You." Haji agreed as softly down as he asked her to help wrap his hand. Also silently grateful she was okay with him ending the game.