We Are Aquila

Chapter 1

A vicious hunting cry cut through the air above. It was no sound a hawk, or falcon could create. Danica, and her new Alistair looked up to see a huge winged shape circling them from above, the bright sun created a silhouette that reflected it onto the plaza, making it look twice the size. Suddenly the wings folded and the shape plummeted to the earth, spreading open just in time for a young woman to delicately step, bare foot, on to the stone. Zane pushed Danica behind him in an attempt to protect her. Standing before them was a creature neither had seen, only heard about in legends, fairy tales. She had long dark brown hair that stopped just past her shoulders. A few long dark feathers could be seen in the silky sheen of the strands. She was a golden tan with the most piercing yellow eyes any of them had seen.

"Who are you?" Danica finally managed to speak, but Zane was still busy taking in the figure. She wore tunic of sorts. It was short, and had one strap wrapping around her shoulder. Attached to it, a half red cape hung loosely from it. Her skin was flawless and she wore no shoes, instead elegant black tattoos snaked up her calf, around her upper arm and down her neck. She had an air of power and strength that surrounded her. The girl had caught Zane's eye and she tilted her head slightly, but sharply, like that of a bird. Her eyes bore into him, and his gaze seemed to have no effect on her, instead, he was being lost. While still holding Zane prisoner, she responded to Danica.

"We are Aquila." The sound startled them both. Sharp, yet strong, but it held smooth tones as well. It was majestic and powerful; everything about her seemed to scream that. Zane finally managed to pull himself from her gaze, thanks to the startle she gave him.

"What do we attribute the honor of the Eagles being in our presence?" He asked, gripping his Naga's hand tightly. Danica almost fainted. Hearing the word out loud was too much. She wasn't even sure Eagles existed, thanks to the extravagant stories that followed them. Shifting herself, the mysterious female glanced around the open area, no one seemed to be in sight, but she could feel their eyes on her. With expert sight, she spotted darting movements here and there.

"The Aquila wished to see if the rumors of serpents and hawks were true." She replied not looking at them. Her voice not as sharp this time. In fact, it had softened a lot, and yet it still seemed to degrade them. Zane relaxed his grip, but he was still on guard. It was not like the Eagles to just stop by. In the stories, it was said they could only be aroused if there was extreme danger for not just one people, but many.

"Does the Aquila before us have a name?" Danica asked, noticing the girl kept referring to her people was a whole. Suddenly those yellow eyes snapped onto Danica and she stumbled back into Zane's arms. He grasped her, and shot an angry glance to the girl. He knew it wasn't wise to anger the Eagles, they were more powerful than any other creature, he was happy they kept to themselves, but if the dared to hurt Danica; he would gladly die insulting them. But she seemed not to even notice his glare.

"Nam'atakash" She replied. Danica and Zane both looked at her and swallowed. There was no way there were going to be able to repeat that name. The hardest language in any story, fact, or fiction, was the eagles. Sighing the Eagle blinked at them. "But you may call me Namá." She said, her tone officially dropping to a normal standard. They both relaxed now, as Danica nodded to the Eagle.

"It is our pleasure to meet you Namá." She replied. Zane nodded his head as well. He would have to ask around, and learn all about the Eagles. The situation was so strange, at such a tentative time; they would choose to show up. Something wasn't right. Danica Led Namá Into he keep and introduced her to a room should stay in, until she had a chance to talk to her advisors. Bowing out, Danica left Namá in her room.

Upon being left, Nam'atakash turned and moved into a more private section, away from windows and doors. She pulled out a small piece of parchment and wrote down a letter. The strange symbols of the Aquila language seemed to dance in elegant patterns, the rich black ink moved across the paper and hummed with its own kind of magic. After she tucked the pen away and let go of the note, the letters vanished. She rolled it up carefully and tied it with a red ribbon, the same color as her cape. Walking to the window she called to the sky. A high screech of the eagle called a messenger to her. A small golden eagle, whose bright feathers shinned in the setting sun. The eagle clasped the letter in its powerful talons. Turning the majestic head towards the sun it took off again, and vanished in the orange sky.